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Tropicals & House Plants – A

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Aglaonema commutatum maculatum variegatum
Stock Number: 30586
The most beautiful form of the one of the most common of all Aglaonemas. While sturdy and robust, standing up to tough indoor conditions, it produces strikingly beautiful golden splotches on the chevroned leaf surfaces so that it remains among the choicest and most treasured of all plants among Asian collectors. Very l...
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Aglaonema commutatum picturatum alumina
Stock Number: 30498
"Aluminum Chinese Evergreen" Sturdy erect gray stems cloaked with beautiful thick dull-glossed silver lance leaves. Original plants from Zac Sarian's Phillipine collection. We also maintain named clones within this complex--watch the speciality lists for them to appear.
Aglaonema commutatum Red Edge
Stock Number: 22124
A new hybrid of the standard Aglaonema group with incredible coloring. Seems to be easily grown. Now also appearing as 'Thai Christmas'.
Aglaonema Manila Whorl
Stock Number: 30536
Stout stems present as waxy dramatic deep dreen leaves slashed with bright silver chevrons- a very dramatic, yet easy houseplant.
Aglaonema modestum
Stock Number: 30743
Very reliable "Chinese Evergreen" survives any household. Reliable.Waxy dull green leaves clasp the succulent upright stems. This is the original green form, seldom found in the trade. Uncommon but still beautiful.
Aglaonema modestum variegatum
Stock Number: 30056
"Variegated Chinese Evergreen" A most stunning form of this species with heavy leaves splashed with pure ivory. Of easy culture.
Aglaonema tricolor Echo
Stock Number: 30782
This "Frogskin" selection has much wider leaves than the typical foliage of this pewter & green patterned species while keeping the thick lax stems--the succulent stems are not erect, but reclining. As with most "Chinese Evergreens" this flourishes in lower light and rich soil.
Aglaonema White Lance [hyb]
Stock Number: 30546
A vigorous nitidum hybrid with beautiful creamy gray green long lance-shaped leaves with showy white petioles' color extending on into the ivory midribs; saturated avacado green marigns add a final elegant touch. Tolerant of low light. As with all Aglaonemas, avoid chill.
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Agrostis stolonifera [hort]
Stock Number: 43113
Very dramatic, yet undemanding "Hanging Bamboo Grass" given the current marketing "Green Twist" boost as this finely bladed, thickly substanced subtropical grass soon becomes a most dramatic hanging basket subject--obviously a great favorite with the designers of "Green Walls." Never ever allow this to dry out as certa...
Alocasia (regulina) Black Velvet
Stock Number: 31249
A very compact selection with 8" rounded blackish green leaves with exotically veloured surfaces emboldened by irridescent creamy white veins. Borneo native perfect for terrariums. Much shorter statured than most species; this is very intolerant of prolonged chill.
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Alocasia amazonica Polly
Stock Number: 30090
"Scalloped Elephant Ear" Deep green lacquered leaves with dramatically raised bold white ivory veins which create a mask on the waxed leaves This is a more vigorous form than some species types, typically holding a greater number of leaves per stalk than most. Unlike many, tends to hold foliage on into winter with suff...
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Alocasia Baby Ray
Stock Number: 30103
This remarkable and striking miniature "Sting Ray Taro / Elephant Ear" stronly presents unusual heavy textured small wide green leaves shaped like a Sting Ray, with a long, upward pointing tail. Offsets to form charming clusters.  This Aroid is sensitive to chill, so expect winter dormancy if exposed to lower temp...
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Alocasia clypeolata [cuprea Greenback]
Stock Number: 30095
Apple green shield leaves; eventually forms lovely clumps. Commercially offered as 'Green Shield' plant--lovely, but with the serious drawback that this Philippine native often demands a considerable winter dormancy and thus is not an ideal houseplant or winter greenhouse performer. "Clypeolata" means " "little shield....
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Alocasia cuculata
Stock Number: 30093
"Giant Ape Plant" "Chinese Taro" An upright Bengal species (actually found from Shri Lanka to Myanmar) with small thick waxed pointed leaves veined in relief with dramatic upturned margins. Tolerates cool conditions, maintaining year-round foliage, and thus a reliable container subject; very popular in an aquatic situa...
Alocasia cuculata variegata Yellowstail
Stock Number: 31712
Modest spoon shaped waxy leaves with irregular ochre yellow edges.  Same thick trunk as the species.  This is the Asiatica clone.
