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Euphorbia xylophylloides
Stock Number: 67273
Flattened moulded branches of dull-gloss apple-green form remarkable designs. Central Madagascar native becoming a tree in time.
Euphorbia xylophylloides striata
Stock Number: 67274
"Christmas Ribbons" Deep green striation on the bright ochre flattened stems; rare selection of this Madagascar native.  This rariety from the Hummel collection remains of special interest to the collector of rare unique variegation.
Euphorbia: The Crown of Thorns Collection
Stock Number: 99697
This collection can include some of the dwarf species in this group of plants to add to the diversity of this collection. This group is for the collector of oddities and visual diversities. If you want particular hybrids or species, be sure to order them individually with their stock numbers; because we gather this sel...
Fockea africana [Species Africa, tugalensis]
Stock Number: 60692
Caudiform with brown-barked vine studded with purple-backed, pointed leaves. Not Fockea natalensis, but a plant sometime allied with Tacazzia. Often called Fockea tugalensis or Pentodentia natalensis. You'll find this handsome caudiform vine ignores all of this, instead concentrating on being beautiful.
Out of Stock
Frerea indica
Stock Number: 60184
"Leafy Starfish" Semi-erect, then pendant leafy branches produce beautiful convex red starfish flowers spotted sulphur yellow. From india, prefers constant warmth and even moisture in an epiphytic mix. If ordered to be sent during a less warm period of the year, we typically send as an URCutting in dry moss so it will ...
Furcraea foetida medio-picta
Stock Number: 68387
Smooth-edged succulent with clear white stripe. Unlike the species "Mauritius Hemp" this variegated cultivar is essentially spineless: Nearly trunkless rosettes of succulent deep green leaves with a bold central white band.  
Furcraea gigantea variegata [striata]
Stock Number: 68072
"Giant False Agave" Beautifully striated soft sword-like leaves in wide open habit; occasional marginal spines. A native of Brazil formerly included in Amaryllidaceae. Handsome. F. gigantea probably more correct as F. foetida--no matter which name mere humans wish to use, this splendid living sculpture will eventually ...
Gasteria & Haworthia Introductory Collection
Stock Number: 99025
Strong growing selections from our considerable stock of these fat lilies to emphasize the range of habits & charming designs from translucent rosettes to bowties to rigid sculptural columns. 5 plants
Gasteria armstrongii
Stock Number: 65099
"Blacktie Plant" Quite short wide leaves open flat to display raspy black-green surface; initially distichous, but will spiral with age. South Cape.
Out of Stock
Gasteria bicolor liliputana Watersport
Stock Number: 65152
This collection of the "Dwarf Bowtie Plant" seems far more vigorous than most: tiny deep John Deere green succulent leaves in opposite ranks--smooth surface sheen with decorative milky green splotches. Offsets with maturity forming tuffets
Gasteria caespitosa Hort Form
Stock Number: 65103
Much-spiraled twisted glossy spotted leaves in very petite upreaching cute clusters; excellent compact form with elongated leaves. This sometimes is listed as Gasteria bicolor. Nomenclature of this petite charmer remains uncertain--perhaps it is a species locked into a juvenile stage.
Gasteria carinata x verrucosa
Stock Number: 65132
Dark dull gloss deep olive bowties of leaves, somewhat blunt-edged, with rasied pale bumps on the entire surface. Seldom offered.
Gasteria decipiens
Stock Number: 68491
"Black Bowtie Plant", very thick deep John Deere green tongue like leaves in opposite ranks.  Unusual rippled surface with a semigloss finish.
Gasteria glomerata Silver Form [hort]
Stock Number: 65666
Very congested hemispheres of multiple disticous heads of very short fat silvery gray leaves. Coral toned tubular blossoms presented on short erect stems are for more showy than any other species we have observed. Fat offsets are sent. Very very beautiful when grown to a full specimen comprising a hemisphere of obese p...
