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Dorstenia psilurus
Stock Number: 41582
"Cheshire Cat Plant" From surface succulent caudex of odd lumpy old-man-knees arise short slim stems studded with leaves ending in fleur-de-lis tridents; distinctive hypanthodium shaped like a smiling sliver tipped with cat's whiskers. Best to grow a year plus with the branching pale "E.T.' Fingers" caudex burrowing ha...
Dorstenia radiata
Stock Number: 40207
Similar to upright purple blushed succulent stalked mannii, but leaves darker & hypanthodium producing a great number of shorter rays; perfect in any child's collection as the necessary "Hand Plant" demanding only high light to succeed.
Drimiopsis lancifolia (kirkii)
Stock Number: 65495
Cute round-tipped fleshy leaves, with darker spotting, top the small clustering bulbs; Lovely dish garden subject. Undemanding easily grown houseplant.
Drimiopsis maculata
Stock Number: 65093
Maroon-green spots on bright evergreen green leaves with a narrow "petiole" over fat surface bulbs; spikes of white flowers fading to green.
Drimiopsis saundersiae Sunny Smile
Stock Number: 65681
Wide fleshy spotted leaves randomly striped a softly toned creamy lime; forms an impressive low growing fleshy rosette of fabulous foliage of subtle longitudinal stripes over strewn polka dots.
Dyckia brevifolia Golden Glow
Stock Number: 52098
Hummel's selection of a yellow variegated succulent mounding Bromeliad eventually resembling a hemisphere of interlocked Agaves. Beautiful & rare, yet of easy culture demanding only very bright light and perfectly drained media.  Very slow growing; and thus a rarity.
Dyckia Burgundy Ice
Stock Number: 53396
This dramatic plant has the darkest and most cranberry colored overtones of any of the Dyckias we offer. Like the other Dyckias below, makes a great indoor or windowsill subject. This spectcular hedgehog with very downturned heavily armed waxy purple foliage is tolerant of very low humidity.
Dyckia Carlsbad
Stock Number: 52099
Thick-leaved hybrid smaller than D. platyphylla parent; first forms an elegant very succulent rosette, then offsets to form an interlaced (spiny leaved monster) mound. Our price reflects our unwillingness to tackle the daunting creature! But remains an excellent impressive hemispherical Agave mimic in any succulent col...
Dyckia dawsonii Narrow Clone
Stock Number: 61022
Very ornate impressively armed rosettes of slim skeletal leathery leaves closely packed forming a hemisphere in time (separating offsets can lead to permanent scars); pink flowers scattered on elegant wands. Highly recommended for any serious sado-masochistic plant collection. Petite pink flowers lining the tall wands ...
Out of Stock
Dyckia Grape Jelly
Stock Number: 58535
Nicely formed hemispherical plants of a wild form of Dyckia that is purple in color probably closely aligned to the Burgandy Ice clone above. Nomenclature again in uncertain because of the fact that these were cloned from a superior growing plant in a private collection.
Dyckia peruviana
Stock Number: 55249
Nicely formed hemispherical plants of a wild form of Dyckia that is compact and easily grown. Nomenclature is suspect- truely a bruiser.
Dyckia Saber Tooth
Stock Number: 58534
Nicely formed hemispherical plants of a wild form of Dyckia that is silver in color, multiheading quickly.  The name reflects this tightly foliaged creature well - thrives in a sunny window sill with low humidity and is heavily armed. (The price covers bandaid purchases necessary for those separating a clump of th...
Echeveria bainsei Red Crest
Stock Number: 60325
Wine red tipped paddle-shaped slim leaves in scalloped congregations atop the small statured undulating ridges of the wide-fanded stems. Odd, yet attractive winter growing "Red Cockscomb"--we've reports that this performs extremely well in lite gardens.
Out of Stock
Echeveria Black Prince [hyb]
Stock Number: 60300
Dark purple-black fleshy leaves tightly packed into compact rosettes, the deepest tones achieved with full sun. Handsome--who says pudgy can't be pretty.
