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Tropical Look

Tropical Look
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Dieffenbachia Puerto Rico Variegated [hort.]
Stock Number: 30524
Relaxed thick trunks topped with flourishes of long dusky green leaves with creamy lime midriks and totally random irregular slashes of cream variegation- no two leaves have a similar pattern.  For the collector.  This is not a reliable houseplant.
Eucomis comosa Pink Blossoms
Stock Number: 83241
This selection of "Pineapple Lily" has stout stalks of distinctly pink toned flowers on the thick stems topped with the "Carmen Miranda" leafy bracted topknot. This winter dormant genus now more correctly in Hyacinthaceae. We selected this color clone from plants grown from seed received from the Kirstenbosch Botanical...
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Euphorbia cotinifolia atropurpurea
Stock Number: 67423
"Hierba Mala" or "Tropical Purple Smoketree" Elegant branching stems of purple with whorls of thin ovate leaves of wine red fading to metallic magenta with red veins; whitish inflorescence more odd than decorative. Excellent large accent plant, newly popular in large summer urn designs; Remember that (as with various s...
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Excoecaria cochinchinensis
Stock Number: 40257
"Chinese Croton" Pairs of beautiful shiny leaves deep green on top, a brilliant lacquered red beneath elegantly presented on arching woody maroon stems. Outstanding houseplant, but like many spurges, sap is toxic, and thus called "Blindness Tree" in Southeast Asia where it is commercially valuable to stun fish for easy...
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Stock Number: 40310
Elegant upright stems puncuated by pairs of soft pewter green leaves margined in cream that are topped with clusters of dangling peach blossoms enclosing salmon pink corollars
Greenhouse Collection: Advanced Collector
Stock Number: 99030
This wide ranging selection is very popular with botanic gardens needing unique plants in their supporting sales areas & volunteer training workshops (and a number from each shipment seem to become parts of the permanent displays); this is also much ordered by estate or municipal conservatories starting new display...
Greenhouse Collection: Beginner & Hobbyist
Stock Number: 99029
A popular group of plants for those of you starting up a new hobby greenhouse or planting a backyard in the keys. This group is frequently ordered by local plant society chapters and garden clubs everywhere needing some unusual, some uncommon, and distinctive plants to spice up their fun-raising plant sales--we are mos...
Hedera algeriensis [canariensis] maculata
Stock Number: 41149
"Milky Way [Algerian] Ivy" Large glossy leaves barely lobed and richly splotched and speckled with gold green and ochre-- lovely against the rosy toned stems. Beautiful groundcover in milder climates or dramatic in a large hanging basket or urn. Unsurpassed for subtle foliar beauty combined with ease of culture and thu...
Hibiscus tiliaceus tricolor
Stock Number: 66910
"Variegated Hau Tree" The heartshaped leathery leaves, very very brilliantly variegated cream and; lemon, on art deco sinuous interlocking branches (forming hau lanai shelters and canoe outriggers); lemon flowers fade to apricot, then red. Remarkable. (The much larger, yet similar, H. elatus we sometimes offer has flow...
Ipomea Lady Fingers [Species Unidentified]
Stock Number: 56564
Extremely vigorous "Fingered Sweet Potato" with strong stems holding aloft stunning dark leaves, with seven deep fingered lobes accented with dark purple raised veins on the reverse. Loves aquatic conditions; but thrives equally well cascading dramatically from a windowbox or urn; needs a large basket if grown in a han...
Mandevilla amabilis Alice Dupont [hyb]
Stock Number: 54354
Very showy woody climber with lustrous quilted thick waxy leaves of rich green perfect with the dramatic clusters of up to twenty trumpet-shaped pink blossoms, each with a rich deep rose throat. Easily trained like a Hoya or Jasmine. This old heirloom from Longwood Gardens is most intolerant of chill.
Mandevilla Pink Velvet
Stock Number: 53196
Fabulous intensely pink trumpet flowers in tight clusters similar to the popular 'Red Velvet' --- the wide ribbed foliage is also similarly beautiful, while slightly more glossy.
Out of Stock
Mandevilla White Velvet
Stock Number: 54508
Clusters of blush trumpets maturing to ivory with golden throats on beautifully foliaged bushy vines (train up or train for containers) with large leaves like M. Alice DuPont. Modestly statured "White Brazilian Trumpet Vine" with pairs of fuzzy leathery oval leaves on a woody vine which terminates with clusters of whit...
Mandevillea Red Velvet
Stock Number: 68444
Mandevilla "Red Velvet" is a tropical vining plant that produces large 5-6 flowers that are red when it's hot (85F) and pink when its cool. In the heat of the late spring and summer the blooms turn a beautiful soft reddish color. As the name implies, the blooms look like red velvet. In the early spring, with cooler tem...
