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Tropical Herbs

Tropical Herbs
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Jasminum volubile maculata [hort]
Stock Number: 40425
"Australian Wax jasmine" Small glossy leaves dappled lemon-gold when temperatures are cool, on strong vines; open clusters of quite fragrant white star-like flowers produced irregularly throughout the yeard with sufficient sun and fertilizer, especially if given free rootrun. Needs full sun to perform; known in Asia as...
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Jatropha hastata [integerrima] compacta
Stock Number: 67399
Fiddle-shaped richly toned foilage on upright shrublet with a constant show of deep rose red flowers in erect clusters as long as good light (full sun if you are as far north as us) is available. Cuban "Peregine" performs well as a container plant. Give bright light and avoid EVER allowing the roots to chill and this w...
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Stock Number: 60386
"Life Plant" or "Mother of Thousands" Plantlets form on the crenulated margins of the liver-green triangular fleshy leaves, spotted reddish-brown; heads of pendant pinkish midwinter blossoms gradually fade to a delicate gray-violet hue. Formerly in the genus Bryophyllum, appropriate as the Latin translates to "sproutin...
Kalanchoe pinnata
Stock Number: 60410
"Air Plant" or "Miracle Leaf" Most famous "Bryophyllum" for each of the ornately notched leaves produce clinging adventitious plantlets along their margins; these plantlets will form even when the mature leaf is wrenched from the stout stems and pinned to a curtain. (And if you remember those ads and drawings in the Su...
Laurus nobilis
Stock Number: 40427
It is quite aromatic beautiful. "Sweet Bay" or "Greek Laurel" Stiff decorative fragrant leaves on erect woody maroon stems make this the ideal "Formally Shaped" shrub candidate. Aromatic leaves are used to flavor food & to yield an essential oil of perfumery and medicine. The plant police will get you if you even a...
Laurus nobilis crispa [undulata]
Stock Number: 41932
"Piecrust Bay Tree" Curious selection with each aromatic deep green slim leathery leaf crimped along the margin. This rare cultivar becomes an absolutely stunning topiary, whether clipped into a wide based cone, a pyramid, or cube; or, limbed up as a sturdy trunk topped with a spherical pompon.
Lippia alba
Stock Number: 43148
Small shrubby tree with dark minutely hairy leaves which, when bruised, give off a stong licorice/anise fragrance. Good container plant for sunny location, easily shaped and sheared to compact shapes and even tolerating temps in the upper 40s mid winter when it produces many tiny Lantana-like heads of blossoms. This im...
Lippia [phyla] dulcis
Stock Number: 41727
The famous "Sweet Herb" known by the Aztec as "Tzopelic Xlhuitl" who used the leaves as a sweetener--just chew the leaf before you take a bite of any fruit or raw vegetable for the sweet sensation! Forms a laterally arching mound studded with many tiny "Lantana" heads with fringes of white Lantana blossoms. We are told...
Manihot esculenta variegata
Stock Number: 66774
Major rarity, the gorgeous "Variegated Tapioca" has deeply lobed leaves with radiating bright yellow central stripes; the heavy tuberous roots are the stuff of cassava and other starch products. Will prefer to go somewhat dormant if kept cool in winter. The second image here shows the plant in mid summer.
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Nashia inaguensis
Stock Number: 42156
Tiny crinkled fleshy leaves, with lovely mint/verbena fragrance, on rigid much-branched twiglets emerging from woody trunks--perfect tropical bonsai for high light; the orange " Bahana Berries" (following petite verbenia-shaped cream flowers) add that distincly vanilla flavor to Moujean tea. Also used in topiary as the...
Ornithogalum tenuifolium
Stock Number: 65616
Very showy glossy surface bulbs topped with sweeps of upright slim lf blades & wands of green flowers used for cutting in tropical gardens. Offsetting clumps soon produce handsome specimens with gradually forming hemispheres of the waxy endlessly offsetting bulbs. Must have full sun to keep the foliage erect.
Oxalis rubra alba [crassipes]
Stock Number: 40694
"Summer Shamrock" Reliably evergreen species with low, soft green fleshy leaves mounding over short succulent stalks which emerge from thick underground tubers; clusters of small white flowers reach their height during summer. Traditional Victorian favorite as a year 'round pot plant demanding full sun to flourish--now...
Passiflora biflora [lunata]
Stock Number: 54413
Called "Guate-Guate" in Panama, this vigorous vine has lovely winged leaves like petite boomerangs and pairs of white blossoms with vanilla-mauve corona filaments.
Passiflora incarnata
Stock Number: 81152
"Hardy Passion Flower" Native with yellow edible fruit following the astoundingly beautiful pale lavender flowers with elaborately fringed pink-purple coronas. Please remember that this emerges from the ground very late in the spring unless situated in a warm courtyard: the local name of "Maypop" accurately refers to i...
