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Iris versicolor Gerald Darby
Stock Number: 80794
Odd selection of "Poison Flag" or "Wild Blue Flag". Glaucous three foot tall leaf fans emerge a deep purple black in the cold spring bog water (semi aquatic); the deep violet hued Iris blossoms are designed in yellow and lime. Impressive, causing a minor sensation here each early spring as the dramatic new foliage's em...
Jasminum beesianum
Stock Number: 42025
"Rose Jasmine" from Western China. Zone 7 willowy shrub to clambering vine (depending on where you site it) with pairs of sharply pointed lance leaves and dark rose pink fragrant blossoms. Must have full sunlight to perform well. Our stock plants have happily lived outdoors in an exposed coldframe for many years, bloom...
Jasminum nudiflorum
Stock Number: 40418
"Hardy Chinese Jasmine" Yellow odorless tubular blossoms on rush like twigs of this dull polished three-part leaved shrub from late winter on through March. "Pinwheel Jasmine" is hardy here, typically starting the long bloom period mid February unless the winter has been quite harsh. Late winter visitors to the outdoor...
Juncus inflexus Alfro
Stock Number: 89159
Wildly clumping "Blue Curly Rush" forms a twisted 1 1/2 foot mound of tough cylindrical powderly lilac blue toned blades spiraling and twisting into a major bad hair day.  Sometimes even Z5 hardy, this thrives in a sunny bog yet also performs well in a container.
Juncus patens Carmens' Gray
Stock Number: 54523
Stout erect stems topped with toppling explosions of grassy short bronzy decorative seedheads; compact aquatic for full sun pools; good in undrained pots where its stiff tightly packed foliage forms a rigid vase shape to great advantage.
Juniperus chinensis Blue Point Variegated
Stock Number: 70241
Thick irregularly conical form with white patches strewn among the rich blue-gray foliage. Probably a West Coast name for J.c. 'Stricata Variegata.' Excellent mid-west performer. May not perform as well in the deep south.
Juniperus communis Gold Cone
Stock Number: 70991
Very dense, bright gold foliage on columnar shrub. One of the few successful golden fastigate conifers with tight attractive bright yellow foliage for our type climate.
Juniperus communis suecica Pencil Point
Stock Number: 70248
"Swedish Juniper" Tightly compressed column with just slightly nodding branch-tips of bluish-green prickly leaves. Scandanavian native--so this dramatic exclamation point in your garden can survive even the coldest winter blasts. Very narrow visually dramatic selection from Sheridan's Nursery originally introduced as J...
Out of Stock
Juniperus horizontalis Limeglow
Stock Number: 71139
Beautiful very showy coppery ochre winter coloration on the extremely congested upright blunt foliage of this gradually spreading, low growing selection with upright turned stem tips--very perky habit emphasized especially with the bright acid yellow new spring growth. Oddly, it is bright acid yellow in the spring and ...
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Juniperus media Blue And Gold
Stock Number: 71470
Beautiful arching fine sprays of bluish foliage richly splashed with golden-cream variegation--why this is not widely available in the nursery trade remains a mystery to us. Excellent form, wider than high with best color during the winter (when it can also shine as a stunning addition to your Christmas wreath). Oddly,...
Juniperus media Saybrook Gold
Stock Number: 70289
Intense golden foliage throughout the winter-compact.  Now considered a bright yellow sport of Juniperus chinensis.
Juniperus procumbens Kiyomi
Stock Number: 70828
Selected form of 'Nana' --In Japanese tradition, the preferred form for bonsai as this cultivar has more bunched needles, slightly upright angled growing tips and an innate love for better living through containerization. Tolerates, even demands a sunny quite exposed site when located in the rock garden.
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Juniperus procumbens nana
Stock Number: 70271
Low dense stems with very dense attractive foliage; a basic choice for outdoor carpet groundcover, a cascade over a wall or from a container, or for very basic bonsai training (typically, this is the one in your grocery store which just arrived with concrete poured over it to keep it from slipping out of its cheap bons...
Juniperus scopulorum Moonglow
Stock Number: 70229
Upright columns of silvery blue foliage.  Best in an exposed site with excellent air movement.
Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet
Stock Number: 70510
Densely branched flat foliage with blue-gray needles of J.s. "Meyeri' from which this is a sport. "Single-seed Juniper." Fantastic violet tones emerge with winter chill.