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Monstera deliciosa
Stock Number: 30271
Vigorous "Splitleaf Ceriman" with stout succulent stems supporting the impresive oblong-perforated leathery shield leaves and impressive cord-like aerial roots. Traditionally called the "Mexican Breadfruit" for its pine-apple scented edible cone fruit. indestructible houseplant; magnificent climbing up a conservatory w...
Musa basjoo
Stock Number: 57496
Prefering cooler climes, this "Northern Novelty Banana" from the Ryuku Islands sends up large pale green draping tropical foliage from rootstocks needing winter protection (with mulch this is quite winter hardy in our Zone 6 gardens); odd inflorescence with white pulp fruit insipid; Japanese use 10' plant for fiber. In...
Musa [ensete ventricosum] maurelii
Stock Number: 40650
"Abyssinian Black Banana" While having the thick heavy substance of M. ventricosa, the blackish red leaves flaunt mahogany midribs and margins; purple-carmine underleaf is revealed as leaf unfurls; red-bracted inflorescenceorescence. This is the astounding giant we keep at the patio-pond area here every summer. Come fa...
Neoregelia schultsiana Cream Fireball
Stock Number: 53359
The fabulous carmine red compact urns of the species form, brilliantly accented with broad ivory cream margins. Needs bright light and good humidity to best form its colony of pert rosettes. Very beautiful; a fantastic visual effect remarkable for the ease of culture in achieving it.
Nepenthes alata
Stock Number: 43023
More tolerant of low humidity than most "Pitcher Plant" species, this strong growing carnivor produces its bright bulbus pitchers, dappled pink in good light, as a very young plant.
Nepenthes Miranda [hyb]
Stock Number: 43051
Strong growing "pitcher plant" hybrid with purple blushed rebust foliage. The leaves are tipped with elongated rich dusky purple pitchers more dramatic than others.
Nepenthes Sanguinea
Stock Number: 43027
Easily grown "Pitcher Plant" native to the Phillippines. Robust leaves tipped with purple and red spotted pitchers.
Out of Stock
Nicotiana langsdorffii variegated
Stock Number: 55538
"Variegated Tobacco" from Lance Reiners: ochre & cream splashes on the soft foliage; bunches of bright snot green flowers with dark majenta blue eyes (anthers) and weird blue colored pollen; needs full sun to flourish. Only available early summer.
Out of Stock
Pachystachys lutea
Stock Number: 50048
"Lollipop Plant" Large golden bracts resemble candles. This handsome plant needs full sun and strong nutrients to set buds. This traditional winter greenhouse flowering cousin of the Justicia tribe is newly popular for its bright straw blond bracts in summer urns, bedding, and windowboxes.
Pelargonium tomentosum Chocolate Mint
Stock Number: 40792
Hybrid of the "Peppermint Geranium" with deeply lobed intensely fragrant foliage of soft velvet highlighted with center splotch of dark green "chocolate" brown. Vigorous cascading habit perfect in any showy exposed summertime urn or windowbox. Very popular even though must have full sun to thrive: not a houseplant..
Out of Stock
Premna aff. microphylla
Stock Number: 66958
Seems to have intentionally evolve to become a tropical bonsai as the woody stems branch off into flat planes of twigs holding horizontal foliage- small oval leaves which, when cut, contribute to its charming common name, "stinky lady"   Note: The white residue/granuals you see in the pictures is packing mat...
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum rubrum
Stock Number: 50051
Very wide laquered maroon oval wide leaf pairs. Rare form which is the most dramatic of this showy group of Acanthus relatives; recently rediscovered by outdoor designers for the "Tropical Look" as its color saturation in full sun matches the skin of a ripe eggplant. Although we have offered this for thirty some years,...
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum tricolor
Stock Number: 50053
Thick irregularly margined lance leaves of rich laquered purple with zones of slate green and pink on upright maroon stems.
Out of Stock
Saccharum officinarum variegatum Ivory Stripes
Stock Number: 54066
"Variegated Sugar Cane" from Polynesia makes a dramatic pot plant with long elegant green leaves ranked on the woody segmented maroon variegated canes--another usual form and much sought after favorite for collectors with a greenhouse. Amazing "Striped Sugar Cane" the dramatic swollen-jointed canes are ranked with bril...
Sanchezia nobilis glaucophylla nana
Stock Number: 50111
Wonderful dwarf form (compartively speaking) of this popular gold-patterned much branching showstopping plant. Red reduced bracts with yellow flowers in terminal spikes. The better choice of the Sanchezia for outside container performance as well as houseplant adaptability; the following "Golden Zebra" is far more dram...
Sanchezia speciosa [nobilis cultivar?]
Stock Number: 50065
Handsome glossy leaves with striking wide lemon veins outlined in mustard always making a major visual statement. Later these strong stalks terminate with nodding spikes of showy red bract from which emerge tubular yellow blossoms like a shrimp plant on steroids! This striking Ecuadoran species form from the former col...
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