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The Gold Garden

The Gold Garden
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Trachelospermum asiaticum Ogon Nishiki
Stock Number: 40939
"Gold Heart Korean Jasmine" Shrubby vines with creamy gold centered leathery leaves with red tinted edges and scented ivory flower clusters fading to sulphur yellow in late winter. Originally Rhynchospermum divaricatum. (This information will NOT be on any plant quiz.)
Trachelospermum asiaticum Shirofu-Chirimen
Stock Number: 40945
Miniature selection of the Asian "Japanese Jasmine" sports pairs of tiny oval semi-glossed leathery leaves with pinkish-cream variegation; lovely clumping, shrubby tiny vine. This is extremely extremely slow growing and thus popular for mame. Translates as "White Variegated Crepe Paper"--a long ago distribution from Lo...
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Tradescantia (Rhoeo) bermudensis Sitake's Gold
Stock Number: 58306
Very tidy multiheaded mounds of fleshy thickly overlapping blond hued foliage--each with its distinct stripes of amethyst and champagned green--accented beautifully by the violet blushed underleaf.. Yet another entry into the "Moses in the Bullrushes" tribe--and one of considerable beauty and presence. The habit is lar...
Tradescantia fluminensis aurea
Stock Number: 50542
"Golden Inch Plant" Cascades of bright chartreuse leaves on cascading stems displayed to advantage as a golden addition to windowboxes and hanging baskets. Forms marvelous groundcover--try in as a low surface of glossy lemon ochre under your bed of Impatiens or purple leaved Dahlias to shake up the visuals a bit.
Vanilla planifolia [fragrans] variegata
Stock Number: 40959
Irregular bands of green-gold throughout each glossy succulent leaf closely held to the succulent scandent stems. A most beautiful & vigorous conversation piece of easy house culture--especially if given a moss stuffed pole to gradually climb so that the foliage can be encouraged to create a shingle effect. Handsom...
Wedelia [sphagneticola] trilobata outenreath Gold
Stock Number: 41716
"Golden Water Zinnia" A remarkable selection of the very popular hanging basket & groundcover "vine" with striking golden-ocher splashes & slashes on every tri-lobed leaf: most impressive when combined with the yellow daisy blossoms Also successful as a groundcover bog plant. This variegated sport was discovere...
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