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Hedera helix Thorndale
Stock Number: 41860
Lustrous large deep green leaves--popular outdoor groundcover. Best choice for a groundcover or wall cover in our climate, maintaining a deep rich color (purple tones often appear with chill) all winter with very minor wind burn. Indeed, customers in Alaska report that it remains evergreen even there if protected suffi...
Hedera helix Zebra
Stock Number: 66732
Stout stems hold thick textured glaucous green cupped leaves liberally streaked with cream. Although a bit reluctant to self-branch, still a dramatic cascading very variegated choice for a hanging basket indoors; furthermore, this dramatic heavily textured showoff has been quite winter tolerant outdoors for us for the ...
Hedera pastuchovii
Stock Number: 41403
Distinctive Ivy with beautiful black-green glossy elongate (often rather hastate) leaves. Very popular with serious plant collectors with a more botanic than horticultural bend. Native to limestone cliffs of the Caspian forests in Asia--but definitely not winter hardy in our part of the Ohio River Valley. We offer this...
Stock Number: 88869
Large clumps of parchment white foliage with an arresting mosaic of bright mint gren veins.  Plus many showy golden daisy flowers produced for several summer months.  Needs full sun and even moisture.  Beward of slug destruction.
Stock Number: 81125
Deep green evergreen serrated leaves compliment the strawberry rose freckled double white blossom which are some three inches across;  Doubles persist longer than single flowers.  A Chriss Hansen hybrid.
Hemerocallis altissima
Stock Number: 81366
"Chinese Daylily" Very tall six foot stalks present modest rusty yellow flowers with a distinct pastel umber zone on each slim petal; somewhat fragrant at night--blooms into September. Distinct species. [We offer hybrids at the nursery--especially dwarf rebloomers]
Hemerocallis Doubloon
Stock Number: 65693
Golden yellow semi-double flowers. Reliable older variety which we always keep around. This always blooms and always grows well. It has a long blooming period.
Heptacodium miconioides [jasminoides]
Stock Number: 70817
Rare honeysuckle relative with jasmine-like fragrant flowers in August to late September. Seed capsules are pink bronze and quite lovely. Native to Chekiang Province in China at 3,000 feet. It will grow to 18 feet. Introduced in 1980. Wonderful exfoliating bark is especially wonderful to view during the winter. Thus tr...
Stock Number: 89142
Each tiny coppery tinged leaf of this 'Rupture wort' selection is margined in ivory white, thus producing a lovely prostrate carpet for rockery, trough gardens, or between stepping stones.  Very minute white flowers .  pp15989
Hibiscus Lohengrin [hyb]
Stock Number: 41886
[H. paramutabilis x syriacus] Dark green maple-like leaves on woody shrubs blooming from July to frost with pure white flowers with wide carmine eye. Makes a handsome full shrub (with ambitions to become a hibiscus tree as stems are typically not damaged even in sub-zero winters) in our climate with longest blooming se...
Hibiscus syriacus hillis Variegated Miss Jilene ppaf
Stock Number: 72800
"Miss Jilene Rose of Sharon" A fabulous introduction from Hillis Nursery in McMinnville. Elongated deeply lobed leaves are broadly margined bright white, perfect with the white Hibiscus blossoms with their carmine eyes. Plant Patent Applied For.
Hibiscus syriacus purpuratus variegatus
Stock Number: 71196
White bordered foliage; double red-maroon blossoms never quite open completely, remaining very dark "Chocolate Bonbons" to give a very unique appearance. From UNCR distribution; not vigorous, but certainly a curiosity
Out of Stock
Hibiscus syriacus White With Scarlet Eye
Stock Number: 41767
This selection of "Rose of Sharon" sports unusually large frilly white flowers with very dramatic scarlet red centers. Heavy bloomer, vigorous grower. A random seedling here which outperforms the named cultivars (such as 'Helene') without fail every season.
Hibiscus syriacus Woodbridge
Stock Number: 70945
"Rose of Sharon" selection with rich deep rose red flowers accented with crimson eyes. Very distinct color.
Hibiscus Tosca (hyb)
Stock Number: 70789
(paramutabilis x syriacus); Ruffled orchid to magenta flowers (much larger than its "Rose of Sharon" parent) with dramatic carmine eye; blooming heavily on dark foliaged woody shrub until frost--this Jim Snyder selection often emerges in very chill springs with faintly variegated leaves.
