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Haworthia retusa geraldii
Stock Number: 65481
Unusually large form of retusa with impressive blunt windowed elongated triangular leaftips with ornate lines over the transparent areas; a collection from near Riversdale, RSA, eventually forming am impressive hemisphere of rosettes. Very shallow roots--thus, use a very shallow pot. Typically drops all roots during...
Haworthia ubomboensis
Stock Number: 65413
The unique "False Tillandsia" has the stoloniferous character and stiff open rosette of H. limifolia (under which it has been classified); however the pale green smooth leaves lack any ridging. Handsome unique species turning liliac in bright light. Stoloniferous habit makes this popular in mossed topiary and in mossed...
Hawthoria midorinosono [hyb]
Stock Number: 65442
Rare cultivar with a wide H. cuspidata habit distinguished by random blotches and streaks of white on the fleshy leaves often extending into the veined windows. Very flashy, very popular for its unique form of splendid variegation: and every flat juicy rosette is variegated--we have never observed a reversion to solid ...
Hoya bella paxtonii
Stock Number: 60816
Crinkle-edged leaves on pendant stems with flat umbles of white flowers with cute pink coronas. Indian collection originally distruibuted as H. Paxtonii (Nichols). Sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
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Hoya bilobata
Stock Number: 68503
Lovely "Mindanao Mini Hoya" from that Philippine origin with dense oval pubescent coin leaves, darker on the felted surface, paired on lax scandent stems decorated with scented clusters of mini yellow eyed pink blossoms. Among the most successful for house or lite garden culture.   As with most Hoya- May be ...
Hoya carnosa compacta
Stock Number: 55702
Dependable "Hindu Rope Plant" with waxy tortollini torked leaves so closely set as to obscure the succulent stems; very beautiful clusters of fragrant deep pink blossoms. Currently considered more correctly called Hoya c. 'Regalis'--usually in pots, but can be a generous unrooted cutting.
Hoya carnosa compacta marginata (regalis)
Stock Number: 60079
"Variegated Hindu Rope Waxflower" Originally received from the legendary Ed Hummel: pink flower umbels dangle from the meandering stems completely invisible under the thick waxy wavy crinkly leaves, each with a bright cream border. Often called "Hoya compacta regalis," this is usually shipped in pots, but may be shippe...
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Hoya carnosa Dappled Grey
Stock Number: 60806
Thick waxy leaves mottled silvery gray over glaucous green--an odd reptilian effect off-putting to some (perhaps more "interesting" than attractive?) and umbels of pale rimmed rosy toned blossoms. Popular for giving a reptilian pewter tone when wraped around a succulent wreath. Sometimes considered x pubicalyx cultivar...
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Stock Number: 61014
Beautiful pairs of thick succulent leaves--somewhat reduced in size compared to most Carnosa cultivers--each wavy waxy leaf margined lime cream; habit is prostrate, making this cultivar most ideal for succulent wreaths and moss topiaries. Sometimes sent in moss as a generous unrooted cutting.
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Hoya carnosa Krimson Princess
Stock Number: 66847
Umbels of pink waxy blossoms against thick succulent foliage--each leaf with a golden lime center, especially colorful as new foliage emerges shrimp pink with adequate light levels and balanced fertilizer--foliar color especially dazzling when grown under plantlites. Typically shipped in pots, but may be shipped as an ...
Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen
Stock Number: 60080
Umbels of pink waxy blossoms against thick succulent foliage--each leaf with a white edges, especially colorful as new foliage emerges shrimp pink with adequate light levels and balanced fertilizer. Sometimes shipped as an unrooted cutting in moss.
Hoya carnosa Krinkle 8 [hort]
Stock Number: 60077
"Waffle Hoya" Puckered deep green waxy wide leaves; beautiful showy pink blossom clusters are freely produced. Name given for the (usually) eight distinct "dimples" on each thick jade substanced decorative leaf. May be sent as an unrooted cutting in moss.
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Hoya Collection
Stock Number: 99080
A solid introductory selection of high performance "Wax Flowers"--including flashy H. carnosa cultivars seldom (if ever) offered in the catalogue listings. This bargain price reflects strong cuttings sent in moss (and they will root in your conditions best in moss) as well as a good probability that some will be alread...
Hoya cumingiana
Stock Number: 60647
Overlapping small glossy Carissa-like leaves; short internodes & branching give shrubby effect; odd yellow & maroon blossoms in crayola shades. Very interesting and unique shrubby species of easy culture--for extra vigor add some lime to the mix. If not potted, may be sent as unrooted cuttings in moss. An excel...