Pelargonium graveolens Robers Lemon Rose [hyb]
Stock Number: 40748
Deeply lobed leaves with rich pungent fragrance on vigorously growing plant--try outside for summer bedding.
Pelargonium tomentosum Chocolate Mint
Stock Number: 40792
Hybrid of the "Peppermint Geranium" with deeply lobed intensely fragrant foliage of soft velvet highlighted with center splotch of dark green "chocolate" brown. Vigorous cascading habit perfect in any showy exposed summertime urn or windowbox. Very popular even though must have full sun to thrive: not a houseplant..
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Peperomia clusiifolia [pericattii]
Stock Number: 53543
The dramatic "False Clusia." Thick purplish concave long leaves with purple margins held erect in two ranks by thick stems; the rubbery texture heightened by bright light. A well known West Indies native, yet this is a clone found by Robert Newman in Chinese cultivation. The obvious question: is this used in Chinese me...
Piper auritum
Stock Number: 53502
Extremely aromatic "Root Beer Plant" or "False Sasparilla" Marvelous greenhouse plant with rigidly erect thick bamboo like stems supporting dramatic marvelously soft fragrant leaves. (Nonetheless, some of our customers tell us that they have grown it beautifully in a two gallon pot in their plant room.) These leaves pl...
Piper betel [hort]
Stock Number: 53513
Famous clove flavored "Betel-leaf" stimulant (for wraped aound a betel nut--Areca catechu) from India also used treating diphtheria in Asia; this National Botanic Gardens clone has trailing habit of P. nigra, but with larger glossy heart shaped leaves on slightly folded petioles--very attractive vine easily grown on th...
Piper nigrum [hort]
Stock Number: 53507
"Black Pepper Vine" Small leathery deep green heart leaves on strong vines--the source of commercial peppercorns. Quite easily grown low-light houseplant. Used in Asia also to treat food poisoning, to aid digestion. As with most of the Pipers, as the new leaves unfurl a scrufty surface wax (which protects the tender ne...
Plectranthus amboinicus
Stock Number: 55572
Called "Cuban Oregano" or "indian Borage" for culinary uses in Mexico & West indies, although from SE Asia where its handsome foliage is used to treat bronchitis, asthma, headaches, burns, & scorpion sting; the leaves are used in tea, or to scent your laundry. Certainly the most attractive hanging basket plant ...
Plectranthus amboinicus Ochre Flame
Stock Number: 42354
Arched stems weighed down under the weight of the succulent pelted paired leaves, each with a central pale lime flare on rich avacado green, margined with mint green crenulations; a "Spanish Thyme" with lavender-pink flowers along showy spikes. Used in Caribbean cooking.
Plectranthus amboinicus Variegated
Stock Number: 42086
"Margined Spanish Thyme" or "Indian Borage" Arching stems present showy pairs of fleshy crenate leaves boldly bordered in bright white. New aromatic shoots in tropical culinary use, as "Cuban Oregano"--Astounding as a hanging basket subject; splendid cascading from urns and windowboxes. Excellent for drama in the winte...
Plectranthus Menthol Eucalyptus [Species]
Stock Number: 41711
Short woody stems are completely covered by mounds of thick succulent tiny "scalloped pillow" leaves with hirsuit surface-- giving off very pungent fragrance when brushed. Popular. Probably a form of the Kenyan Plectranthus coeruleus.
Plectranthus Turpentine [marrubioides?]
Stock Number: 41658
Pine scented scalloped furry succulent leaves on thickly furred cascading stems--these stems start out upright but eventually arch under the weight of the fat foliage. Very potent "fragrance."
Pogostemon patchouli [hort]
Stock Number: 41132
This is somewhat seasonal. Attractive coleus-statured species of uncertain nomenclature famous as the source of musky "Patchouli" intensely fragrant mint-sandlewood perfume--the predominent scent of every good rock concert (or do I date myself?). The source of Asian herb preparations for digestion, for snake bite; depr...
Polianthes tuberosa The Pearl
Stock Number: 66905
The fabuously scented "Double Flowered Tuberose" for intense fragrance in your winter greenhouse. Traditional summer bedding plant.
Polygonum odoratum [Persicaria odorata]
Stock Number: 69019
"Thai Basil" A lovely vine (actually winter hardy here if planted next to a warm foundation) with elongated heart shaped leaves beautifully veined. Easily trained on a trellis.
Procris Species
Stock Number: 41055
An Elatostema cousin with short swollen, arched stems with succulent leaves and curious bubble flowerss used in perfumery. Attractive pot herb often in limited quanities--best check availability before ordering this for your greenhouse.
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Stock Number: 65595
"Katdoring" Zig-zagging clamberer with odd sized bunched cladophylls; bunched fls followed by red orange berries much loved by African birds as well as by plant lovers. Excellent houseplant nearly impossible to kill. One of the "Ming Asparagus" developing into fabulous impressive specimens--newly popular as an indoor b...
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