Juniperus squamata Holger
Stock Number: 70284
Bluish dense foliage accented by yellow-colored new growth. Alleged to be Holger Jensen's hybrid of J. squamata with J. 'Pfitzeriana Aurea.' Beautiful open vase shape; good topaz blushed winter color. The two toned colors of spring always illicit comment from visiting gardeners.
Juniperus virginiana Poyo ['Royo'?]
Stock Number: 70983
A spreading bluish form of "Red Cedar" with lacy intricate foliage: beautiful silver winter color. Very silver platinum ferny effect if given full sun. Nomenclature still in limbo!  This is the most consistently bright silvery cultivar of any Jumiper for our SE Ohio climate.
Stock Number: 81790
Short erect stems, cloaked with serrated creamy yellow edged leaves, are topped with many delicate lavender pink daisies in the fall.  Native of Mongolia
Ligustrum Lemon and Lime
Stock Number: 72840
Lovely shrublet of uncertain origin quickly self branching to form a wide (yet petite in appearance) outline of tiny glossy leaves with crimped wavy edges nicely variegated. Should be a valuable new candidate for bonsai. Keeps color well and trims well.
Ligustrum obtusifolium Stardust
Stock Number: 71339
Recently imported "Spckled Privet" from Japan quickly forms a thickly interlaced twiggy shrub heavily covered with small oblong leaves richly sprinkled with white; short clusters of fragrant flowers. Originally offered as a L. sinense cultivar.
Ligustrum sinense variegatum
Stock Number: 70301
"Marbled Privet" Shrub with oblong leaves richly mottled slate green, ochre, pink, & green--deciduous in frost areas. When maintained as house/greenhouse subject has dusty gray-blue winter leaves with remarkably contrasted ivory-yellow margins.
Ligustrum vulgare Male Clone
Stock Number: 71147
"Sterile Privet" a selection with tiny round leaves fused to the rigidly erect woody stems, making this a natural for a ball topped topiary and newly discovered by the bonsai crowd. Non flowering dwarf-- NCSU's L. japonicum 'Korea Dwarf'
Lonicera fragrantissima [hort]
Stock Number: 72838
Wonderful "Winter Honeysuckle" with creamy white December to March blossoms (time depending on temperature range) followed by dull red fruit of value in Chinese medicine. Open habit of dull glabrous obovate leaves. Can be slow to establish. We thank Cindy Riviere of Plant It Herbs for sharing this with us.
Out of Stock
Lonicera nitida Baggesen's Gold
Stock Number: 40444
In bright light the tiny ranks of new leaves of this "Prostrate Honeysuckle" remain blond-gold; brilliant against deeper green older foliage of this arching small shrub--wonderful when sheared. Traditional subject for the amateur bonsaist. In cool winter conditions the foliage turns plum purple.
Lonicera nitida Red Tips
Stock Number: 89181
"Red Prostrate Honeysuckle" Handsome out arched woody stems with endless herringbone stems each ranked with tiny red bronze leaves gradually turning deep green as they mature. Plum purple tones during winter chill. Great planted with with gold leaved plants.  Very popular bonsai subject.
Stock Number: 71728
The shrubby vine also known as ' Dutch Honeysuckle '  has sections with richly fragrant tubular dark rose purple flowers with pink centers, in clusters followed by red berries used in Eurpoean folk medicine- but it needs to be treated before consumed.
Lonicera yunnanensis Pat's Variegated
Stock Number: 71480
Pat McCracken's selection of this tidy SW Chinese shrub "Honeysuckle" with each pert lf rimmed white. Should be most popular for bonsai lovers. Larger and sturdier than Lonicera nitida 'Silver Beauty'
Lysimachia clethroides
Stock Number: 80304
"Gooseneck Loosestrife" Soft leaves cloak erect stems topped with curving racemes of small white flowers giving this a marvelously antique quality.  Invasive in wet conditions.
Lysimachia nummularia aurea
Stock Number: 80013
"Golden Moneywort" Prostrate rooting stems with coin-shaped golden leaves; If wintered, produces yellow "Creeping Jennie" primrose flowers. Popular as bold golden groundcover outside or hanging baskets indoors. "Lloydiella"
Lysimachia procumbens aurea
Stock Number: 88585
An excellent subtropical "Golden Nosegay" selection with the clusters of bright yellow flowers highlighting the muted golden foliage of this procumbent half hardy perennial; NOT the patented yellow margined form.
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