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The Gold Garden

The Gold Garden
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Tradescantia fluminensis aurea
Stock Number: 50542
"Golden Inch Plant" Cascades of bright chartreuse leaves on cascading stems displayed to advantage as a golden addition to windowboxes and hanging baskets. Forms marvelous groundcover--try in as a low surface of glossy lemon ochre under your bed of Impatiens or purple leaved Dahlias to shake up the visuals a bit.
Vanilla planifolia [fragrans] variegata
Stock Number: 40959
Irregular bands of green-gold throughout each glossy succulent leaf closely held to the succulent scandent stems. A most beautiful & vigorous conversation piece of easy house culture--especially if given a moss stuffed pole to gradually climb so that the foliage can be encouraged to create a shingle effect. Handsom...
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Wedelia [sphagneticola] trilobata outenreath Gold
Stock Number: 41716
"Golden Water Zinnia" A remarkable selection of the very popular hanging basket & groundcover "vine" with striking golden-ocher splashes & slashes on every tri-lobed leaf: most impressive when combined with the yellow daisy blossoms Also successful as a groundcover bog plant. This variegated sport was discovere...
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