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Cotinus Grace
Stock Number: 71497
Fabulous glaucous lilac toned foliage topped with large plumes of "Smokebush" flowers--very sophisticated colors. Peter Drummer's cross of obovatus X coggygri 'Velvet Cloak'.  Certainly one of the most admired shrubs in our established gardens.
Cotinus obovatus [americanus]
Stock Number: 71443
"Chittamwood" Our handsome native giant shrub noted for its clean foliage turning into brilliant fall colors, but even more for its showy misty inflorescence considered much more dramatic than that of its Asian kin. Tolerates very exposed positions and poor soil. Often in short supply; please inquire before ordering.
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Cotoneaster microphyllus thymifolius
Stock Number: 70132
"Little-Leaf Cotoneaster" Dwarf shrub with rigid branches covered with tiny quilled deep green glossy leaves; white flowers from pink buds followed by red berries. Much valued in rock gardens, troughs, and bonsai. From Nepal, was described in old books as 'Linearifolius'.  A new favorite in winter hardy Fairy Gard...
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Cotoneaster procumbens Strieb's Findling
Stock Number: 70130
"Bonsai Rockspray" Glossy contorted prostrate branches form bonsai shapes. In a rockery or by walls will conform to the contours it encounters.A prostrate selection from Germany, 'Strieb's Findling' will provide an unusual accent to your garden. This very low growing plant with tiny green leaves appears to cling tightl...
Crocosmia George Davidson
Stock Number: 83232
Cheerful canary yellow flowers on strong wands; rapidly offsets to form a small statured clump of cheerful gladiola like foliage with many blossoms if given full sun and good fertilizer. Dependable and showy.
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Crocosmia Lucifer [hyb]
Stock Number: 81578
Erect spear leaves perfectly foil the arched stems lined with bright red flowers--still the most reliable for a major eruption of scarlet in your garden beds; this is not a subtle addition to your display beds. Totally winter hardy for us.
Crocosmia Star Of The East [hyb]
Stock Number: 88929
Dark tall pleated foliage topped with strong wands lined with terra-cotta buds opening into large starshaped wide brilliant tangerine orange flowers with deep cream eyes; by far the most dramatic and largest we grow; this 1912 George Davidson hybrid more properly is x crosmiiflora! Slow to offset, so always in limited ...
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Cryptomeria japonica araucarioides
Stock Number: 70147
Thick bowed dark needles on spreading, nodding branches on broad irregular shrub. May be same as 'Enko-sugi' as develops the same type of whipcord limbs which, in our type climate, always turn a decided tannish brown during the winter months to the possible dismay of those on winter tours of your garden.
Cryptomeria japonica radicans
Stock Number: 70952
Vigorous dense-crowned tree with mast-like trunks; variety name describes branches' easy rooting ability when they touch the ground. (This is in no way a laterally oriented cultivar.) Important in Japanese timber industry. Tolerates considerable exposure in midwestern winters, unlike most cultivars, although developing...
Cryptotaenia japonica atropurpurea
Stock Number: 88829
Very handsome "trendy" perennial especially helpful by lending a dusky rich purple foliage foil to a gold & white Hosta planting. "Purple Japanese Celery" is also successful as a bog plant, the rather oddly formed buff pink blushed white flower sprays (nearly umbels) appear late summer--every butterfly in your gard...
Cyrtomium caryotideum
Stock Number: 10240
"Clean Holly Fern." Sharply outlined holly shaped pinnae are closely layered on the short curved fronds' distinctive verdant green dull sheen also distinguishes this beautiful species native from Sri Lanka to Japan. Good container plant. Certainly a subtropical garden worthy fern in the South as will tolerate considera...
Cyrtomium falcatum rochefordianum
Stock Number: 10242
Long-lived Asian "Holly Fern" with dark leathery fronds with pinnae strongly fringed and toothed. Very reliable container subject as long as kept evenly moist. Not reliably winter hardy here if weather is severe for an extended period, yet considered and declared to be zone 6 hardy in many reference books. Our clone ha...
Dendranthema Hillside Pink
Stock Number: 83113
While often a star in the hobby greenhouse in late fall, it is also very hardy in our climate. Excellently densely foliaged "Sheffield Mum" with beguiling single soft pink single flowers during late fall--and thus often grown in the hobby greenhouse in northern climes. Very winter hardy and pest free in our climate.
Dendranthema [chrysanthemum] Firechief [hyb]
Stock Number: 61701
Shamelessly dramatic "Cascade Mum" for brilliant late Fall displays with much terminal branching to present the cluster of scarlet red flowers, each with a showy bronzy yellow center. Very vigorous--loved by topiary and bonsai fanciers. While winter hardy outdoors here, the very late blooming date deems this a potplant...
