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Succulents – K

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Kalanchoe humilis
Stock Number: 60931
Pairs of pale marble green leaves slightly mottled with "Baby Pinwiper" patterns; fleshy foliage blushed pink in high light conditions with rose heiroglyphs on the undersides. Originally offered as K. sp. HBG 'Baby Pinwiper," this produces tostled clusters of giant elongated winter blossoms.
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Kalanchoe kewensis [hyb]
Stock Number: 60396
"Harpoon Leaf Kalanchoe." Short erect stems armed with soft spindle-shaped coppery-green leaves with occasional side harpoon tooth (pinnatisect leaf!). Sometimes considered to be a hybrid of teretifolia x flammea (and it does indeed produce thick ronded heads of showy rose red fowers late February), but more recently d...
Kalanchoe laciniata
Stock Number: 60397
"Lace Leaf Kalanchoe" Overlapping ranks of stiff waxy leaves divided deeply like a lacy fern stuffed with sausage; open multiple heads of starry lemon toned flowers mid-winter. Very beautiful, yet seldom found available. Native to India, Africa, Yemen, Brazil and points between. Certainly considerably underutilized in ...
Kalanchoe laetivirens Big Momma
Stock Number: 61009
Also known as Kalanchoe HBG 73004, from Huntington Botanic Gardens' distribution. Upright stout short trunks support thick upturned pearly surfaced fleshy leaves (so wide as to be nearly round in outline), each heavily ringed by a margin of cute baby plantlets--every kid needs one. Perhaps the most architecturally plea...
Kalanchoe manginii
Stock Number: 60401
"Flask Flower" Multitudes of wiry scandant stems punctuated with crisp green oval leaves and groups of nodding salmon bellflowers shaped like flasks--blossoms of this clone not strictly orange and green, as described by some--so this may be possibly K. x 'Tessa.'
Kalanchoe marmorata
Stock Number: 66040
Pinkish-green pruinose toothed wide leaves with rich mahogany- violet hieroglyphics splashed on the surface, thus known as the "Pinwiper Plant." Modest white flowers. Extremely similar to K. humilis until it blooms.
Kalanchoe millotii
Stock Number: 60404
Erect branchlets ranked with rigidly held thick oval crenate leaves pelted with grayish-white hairs. Eventually topped with clusters of lime-yellow flowers, this Madagascar native with its curious grooved petioles holding thick leaves with a somewhat oakleaf lobed cookie cutter outline, is sometimes confused in the who...
Kalanchoe minima
Stock Number: 61079
Nodding heads of nodding orange flowers at Christmas over the attractive glaucous small jade nacre succulent foliage. Good in small hanging baskets; seems a tiny lovely version of the more well known larger statured K. fedtschenkoi. Often overlooked, but quite lovely intrepid grower.
Kalanchoe mortagei crenata
Stock Number: 60405
"Mother of Hundreds" Impressive ranks of giant fleshy, rubbery appearing thick up-turned elongated triangular leaves with doubly crenate margins and many large adventitious plantlets firmly held on the narrowing leaf tips; the closely stacked leaves (closely ranked on short stout stems) are impressive in baskets; red f...
Kalanchoe nyikae
Stock Number: 60406
"Shovel Leaf" The opposite unnervingly pearly-blue peltate fleshy leaves are so sculptured that the basal end is up-turned to form a scoop; red rimmed in high light. Rosy green flowers impossible to accurately define. Eventually can be exhaused by the effort producing the inflorescence--be sure you have more propagated...
Kalanchoe obtusa
Stock Number: 60407
Attractive broad succulent leaves on very short stems beautifully accent and frame the hemispheres of upfacing brick-red flowers. Attractive compact bouquet from Tanzania. Marvelous tuffet outline gradually branching with time; certainly the most flower power for the foliar size and thus astoundingly popular both as an...
Kalanchoe orgyalis
Stock Number: 60874
Distinctive Madagascar stocky shrub with thick spatulate leaves emerging russet, then hardening to a silver toned mahogany felt--and thus easily damaged by high humidity; yellow flowers seldom seen--astoundingly slow to grow when compared to most its kin. We currently have enough so that collectors will not have to "ta...
Kalanchoe peltata
Stock Number: 60408
Slim erect stems rigidly hold leaves resembling an army of (un-pelted!) tiny garden spades; topped by pink bellflowers when mature. Easy slow growing houseplant--the dependable angular plain sister of the showy flashy Kalanchoe hildebrandii, newly popular in Fariy Gardens.
Kalanchoe pinnata
Stock Number: 60410
"Air Plant" or "Miracle Leaf" Most famous "Bryophyllum" for each of the ornately notched leaves produce clinging adventitious plantlets along their margins; these plantlets will form even when the mature leaf is wrenched from the stout stems and pinned to a curtain. (And if you remember those ads and drawings in the Su...