Alocasia macrorhiza variegata
Stock Number: 30101
"Variegated Taro" Elephant ears dramatically splashed creamy to marble white in irregular patterns--no two giant leaves will ever be alike. For the serious collector. Not a reliable winter grower for us (typically retaining only a few winter leaves), but always completely amazing by mid summer. Hard to top for sheer sp...
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Alocasia Mark Campell
Stock Number: 30578
Impressive somewhat rounded arrow shaped emerald black leaves (irridescent eggplant purple) with lovely decorative veins--astounding new David Fell hybrid of lowii x nobilis.
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Alocasia micholitziana maxkowskii
Stock Number: 30102
"African Mask" Also known as "Freydyk," this plant is a favorite for the summer patio yet it also makes a great houseplant also. Unlike some other plants in this group it does not go dormant in normal WARM wintertime houseplant conditions--but cool or dry conditions will trigger a dormancy from which it will emerge lat...
Alocasia odora
Stock Number: 32115
Merely a giant, the "Tree Elephant Ear Plant" from Burma and South China has enormous somewhat succulent leaves dwarfing macrorrhiza on (if you live long enough) thick tall trunks. A very showy young container plant prefering wet feet.
Alocasia plumbea nigra [atropurpurea]
Stock Number: 30108
"Black Taro" Elegant polished, blackish purple leaves form handsome specimens; produces clusters of large ivory hood shaped spathes protecting the 8"+ spadix. Very popular addition to the bog garden; trendy color for the urn fancier--especially those designing "Black Gardens." Not to be confused with the smaller, non-g...
Alocasia species Golden Delicious
Stock Number: 30199
(Usually COLOCASIA 'Golden Delicious' or 'Chartreuse' in catalogues) Remarkable dramatic yellow "Elephant Ear" dramatic in any setting, whether an urn, a bog, or (in the very deep South) released in any moist area of your garden. Requires full sun and constantly moist soil to maintain good golden ochre tones and reach ...
Alocasia Tiny Dancers PPAF
Stock Number: 30095
Miniature clumps of 8" to 10" stem are tipped with small waxy cupped leaves.  Unique look for a small lovely character as easy to grow and as evergreen as Alocasia cuculata.
Alocasia wentii variegata
Stock Number: 33099
A new variegated form of Alocasia wentii discolor with pinkish freckling and flecking over the entire shield shaped leaf.A subtlely variegated form of the New Guinea "Uhinkii"with air-brushed pinkish nacre hardening into vanilla variegation  with age.
Aloe linearis
Stock Number: 40373
Slowly stacking compact columns lined with disticious pale pearly gray fleshy leaves that are rather ribbon like and outlined with a soft fringe of teeth
Aloysia triphylla
Stock Number: 41334
"Lemon Verbena" stiff stems carry fragrant lemon-scented toothed leaves; panicles of tiny white flowers. Tropical herb from Argentina and Chile perhaps better known as Lippia citridora. A sedative also used for fevers; The oil is noted for its insecticidal & bactericidal qualities. Cool very bright greenhouse cultu...
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Alpinia Katsumadai
Stock Number: 53001
Rhizomatous "Katsumada's Galangal" with closely bunched stems sheathed with slim fragrant leaves; waxy white blossom richly fragrant; followed by seeds (called Tsao Tou Kou) used to treat spleen and stomach problems, used also to control vomiting. An elegant slim species shared with us by the late Cindy Riviere from he...
Stock Number: 53064
"Ripple leaved Ginger"  Extremely puckered and quilted lance leaves in opposite ranks.  Mature 2' stalk is topped with a cone shaped flower head.
Alpinia speciosa Wagner's Lime Streaker
Stock Number: 53066
A striated sport discovered by Dale Wagner in a clump of what the Hawaiians call 'zerumbel'--however, this is evergreen, topping out at eighteen feet for us with a terminal richly scented delicately colored pendant inflorescence. An enormous variegated specimen in time; attempts at dwarfing this clumping drama in a con...
Alpinia speciosa [zerumbet] variegata
Stock Number: 53005
Used in China for treating infections; here for the strikingly beautiful dark leathery slim leaves striped and slashed with rich yellow. This "Variegated Shell Ginger" constitutes a very handsome evergreen gradually clumping plant tolerating adverse house conditions--where, unlike its Zingiber cousins, the foliage is m...
Alpinia Waimanalo [hort]
Stock Number: 53058
Clumping showy ginger with fluted, seersuckered leaves dramatically chevroned with alternate wide cream and slim lime bands. May be A. formosana 'Pinstripe.' While tolerant of harsher conditions as a houseplant; most dramatic and successful for us only in the high humidity and constant warmth of the warm tropical green...
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