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Tropicals & House Plants – C

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Coleus Fancy Free
Stock Number: 53155
Fabulous Frieling hybrid with deeply crennate ruffled saturated creamy yellow leaves with pale maroon highlights & deep burgundy rims--set off by strong eggplant purple stems. Good wide habit; reliable vigor.
Coleus Fantastik
Stock Number: 42236
"Optical Illusion Plant" A busy intricate Persian carpet of color sequences of rose, sienna, chartreuse, pink (for starters) on petite deeply lobed (but flat) leaves creating an eye full of movement as the upright globe of busy foliage forms. Not recommended for anyone subject to vertigo.
Coleus Fishnet Stockings
Stock Number: 53381
Ample golden lime leaves with a striking mosaic of purple to mahognay veins. Will NOT be shipped until very warm conditions as drops both leaves and roots with any chill. Needs warm root zone temps. Our customers report this to be a disaster as a house plant. But it is so very very beautiful1
Out of Stock
Coleus Flirtin' Skirts
Stock Number: 54043
Stout short stems engulfed by hemispherical furled scalloped & pinked leaves in rich designs--in full sun these rounded clasping leaves turn near-gold. Very unique distinctive prize from the Downers which never fails to suggest that Edward Scissorshands has been at this with his pinking sheers.
Coleus Frizzy Yellow
Stock Number: 49443
Tiny deeply lobed and fingered leaves form a froth of bright yellow with undertones of bronzy lime. Petite stature, yet self branching and decidedly more tolerant of an early fall chill than most of the dwarf hybrids.
Coleus Fusion
Stock Number: 66915
Very wide pastel yellow-lime leaves; central violet & maroon veins (unlike 'The Line' parent) bleed out to suffuse the center with pale violets. Good wide selfbranching habit make this a classic bedding & container performer. Charles Downers' selection has beome a basic over the years.
Coleus Gay's Delight
Stock Number: 55956
Bright golden ochre cupped leaves of heavy substance are boldly designed with radiating bright maroon purple veins.  Very heat and sun tolerant favorite with a wide low habit.
Coleus Glennis
Stock Number: 42331
Rich chartreuse leaves with chocolate traceries & violet veins beautiful on the small wide leaves. Relilable, wide spreading (self-branching) subtle toned favorite--tolerating neglect with grace, and some early fall chill with indiference. Like 'Penny,' enhances the color of any companion planting. Has been in the top ...
Coleus Golda
Stock Number: 59399
Very broad golden yellow leaves of heavy substance on strong stems which reliably self-branch. Good choice for a yellow gold bedder, especially as the leaves seldom discolor as do many yellow types we have trialed over the years. We thank Peter Kopp for this one.
Coleus Goody Goody
Stock Number: 59407
Fantastically showy big wide leaves with the lime centers accented with plum purple mottled flouncy margins; changes with levels of light and temperatures--but alwyas dramatic.
Coleus Grape Expectations
Stock Number: 59409
Chris Baker's "Grape Colored Coleus" not only provides the most dazzling true coolaid vivid solid color to any design or planting, but has never been observed to bloom: not ever! Strongly textured foliage on determinedly fastigate stems, but easily pinched to form a wide outlined habit.
Coleus Heart Of Darkness
Stock Number: 51786
Strong wide habit; velveteen reddish black elongated large leaves with violet veins and forest green crennated rims; deep purple underleaf. Admirable for making any nearby gold foliaged or flowered plant twice as vivid.
Out of Stock
Coleus Heidi
Stock Number: 49448
Small crennate leaves of rich rose with highlights of violet and chocolate with flecks of lime--very very Victorian hues. Forms a tidy rounded habit. The basil spotted leaves are held quite horizontally in precise fussy ranks--"Terribly Tidy." One of those always reordered each year.
Coleus Hit 'N' Run
Stock Number: 53171
Always an eyecatcher: very bright basil green with white centered leaves splashed maroon and violet. Excellent self branching upright habit makes this vigorous popular Ken Frieling hybrid a natural for mixed containers as well as a bedding favorite.
Coleus Hue Dude
Stock Number: 53187
Upright rose blushed stems support thickly substanced leaves of rich mintgreen with yellow centers veined violet, but earning its name with the elaborately flounced margins with their maroon mascara edges. Recent Frieling hybrid much larger statured than the similarly colored 'Dappled Dawn.'.