Stock Number: 80236
Vigorous Chris Hansen hybrid noted for the heart shaped deep green margined leaves, each with a central pale gold coloration blending to a larger bright ivory center norable for not fading as the summer progresses.  Elegant white scapes present dangling, violet flowers in mid season.  Matures at a 2 foot plus...
Hosta Teaspoon
Stock Number: 65690
Compact gem from Frank Kyikos: tightly held bright rounded lime leaves, quite corrugated and cupped, held on elongated petioles. In good light and exposure the 3" to 4" long leaves form a rosette perfect in troughs.
Houttuynia cordata Chameleon [variegata]
Stock Number: 80245
"Cameleon Plant" Branched stems with leaves of pink, yellow, ochre, and violet--as well as bronze-red if grown in sun; modest white-bracted flower spikes. Outstanding foot tall ornamental perennial. Orange-scented Asian herb which is extremely invasive if situated in an area with moist soil and full sun.
Houttuynia cordata Mahogany
Stock Number: 80246
Ivory-bracted flowers over deeply toned highly pungent purplish mahogany blushed heart-like foliage--these spicy leaves are much prized in Asian cooking as 'Doku-dami' and 'Giap ca' for orange-coriander aroma.
Humulus lupulus aureus
Stock Number: 71486
"Golden Hops" Brilliantly foliaged vine belonging to the Cannabaceae; winter hardy for us--but remember to be patient as this is very late to emerge in the spring. This is the clone from the U.S. Botanic Garden.
Out of Stock
Hydrangea quercifolia Ruby Slippers
Stock Number: 73891
The plentiful flower heads start out ivory toned but soon change to a deep rosy color.  This short statured 'Oak leaf Hydrangea" stays compact (very slowly reaching 3 feet eventually) and provides rick fall bronze red foliage to your garden.  A USNA cross of ' Snow Queen" with "PeeWee" which is quickly gainin...
Hydrangea quercifolia Sikes Dwarf
Stock Number: 71555
Dwarf form of our excellent "Oak Leaf Hydrangea" easily grown even in dryish shade; however, in a happier setting, this stout many-branched shrub will display thick clusters of fading blossoms over decorative colorful foliage.
Out of Stock
Hydrangea serrata Golden Sunlight ppap
Stock Number: 72799
"Variegated Korean Hydrangea" Woody purple stained stems are cloaked with yellow sawtooth leaves gradually aging to pale chartreuse, then aqua green. If not winter damaged these stalks are topped with summer clusters of dark pink blossoms. Considered Z6 winter hardy; however, a severe winter can damage the tops of the ...
Hydrocotyle sieboldii crystal confetti
Stock Number: 88576
Remarkably beautiful VERY low growing "White Edged Navelwort" with every tiny serrated kidney leaf brightly margined. A winning new groundcover for which a round of applause for Barry Yinger is richly due. While newly popular as cascading "vine" for hanging baskets and windowboxes, giving a lacy gold and cream froth ef...
Ilex crenata Golden Gem
Stock Number: 70742
Lovely new selection of "Golden Holly" with cheerful yellow glossy leathery small oval leaves thickly set on much-branched congested stems; marvelous low spreading habit makes this perfect small broadleaf evergreen shrub. Highly recommended for golden summer color followed by coppery winter tones.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 41921
Arching short canes cloaked with very wide two foot long tesselate blades with serrate rims.  This is the pleated leaved Chinese "Tea Wrapper Bamboo" known also in the bonsai world as "Tsutsumi ocha-zasa."
Iris pallida aureo-variegata
Stock Number: 80256
"Gold Variegated Orris Root" Cream-yellow banded leaves--quite typically margined inner side only; with grape scented lilac blue blossoms. Keep perfectly drained and expect the striking foliage to be summer dormant in hot climates.
Out of Stock
Iris pallida variegata
Stock Number: 80255
"Variegated Orris Root" Cream-ivory banded leaves--quite typically white margined inner side only; with grape scented lilac blue blossoms. Keep perfectly drained and expect the striking foliage to be summer dormant in hot climates.
Out of Stock
Iris pseudacorus citrina [hort]
Stock Number: 88501
Seedlings of this pale pastel lemon form of the ever popular vigorous "Yellow Flag" which is happiest in bog conditions, or even on the pool's edge.
Iris pseudoacorus variegata
Stock Number: 80257
Strong erect fans of sword-leaves emerge blond-yellow in spring and gradually fade to green; abundant yellow fleur-de-lis blossoms; striking by poolside, but tolerates drier areas.
Out of Stock
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