Dianthus barbatus nigrescens Black Adder
Stock Number: 80553
Widening clumps of purplish toned tidy foliage are the perfect foil for the 12" stems topped with "Sweet Williams" clusters of purple-black flowers.  A must for any trendy "Black Garen".
Out of Stock
Dianthus deltoides Flashing Lights
Stock Number: 80504
"Red Maiden Pinks" Reddish, dark mat of evergreen foliage is graced in early summer with glowing crimson flowers. Hardy in Zones 3-9. Newly reintroduced in 2012. Great garden specimen.
Dianthus First Love [hyb]
Stock Number: 80761
The "Everblooming Pink" tagline indicates its considerable success as a winter greenhouse performer (and now it is also newly discovered by designers of patio container combinations) as this fastigate cultivar does not languish in summer heat like many of its carnation cousins; nonetheless, when tried in outdoor beds, ...
Dryopteris filix-mas linearis polydactyla
Stock Number: 11568
"Many-fingered Male Fern" Elongated pinnae with wild tip crests; heavily textured vase shaped plant evergreen in mild winters. We are offering this with a discount for the spring/summer period. We have nice plants at this time. It is sometimes listed as "Dryopteris filix-mas cristata King Fern" and "Dryopteris affinis ...
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Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Stock Number: 89220
Rich basal foliage topped with many "Condflowers" of deep purple, magenta, orange and eggshell white.  Unusually vigorous.
Eleutheroccus sieboldianus variegatus
Stock Number: 71521
Slim woody branched "Variegated Fiveleaf Aralia" with white splashed foliage and modest umbels of white flowers.  Formerly offered as an Acanthopanax.  This shrub adds a tropical tone to the garden.
Ephedra regeliana
Stock Number: 73831
"Vining Ephedra." Small plant up to 10 cm tall, with woody stem; branchlets striate, smooth slender. Male strobili 2-3 whorled ;flowers 4-8; bracts orbicular, connate; staminate column exserted; anthers 5-8; female strobili solitary; flowers 1-2 ; tubillus 1.5 mm long, straight. Berry globose, red.
Epimedium perralderianum Frohnleiten
Stock Number: 81101
Orange-bronze flowers quite showy for such a small size. Algerian parent with spiny-toothed leaves (only once ternate, unlike pinnatum) which retain very beautiful tones most winters, given high shade and no windburn, in our climate. Heinz Klose's hybrid with pinnatum ssp. colchicum. Evergreen "Fairy Wings" slowly spre...
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Epimedium versicolor neo sulphureum [hyb]
Stock Number: 83145
Emerging evergreen foliage is bronzy; pale yellow flowers held well above the foliage. 'Sulphureum' has somewhat doubled yellow "Barberry like" downturned blossoms.
Equisetum arvense
Stock Number: 41589
"Skirted Horsetail" Clumps of foot tall hollow stems with each joint sprouting a whorl of elegant weeping stemlets; deciduous herb hardy in Z6 outside, spreading in sandy sun drenched locations. After a marvelous spring display, starts to disappear in the summer heat, often dormant/deciduous during all of late summer. ...
Out of Stock
Equisetum diffusum
Stock Number: 40246
"Tropical Horsetail" Soft gray green central stems form a tiny bamboo-like thicket: each central stem, with delicately nodding tip, is ringed with skirts of lateral stemlets to create intricate patterns; marvelous pot plant. Will survive some winters in our zone if the ground barely freezes, but best grown as a cool gr...
Stock Number: 41590
A natural hybrid of E. hyemale with E. Laevigalum collected in Story Country, Iowa.  This "Scouring Rush" forms thick clumps with stalks tending to bend in random directions.
Equisetum hyemale
Stock Number: 40247
"Horsetail" Clumps of grooved green reed-like maroon-ringed stems bear conelike sporing structures at tips; high silica content makes them "Scouring Rushes" for pots. Their extreme vertical aspect makes them a decorative must for shallow pool/bog designs; while their primitive aspect makes them a favorite in very conte...
Equisetum scirpoides contorta
Stock Number: 40248
"Dwarf Scouring Rush" Tangled low mat of very dwarf twisted bright green wiry stalks; needs semi-aquatic conditions. Odd form small enough for terrariums; darling in troughs.
Equisetum triseriale
Stock Number: 40249
Low growing colonies of bright green erect 2" to 4" wiry wands; this is similar to E. variegatum, but the finer, less rigid stems which form lovely interlaced mats are a far brighter green fall color than E. variegatum. Lovely in pots or borders; a true visual gem (with ease of culture--full light and moist feet) for t...
Erianthus Ravenae
Stock Number: 88715
Highly ornamental ' Plum Grass'  with white ribbed narrow blades reaching heighths of four feet topped with showy purple hued panicles. Very impressixe and non invasive; now this "Hardy Pompas Grass" is being reclassified as a Saccharun for Zone 5.
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