Coleus Hurricane Louise
Stock Number: 56585
Tall statured plant with feathery mint toned leaves with rose centers framed by rusty canberry halo; pale eye. Grown in sun: white heart ending in spear of pink, framed in rose fading to scalloped quince green borders; big statured self-branching favorite. A very Victorian look.
Out of Stock
Coleus India Frills [Species?]
Stock Number: 42143
Marvelous compact mounds of tiny lacinate fingered ochre leaves with elaborate pink and purple designs--intricate, very delicate effect; a perfect very low carpeter popular in any bed or window pot adding a hot Mexican color palette. Original brought to us by H. Hansoti from Calcutta in the mid-seventies, thus the name...
Coleus Inky Fingers
Stock Number: 66723
Much branched wide habit with amber & olive 'Duckfoot' type fingered wide leaves with central blood red & purple figuring. Wonderful in a giant basket or stiftly tumbling from an urn or windowbox. Considerably more tolerant of early fall chill than the bulk of its kith.
Coleus Japanese Giant
Stock Number: 42240
Amazingly enormous leaves colored in transmutations of pink & violet tones edged with ochers on a ground base of burgundy mahagony, on strong erect square stems: perfect for a very showy standard. Showy violet blue flpwers mid-winter. This Tony Falco find (at the Japanese exhibit at the 1984 New York Flower Show) certa...
Coleus Jupiter
Stock Number: 55518
A very lacy fingered type with tiny furled finger leaves of deep blackish mahogany-purple edged avacado. Not as vigorous as many of the new hybrids, yet this old Victorian heirloom from England sill lends lacy charm.
Coleus Killer Rose
Stock Number: 49433
Fully skirted leaves of rosy bronze--perfect with the skirted 'Diane' or 'Flirtin'Skirts.' Dark dusky purple tones heightened by the (sometimes not apparent) pastel lime central flame. Dishy and dramatic self branching quite sturdy specimen.
Out of Stock
Coleus Kingwood Torch
Stock Number: 57467
Strongly textured chocolate maroon leaves dramatically designed with a wide central rosepink flame and bordered with lime crenations.  Forms a wide habit.
Coleus Kiwi Fern
Stock Number: 66725
Distinctive slim dusky carmine leaves deeply fingered and rimmed in ochre.  Soon forms a demure tidy tuffet of lacy foliage.
Coleus Krispy Kritter
Stock Number: 66838
A rich black maroon Lohman creation with more compact & far deeper 3-d ruffles than 'Othello.' Showy spires of violet flowers early winter for a windowsill show. Extremely popular over-the-top fastigate hybrid. Quite a remarkable presence.
Out of Stock
Coleus Lime Frill
Stock Number: 55638
Beautiful chartreuse lime leaves with cream colored netting. Leaves are frilled and ruffled--much flounce per ounce; and easily grown.
Coleus Limerick
Stock Number: 55582
A new big boned hybrid from Frieling with major drama as its trademark.  Strong stems cloaked with rusty burgundy leaves, veined violet, with elaborate crinkled 3-D margines of ochre flames.  Produces no summer or fall bloom spikes.  So far.
Coleus Lord Voldemort
Stock Number: 66813
Perfect for training as a standard at a funeral home: The strong erect blackish stems are cloaked with closely held heavy spruce green leaves with a dark pecan to burgundy stain sinking into the deep veins. Very vigorous Frieling hybrid originally so trendy, now merely reliable.
Coleus Maelstrom
Stock Number: 49473
Wide crennate hyroponic green foliage (think sea green) with slashings of licorice purple, carmine, cream and lime tip the wide crennate edge; forms a short, wide profile in the bed or container--giving a bluish cast from a distance (especially if you squint and stand on your head)..
Coleus Metalica
Stock Number: 53177
A nearly "Metal Coleus" with polished pebbly surface deep John Deere green and dramatic jagged eggplant purple edged leaves angled at a battle station position this makes for one of the most unique offspring of Lohman's 'Krispy Kritter.'
Coleus Meteor
Stock Number: 53181
Excellent growth rate soon forming a wide mound of handsome eye-catching bright red leaves with showy amber lime margins and purple rouged hearts. Excellent bedding or urn subject. (Various clones now seem to share this name.)
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