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Erysimum linifolium variegatum
Stock Number: 80476
"Variegated Wallflower" Short stems completely covered with arched fountain of narrow evergreen leaves margined in bright white; Spanish species with violet mauve flowers fading to soft old rose, then amber. Perfect for rockery or border--but not reliably hardy in winters beyond our Zone 6b; nonetheless an even more de...
Euonymus fortunei Harlequin
Stock Number: 70629
Very striking cultivar released by Brookside Gardens as #1453 with a clambering or prostrate habit; often white-striped stems are lined with narrow leathery scalloped leaves speckled bright creamy white. Yinger's name for this remarkably variegated Suzuki Nursery plant.
Euonymus fortunei minima [kewensis]
Stock Number: 70176
Spreading mat of small prostrate stems lined with leathery oval leaves seldom longer than a half inch. Very attractive as evergreen groundcover or bonsai base; effective in moss topiary as well. We will need lead time to finish this if you order in quite large numbers.
Euonymus fortunei variegata [hort]
Stock Number: 70178
"Golden Euonymus" Clambering shrub with brilliantly golden edged spring foliage fading to yellow-ochre.
Euonymus fortunei Wolong Ghost
Stock Number: 72759
Outreaching rose blushed stems rigidly studded with pairs of slim deep green leathery leaves with bright white veins creating a visual mosaic. Slow to establish introduction from Dan Hinkley who found it at the Wolong Nautre Preserve in 1996.
Euonymus japonica microphylla Ken's Flame
Stock Number: 70179
Clusters of erect very small statured stems ranked with small leathery leaves, each with a bright ochre central flame. Selected here at Glasshouse Works; but not reliably winter hardy here.
Euonymus japonica microphylla rykujo
Stock Number: 71451
Very tiny columns of ranked overlapping tinsy leathery leaves form tightly congested multi-towered vegetable fairy castles in perfect scale for ladybug soldiers to man the rampards; still unrivaled for the especially small exquisite trough or bonsai pot mame subject. (Difficult: do not allow to dry out completely--ther...
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Eupatorium (ageratina) aromaticum Jocius' variegate
Stock Number: 81827
New "Smaller White Snakeroot" selection of John Jocius with leaves brilliantly frosted creamy white, a perfect combination with the flat-topped clusters (like "Boneset") of fuzzy white Ageratum-like blossoms; neither aromatic nor toxic; customers have claimed to observe over six species of butterflies visiting this at ...
Eupatorium fortunei Pink Frost
Stock Number: 71731
Strong stems over two feet tall form bushy mounds of blackish green leaves, each margined bright white, fading to antique gold.  Very winter hardy species with lovely clusters of rich pink fall blossoms good as cut flowers.  Prefers a moist location.
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Stock Number: 67780
The pale green plumy needle-leaved species is commonly found invading sunny herb gardens with rocky soil; this cultivar emerges with very bright purple red foliage, fading to dusky coppery green; tipped with clusters of ochre flowers fading to orange oatmeal tones. Lends a soft violet hued feathery effect to a too sunn...
Euphorbia myrsinites
Stock Number: 80163
The visually arresting "Myrtle Spurge" forms a center (non-creeping) from which emerge thick stems bending under their wrapped spirals of rigid bluish leaves and ending with clusters of ocher flower heads.  This "Donkey tail Spurge" must have an exposed perfectly drained site with poor gravelish soil to be reliabl...
Euphorbia polychroma [epithymoides]
Stock Number: 88357
The reliable ' Golden Spurge' forms a tidy  foot tll hemisphere of glaucous green foliage topped with open clusters of lime yellow flowers in late spring.  It thrives in a dry bright spot where other perennials fail.
Fagopyrum dibotrys variegatum
Stock Number: 89105
A startlingly beautiful "Mottled Arrowheart" Persicaria cousin with jointed stems clasped by very tastefully showy golden marbled elongated heart leaves; perfect in containers, the open bed, or marginal pool plantings. White pearly flowers in late fall add another level of interest to an already charming plant. Try gro...
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 81795
A cold tolerant selection of the common "Edible Fig" shrubs.  Attractively lobed foliage on strong woody stems.
Ficus carica Mottled Stem
Stock Number: 40272
"Edible Fig" This does not maintain good variegation on the leaves. The first three pictures are of this plant. This selection is the traditional famous Japanese clone with striped stems on new growth and initially mottled leaves soon fading to green. Used in Asia as a laxative and as a wart remover; a traditional frui...