Kalanchoe prolifera
Stock Number: 60409
"Blooming Boxes" Maroon-rimmed stout rubbery fishbone leaves rigidly ranked on handsome erect trunks; terminal inflorescence of showy yellow flowers, each peeping from a bizarre dangling four-sided box-like bract, followed by a dazzling "proliferation" of plantlets. Madagascar native with the "Byrophyllum" urge--but ad...
Kalanchoe pumila
Stock Number: 60411
"Flour Dust Plant" Purple-hued notched flat leaves are dusted in silvery-white; modest small Madagascar native with violet urn-shaped pink hued flowers in refined panicles. Compact small habit--must have very high light to maintain the bright silvery tones; needs good air movement to encourage the flour dustings so adm...
Kalanchoe pumila rubra (hort)
Stock Number: 60412
Rich red-toned scalloped pelted leaves; rosy winter flower clusters. Possibly a distinct unusually robust species as yet undescribed. Excellent small tumbling mound of thick colorful foliage maintaining a good color on windowsills; excellent in a small hanging basket or as a groundcover for taller leggy succulents. Rec...
Kalanchoe rosei seyrigi
Stock Number: 60415
Erect gray stems hold tripartite bluish-gray leaves with stiff serrulated edges; large pink tubular flowers.  Of botanic interest more than of horticultural value.
Kalanchoe rotundifolia
Stock Number: 60889
Wide fleshy leaved "Nentabos" from Africa with bright bronzy lemon blossoms mid-winter at the tips of the curious upright stems. Sometimes overlooked; but most dependable with dark attractive rubbery foliage and cute blossoms of line yellow held in upright clusters every January, right on schedule.
Kalanchoe sexangularis
Stock Number: 60686
Seedling from a collection from the Zimbabwe grasslands with wide gray-toned leaves in four ranks on rangy leggy stems. Thick club heads of ripe peach flowers with peach pit bracts.
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Kalanchoe synsepala
Stock Number: 60417
"Cup K." or "Walking K." Cupped oval lvs held close to short trunk; undulating toothed lvs accented by odd runners from the leaf axil tipped with plantlets. Haired tubular flowers. This achieves considerable girth.
Kalanchoe synsepala dissecta
Stock Number: 60418
"Walking Kalanchoe." Short stout stems ranked with deeply lobed, thick leaves with rich purple margins; as ages, sends out young plantlets on stems emerging from the leaf axils. Handsome white-flowered Madagascar form usually called "Incised Form" dating back to Dave Grigsky's introduction of this curosity.
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Fantastic [variegata]
Stock Number: 56947
Special price on this wonderful plant while this crop lasts. As mentioned in the "Country Living" article. This is indeed a truly 'Fantastic' new selection from Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery with brilliant showy variegation--a very collectable "Silver Dollar" plant indeed! This is a great new form of the very popular "Oyst...
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora [luciae]
Stock Number: 60419
"Paddle Plant" or "Flap Jack" or "Oyster Plant." These common names reflect the considerable popularity of this South African species with flat oval diagonally-placed leaves with an arresting silvery effect from white mealy surfaces, & with a distinct red rim appearing when grown in high light. A paniculate inflore...
Kalanchoe tomentosa Chocolate Soldier
Stock Number: 60421
Field collection in Madagascar: dimunitive variety with the entire leaf chocolate-umber tipped black--tends to send up many small inflorescences with pelted bracts.
Kalanchoe tomentosa European Clone
Stock Number: 60423
Dense wider "Panda Plant" leaves than the typical species form with very bright white pelting and blackish toned toothed tips as long as given very bright light and good air movement. Best contrast of any selection we have trialed , but absolutely needs full sun and reliable air movement to achieve its potential.
Kalanchoe tomentosa Golden Girl
Stock Number: 60425
Small concave leaves vary from sienna to butter tones; unusual clone of the "Panda Plant" requiring high light.
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe tubiflora [delagoensis]
Stock Number: 60427
"Hollywood Palm" or "Chandelier Plant" Erect pinkish stems thickly hung with pendant cylindric dark leaves spotted reddish brown and emerald and tipped with notches nurturing bundles of plantlets; showy clusters of pale red bellflowers pendant mid winter from elaborate terminal inflorescence. Madagascar native. The sec...
Kalanchoe velutina
Stock Number: 60429
Thick furred arched or creeping, sprouting stems shingled with wide fleshy rich green oval plush leaves slightly toothed; clusters of upright Cantalope toned flowers fade to salmon. Easy popular indoor plant, great for kids. Certainly the teddy bear of the Kalanchoe tribe.
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