Echeveria Doris Taylor [hyb]
Stock Number: 60359
Originally received from Hummel, this is an heirloom hybrid of Echevaria setosa with E. pulvinata, with resultingly stout stubby stems thickly covered with rosettes of fat glossy leaves thickly pelted with white hairs. But, looks friendly!
Echeveria Minibelle [hyb]
Stock Number: 60307
Thick small spindle leaves of pearly gray-green on slim fanned stems. At the present we are offering the standard form; periodically we have a crested form. Another Hummel creation (and indeed, named for his wife) with thick spindle shaped leaves bunched on short stems & large tulip-shaped bright yellow blossoms. M...
Echeveria prolifica
Stock Number: 60718
Pearl toned compact rosettes of plump leaves closely held on short stems sending off fireworks of new offset rosettes. 
Out of Stock
Echeveria pul-Oliver [hort]
Stock Number: 60330
Stout stem, felted with oatmeal toned hairs, are studded with many succulent gray pelted leaves; an old favorite for a sunny windowsill or succulent dish garden.
Echeveria pulvinata Nova
Stock Number: 60355
Stunning Oaxaca native with tall rosette of fleshy silvery felty fuzzy leaves (silver haired) staggered on rusty-haired stout short stems; side branches of winter flowers hued sienna and red. Only a few ready each season.
Echeveria runyonii monstrosus
Stock Number: 60632
Frilled rosettes of fleshy crested-edged leaves with gray glaucous pearly surfaces distinguish this as the "Topsy Turvy Plant" because the alabaster leaves look as if they are tightly packed upside down into a tight ball--like an ivory football mum! Full sun brings out the best pearly toned surface and encourages the m...
Echeveria The Rose
Stock Number: 58723
A wonderful and easily grown large sized Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid. The plant sports nacre-glossed grey lavender leaves that are stiffly flounced and ruffled, easily a rival to any of the fancier hybrids which demand far more exactingly complicated care. This looks like an upside down ball gown.
Out of Stock
Echinocactus grusonii
Stock Number: 66280
The famous "Golden Barrel Cactus." Need we say more?
Echinocereus pentalophus erectus monstrosus
Stock Number: 66278
"Mexican Coral Cactus" with a preposterous latin name. Beautiful constantly dividing forking succulent stems with tiny white papery spines soon form an upright living desert coral--customers report a pale red blossom.
Elaeophorbia drupifera
Stock Number: 67329
"Sierra Leone Poison" Rounded trunks hold large deep green leathery leaves with keeled midribs--the sap is reported to be very poisonous. If the seed were not a drupe, this would be an Euphorb! We probably should not offer such a politically incorrect plant, but our old one threatened to become a tree and after severe ...
Epiphyllum Blush Bob
Stock Number: 66253
Modest upright long lasting greenish white flowers gradually fade to ivory blushed violet -- easily produced on the slim stems which typically branch from the base to form a balanced habit for hanging basket not characteristic of most "Orchid Cactus" hybrids which develop what can, at best, be described as a "free form...
Epiphyllum Bridal Veil [hyb]
Stock Number: 66227
Irridescent pearl white flowers; in high light, the thick foliage develops a blushed edge. This hybrid will not form buds without high light and a coolish fall period.
Epiphyllum Carmine Queen [hyb]
Stock Number: 66172
Unusually transparent petals give extra carmine shimmer. Sent as mossed unrooted ample cuts.
Epiphyllum chrysocardium
Stock Number: 66021
"Fernleaf Cactus" Bright glossy green flat stems in wide fish-bone pattern; nightblooming white flowers with masses of golden filaments suggest its native Mexican name, "Golden Heart." Impressive in large hanging baskets--but be reminded that this species is a long term project. We send generous unrooted cuttings in dr...
Epiphyllum Cindy's Red [hyb]
Stock Number: 66171
Thick stems support very large irridescent scarlet flowers--must reach maturity before reliably blooms. Sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
Epiphyllum Clarence Wright [hyb]
Stock Number: 66025
Large-statured hybrid with recurved petals, in shades of golden lemon to bronze, creating a bell-shaped blossom. Sent as an unrooted cutting in moss.
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