Hoya curtisii
Stock Number: 60972
Teardrop miniature leaves with silver markings. Very prostrate habit and thus perfect if grown on a moss plaque. We have seen this grown also as a very full hanging basket subject when it requires perfect drainage; far happier on moss as forms only surface roots. Flowers are small, but the tearleaf form with mottled si...
Hoya fraterna [meliflua Subspecies]
Stock Number: 60662
Thick moulded wax leaves of jade green with recurved edges. Very large stature. Interesting clusters of impressive blossoms with fuzzy sienna-orange petals accented with dusky orange corolla. Said to come from Australia. (H. fraterna now a synonym for coriaceas, we are informed.) Shipped as an unrooted cutting in moss....
Hoya fungii
Stock Number: 60771
Fleshy rich green ovate leaves with branching dark veins. Broad leaves especially attractive with a beautiful patina surface and usually with internodes so short that these jade like leaves appear to be shingled. Fragrant carnosa like blossoms easily produced. One of the most attractive with an unusual dusky toned shad...
Hoya gonolobioides [hort]
Stock Number: 60873
Heavy waxy unveined foliage; straw-ivory blossoms in attractive scented clusters. Easy strong growing species. Who knows what current nomenclature applies to this old reliable vine we originally received from Loyce. Shipped as an unrooted cutting.
Hoya kentiana medio picta
Stock Number: 56935
Prostrate vine with pairs of slim rubbery leaves outlined in dusky purple and centered lime gold.  Soft rose blossoms in dangling umbels.  Typically sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
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Hoya kentiana [hort]
Stock Number: 60695
Slim succulent leaves with soft pewter green rubbery surface outlined with a dramatic cocco purple margin--forms a thick mound of cascading foliage from which dangle elegant flat umbels of red and soft rose toned elaborate blossoms. A very beautiful undemanding houseplant, especially suited for a small hanging basket s...
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Hoya kerrii
Stock Number: 60090
"Sweetheart Hoya" or "Wax Hearts" Very thick pairs of large rigid leaves resembling inverted hearts; greenish-ivory flowers with tan-rose tones stubbornly tend to drip nectar. Found from Thailand to Fiji. If not currently potted, will be shipped as generous unrooted cuttings in moss.
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Hoya kerrii medio picta
Stock Number: 68462
Unusual "Flame Heart Sweetheart Hoya" with each thickly succulent heart shaped leaf boldly variegated with central ochre blotch. Typically sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
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Hoya kerrii Variegated Sweetheart
Stock Number: 56548
A fabulous clone on which the thick succulent heart shaped leaves are margined a wide ivory-yellow. A strong growing clone from Thailand, which, if not currently in pots, will be shipped as an ample unrooted cutting in moss. This is stunningly beautiful in the category of handsome. The ultimate spectacular Valentine.
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Hoya keysii [australis s. australis]
Stock Number: 60093
"Queensland Wax Vine" Thick gray-green leaves richly felted; waxy white flowers with palest rose corona. Handsome. Sent as an unrooted cutting in moss.
Hoya lacunosa
Stock Number: 60094
Tassel-like pendant umbels of fuzzy lemon-greenish white flowers with lemon centers and soft fragrance (a very clean aroma) perfectly match the dwarf-statured quilted leaves; the name derives form the lacunose leaf surface. That is, the surface of the leaf is cupped or depressed between the veins. Malaysian native beau...
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Hoya macgillvrayi
Stock Number: 60760
Seedling selection with tailed giant leaves and black-burgundy blossoms with white reverse shaped like a bowl. Very sensitive to chill. Sent as quite ample cuttings in moss.
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Hoya meredithii [vitellinoides]
Stock Number: 60753
"Cardboard Wax Plant" Large undulating thick plastic leaves, with cardboard texture with undulating edges, gray splashed lime green w/ emerald vein netting; open clusters of lime-yellow flowers with ivory coronas. Originally distributed as 'Borneo 80-05'
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Hoya mitrata
Stock Number: 58717
An easily grown related to Hoya darwinii, but easier to cultivate. Flower bloom upright. Spotted thick leaves are very distinctive. Sent as an unrooted cutting in moss. Nomenclature uncertain.
Out of Stock
Hoya motoskei [hort]
Stock Number: 60101
Probably a H. carnosa cultivar or form. Very wide waxy oval silver-brushed lvs perfectly foil the pale pink & maroon flowers. Of easy culture.
Hoya New Guinea 355-309
Stock Number: 60110
Curious somewhat pelted leaves on a slow growing vine. Lovely ivory yellow waxy clusters of flowers. Heirloom. Nomenclature rather muddled, but the plant is always dependable, always popular.
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