Gasteria hummel's Silver [hyb]
Stock Number: 65649
The wonderful fat leaved "Silver Tongue" with whorled ranks of succulent platinum colored short fat leaves with some occasional green random lines. Not the "Bowtie" disticous form also known by this name; this is the Gastrolea type.
Gasteria Lime Warty [hort]
Stock Number: 65670
A remarkable large statured "Warty Bow Tie Plant" with fat flattened olive hued leaves with lime striations, all strewn with oddly decorative rasied warts. Certainly as close as a plant would need to morph in order to imitate a toad's coloration and skin texture. Currently in short supply thanks to a recent blog salute...
Gasteria nigricans marmorata variegata
Stock Number: 65114
Fat short leaves in tight "Bow Ties" are embossed with rich milk-chocolate and ivory stripes. Remarkably beautiful miniature.
Gasteria Silver Stripes [hyb]
Stock Number: 65117
Hybrid or selection we received thirty plus years ago from Ed Hummel; Upright, rigid fans of strikingly pebbled green striped coriaceus leaves with ridged surface of gray-silver. Very easily grown even though it looks so challenging with its unique designs resembling expensive jewelry.
Gastrolea lapaxii
Stock Number: 65174
Tightly congested columns of plump dark green leaves generously strewn with bright speckles.  Soon forms an attractive clump.
Graptopetalum paraguayense
Stock Number: 60363
"Ghost Plant" Fat angled amethyst-gray leaves, with a silvery bloom giving a "mother-of-pearl" effect, on swooping thick stems; modest white flowers. A traditional favorite potplant for the sunny windowsill, for that pearly foliaged patio accent plant and for that hanging basket showoff; certainly imperative in any suc...
Haemanthus albiflos pubescens
Stock Number: 51047
Ciliate-margined evergreen leaves with downy leaf surfaces; "White Paint Brush" flowers presented on top of short thick stems, mid winter. Some sources relegate this to just H. albiflos, yet we find this to be easier to grow and to bloom, more attractively foliaged, and slightly more compact than the species form; This...
Stock Number: 65213
The "Albino Zebra Plant"  The new pale cream foliages darken with age.  This plant is often in limited supply.
Haworthia attenuata caespitosa
Stock Number: 65212
The "Zebra Plant" is horticulturally known as H. fasciata (actually a separate slow H. coarctata type). White pearls of raised tubercles form bright cross-bands on dark stiff leaves in upright rosettes. The one grandma had.
Haworthia heidelbergensis
Stock Number: 60013
Beautiful flat thick rosettes of fat leaves with pink flattened widowed tips
Haworthia lancioletta variegata [hort]
Stock Number: 65577
Beautiful & curious slim H. cooperi type from the late Jim Peterson collection with bright white striped somewhat translucent leaves in tight rosettes--the liquid white variegations vary from one rosette to the next, but never entirely disappear, often re-appearing on pups from seemingly non-variegated rosettes. Di...
Haworthia Liliputana [hort.]
Stock Number: 67311
A very tiny selection, possibly from the Haworthia translucens complex, from Ed Hammel collection perfect for extremely petite containers. Avoid full sun and insure perfect drainage. This photo shows an 8 year old cluster.  Not the true species.
Haworthia limifolia limifolia
Stock Number: 65242
"Fairy Washboards" Furrowed black-green convex/cupped leaf surfaces with raised transverse ridges; whorled leaves appear screwed into tight rosettes; stoloniferous offsets. Very handsome transvaal native.
Haworthia marmiana
Stock Number: 67476
Rich grass green congested rosettes sprinkled with raised jewel bumps quickly for tight congested clumps.
Haworthia nigra
Stock Number: 65504
Black columns of plump hard surfaced short leaves. Great small growing succulent; perhaps a good candidate for a decidedly upscale dish garden.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 65378
Small rosettes with rough pale leaf bundles. This is the most petite of any in our collection; typically sent as divisions in dry moss so it will travel safely to you. If you want a large plant, please do not order this as it will never be more than microscopic.
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