Filipendula ulmaria aurea
Stock Number: 81124
"Golden Meadowsweet" Golden yellow divided foliage. Foliage stays gold in full sun if the roots are ALWAYS WET; if they dry out all foliage becomes marked brown; so best to plant in high shade.
Filipendula ulmaria aureo-variegata
Stock Number: 80172
Variegated cultivar of "Queen-of-the-Meadow" Clumps of serrate, jagged leaves with gold flames; plumes of white flowers. Although tolerating even full sun if given adequate moisture, this royalty achieves its best form in high shade with your Hostas.
Out of Stock
Forsythia Fiesta
Stock Number: 71233
Each thick leaf flaunts a rich golden flame-patterned center so that the heavily foliaged arching stems appear to be in bloom all summer, long after the early major show of thickly clustered acid yellow blossoms. Maintaining a rounded compact outline, this excellent shrub is lacking the open, somewhat irregular outline...
Forsythia intermedia Golden Leaf
Stock Number: 70889
Emerging acid lime-colored leaves turn a bright gold as they harden; best summer color in partial shade. Distributed by Arnold Arboretum.
Forsythia intermedia Golden Times
Stock Number: 71726
After the early show of primrose yellow flowers in their multitudes, lovely golden bordered foliage emerges for full season interest. Very bold easily grown cultivar--we consider this the best and least demanding of the brightly variegated clones--the golden variegation is so bright that visitors mistake this (viewed f...
Forsythia intermedia Spring Glory variegata
Stock Number: 70188
Random yellow to creamy lime variegation on foliage; hybrid of F. suspensa x viridissima with profuse large yellow flowers, thus called "Variegated Golden Bells." Can reach 10 feet. Very vigorous; but because of  this shrub's somewhat irregular outline, is seldom available in the nursery trade.
Forsythia intermedia tremonii [hyb]
Stock Number: 70774
Beautiful deep green leaves elaborately serrated to resemble flames, on stems reaching 10' covered with unique pastel yellow blossoms early spring if has not already put on its big display early December (in our climate). Distinctive lacy appearing foliage adds texture to any shrub grouping.
Forsythia viridissima koreana Kumson
Stock Number: 71458
"Gold Vein Forsythia" Upright deeply arching stems (typically topping out at five feet) not only present a great pastel golden flowered display early spring but continue to impress with each dark green leaf richly patterned with a bright pewter gold vein network. Fabulous. This one lives up to its photos: to see its mo...
Fragaria vesca albo-variegata
Stock Number: 80174
Cultivar of woodlands "Sow-teat Strawberry" with deep green leaves margined white; white fowers followed by small pale fruit. Emerald foliage develops crimson blush during winter. Great plant for the variegation fanatic.  While winter hardy, will perform in the winter greenhouse.
Geranium dalmaticum x macrorrhizum biokovo
Stock Number: 81721
Deeply scalloped tidy leaves with sheen, red toned in fall; clear bright pink flowers with lilac blush. Cantabrigiense does indicate dalmaticum x macrorrhizum parentage--a guarantee to flourish in most garden conditions. Woody much-branched stems, thus excellent rockery or trough plant as well--tolerant of severe expos...
Stock Number: 81965
Dusky deep plum toned leaves, deeply incised form rich low mounds topped with violet blue blossoms.
Out of Stock
Gingko biloba
Stock Number: 71338
Unsexed seedlings of the reliable "Maidenhair Tree" Notched fishtail leaves now munched to maintain memory--although with mixed results. Good initial bonsai subject for the novice as is far more forgiving of a few hours of neglect than a Maple. Popular as a city street tree because it can tolerate major air pollution. ...
Stock Number: 71705
Each leaflet emerges folded into a fingered trumpet in the spring.  Late summer foliage may emerge less folded.
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Glyceria maxima variegata
Stock Number: 80184
"Manna Grass" Semi-aquatic carpeting grass with strikingly cream striped foliage blades, taking on bronzy pink tints in the fall; thrives in any moist rich area, but performs best as a bog subject. We are reintroducing this in the 2013 SEASON. We recommend.
Hakonechloa macra Sun Flare
Stock Number: 70499
Low growing vigorous thickly foliaged clumps of glowing gold wide bladed foliage.  This tidy rounded mounf cultivar is sought after for its deeply orange and rick burgandy coloring grought on by cool fall temeratures.  Introduced by Hark Away Botanicals, pp 27734
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