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Tropical Look

Tropical Look
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Thunbergia battiscombei
Stock Number: 54014
Shrubby vining Kenyan species with beautiful glossy leaves and racemes of electric blue (with a hint of violet) trumpet blossoms with yellow throats; best kept in a warm greenhouse during the winter so can start its big display early on. We've grown many "Clockvine" species, and this remains the most impressive flower-...
Thunbergia erecta Fairy Moon
Stock Number: 53146
Attractive reliable shrubby "Picottee King's Mantle" with lavender blue trumpet shaped blossoms edged in white and throated yellow. Height of blooming in midwinter for us, although not exclusively. Foliage always beautifully maintained.
Thunbergia fragrans
Stock Number: 31311
Attractive Indian vine with sculptural leaf pairs and quite showy large funnel shaped blossoms of pure angelic white--beautiful even though it usually insists on producing these flowers up in the greenhouse rafters. The "Angel Wings" vine becomes woody with time. This constitutes a long term project as you will need to...
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Thunbergia grandiflora variegata
Stock Number: 51737
Remarkable "Banded Bengal Trupet" shared by David Biggar with showy broad creamy white borders on each dramatic leaf; same blue violet trumpet flowers as the species form of this most favorite of conservatory vines.
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Tibouchina Athens Blue
Stock Number: 66782
An excellent form of the felt foliaged "Princess Tree" with amazing amounts of showy blue flowers--very easy to bloom in containers, thus very popular for patio & conservatory. A favorite subject for standards as is easily pruned and staked.
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Tibouchina grandifolia
Stock Number: 54528
Collected from the hillside of Roberto Burle Marx's nursery, the woody "Rio Pincess Tree" produces pairs of large dramatic deeply veined furred leaves & terminal clusters of rich purple blossoms with white centers fading to rose. Demands plenty of space, bright light, and air movement--but can survive more neglect ...
Tripogandra False bromeliad [hort]
Stock Number: 50532
"Streaked False Bromeliad"  Now considered a probable Callisia but more likely to be Hadrodemas warscewicsiana striata (which sounds rather terminal). Large upright whorled cups of tightly overlapping white-streaked fleshy leaves. A very popular, handsome plant even if of uncertain nomenclature. Showy--your friend...
Tropical Gardens - Cheap Glitz
Stock Number: 99690
For a quick fix without serious bank account shock--this might (depending on the week) include Sanchezia, Acalypha, Caladium, Synadenium, Pennisetum, Tripogandra, Costus, Talinum, vigorous Begonia, Dietes, Carex, Cordyline, Strobilanthes, Tetrastigma, showy Plectranthus, even a shameless giant Kalanchoe. Five plus plan...
Tropical Gardens - Spectacular Substance
Stock Number: 99691
The serious impact of Ligularia, Breynia, Clerodendron, Musa, Alocasia, Alpinia, Anthurium., Bougainvillea, Eragrostis, Colocasia, rare Canna, Aucuba, leafy Euphorbias, Crinums, Colocasia, summer blooming Hibiscus, Brugsmansia, etc. Five plus plants. We must be doing something right with this selection as many customer...
Xanthosoma violaceum
Stock Number: 30440
"Blue Taro" Purple stems arch into swooping arrowhead leaves of dusky violet darkening to a rich purple toward the margins; this West Indian semi-aquatic "Blue Ape" must have warm winter conditions to maintain evergreen foliage; easiest to grow as a semi-aquatic in summer (but very successful as a container companion p...
Zingiber zerumbet mioga Dancing Crane [variegata]
Stock Number: 53110
Stiff stems cloaked with two ranks of Alpina-like leaves, each centered with a lemon flame whose stripes often reach the leaf margin. Classic Japanese pot subject with yellow basal flowers; always goes dormant late fall and remains so during the winter. If you find this dormant period to be boring, just remember that t...
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