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Tradescantia andersoniana Sweet Kate
Stock Number: 80572
"Blue & Gold Spiderwort" Grassy golden leaves (shading to bright lime if planted in shade) on succulent stalks; deep pure blue flowers opening early each morning.
Tradescantia Blushing Maid (Bride)
Stock Number: 61723
Now mostly marked as "Blushing Bride." Charming short vine with white variegated central petiole and leaf which emerge pink and fade to white. Great hanging basket and great new variegated pot plant with best coloring during the cooler periods of the seasons; most likely will prove to be winter hardy in the deep south,...
Trough Miniatures Collection
Stock Number: 99106
We will send groundcovers, compact rosette tuffets, and even some very dwarf shrubs perfect for your trough design. We can select from Achillea, Ajuga, Allium, Arabis, Armeria, Artemesia, Buxus, Cheilanthes, Dianthus, dwarf Equisetum, Euonymous, Hieracium, dwarf Hosta, Lychnis, miniature Pennisetum, Petrorhagia, Phlox,...
Typha angustifolia [hort]
Stock Number: 80458
Very slim tall elegant strap leaves with long slim (and typically segmented) "Cattails;" edible root and shoots; pollen used in porridge (so you never need to miss breakfast if this is in your pond). The marvelously tubby fat little catkins are ever so perfect in dried arrangements.
Typha latifolia variegata
Stock Number: 80455
"Variegated Cattail" Elegant erect leaves striped in ivory in this cultivar which flourishes only when slightly submerged in water in full sun; as brown-black spikes have naked segments occasionally, this may be Typha angustifolia. Sent freshly dug.
Stock Number: 80457
Very slim leaves usually a foot tall; tiny fat "cattails." Mature late summer. Treat as an aquatic or bog plants.
Typhonium venosum [guttatum]
Stock Number: 30684
"Voo Doo Bulb" Sauromatum venosum's correct name: in late winter the elongated dark brown spadix emerges from the fat bulb, opening to reveal its maroon spoted interior and the slim blackish spadix whose fetid fragrance is beloved of flies. After a few days this bloom collapses--you will have probably collapsed somewha...
Out of Stock
Verbascum phoeniceum album
Stock Number: 81421
From the flat low foliage of "Purple Mullein" arise spikes with morning blooming white flowers, typically with a pale pinkeye. Gradually seeds itself if given full sun and poor soil to form a bed of Winter green doily-like deep green rosettes. Unlike many mulleins, this is always attractive in our very moist climate.
Veronica chaemadrys Miffy Brute
Stock Number: 82447
New variegated Veronica for your garden. Miffy Brute Speedwell is has panicles of powder blue flowers with white eyes rising above the foliage from late spring to early summer. It's attractive oval leaves emerge pink in spring, then turn white and green in colour. The fruit is not ornamentally significant.
Veronica longifolia Charlotte
Stock Number: 80425
Strong upright stems coaked with stunning white edged deep green leaves are topped by elegant spikes of white blossoms- thus typically reaching two feet of clumping elegance.  Reblooms when dead headed.  From Rijnbeek and son Peennials. pp23803
Veronica repens Golden Carpet
Stock Number: 88722
Beautiful "Golden Veronica" forms prostrate mats of bright lime yellow foliage topped by tiny blue spikes in the spring. Must have good light and NEVER ever dry out. Will not compete well with more vigorous neighbors.
Viburnum dentatum Blue Muffin [Christom]
Stock Number: 72778
Glossy foliaged shrub with plentiful clustered white spring flowers followed by showy intensely blue berries much loved by your songbirds for fall and winter forage. This self-branching quite compact form of our native "Blueberried Arrowwood" (Zone 3 hardy) can grow in difficult sites.
Vinca major aureo-variegata [Surrey Marble]
Stock Number: 80466
"Golden Blue-buttons" Showy cultivar of this "Perriwinkle" with long cascading stems ranked with opposite glossy oval leaves, each one centered with golden-mustard variegation. Beautiful blue spring blossoms. "Maculata" in Irish garden books.
Vinca major variegata
Stock Number: 80465
"Urn Plant" Cascading slim stems ranked with pairs of white margined leaves; if has cool winter cycle produces remarkable "Giant Periwinkle" blue flowers. Common florist plant in the days of cemetery urns; it may be dirt common, but still earns a spot in the garden for its ability to be subtle and bold simultaneously. ...
Vinca minor aurea [Glasshouse Works]
Stock Number: 88582
Our selection for a solid lime-gold leaf--a form teasingly mentioned in several old catalogues as 'Aurea'--very slow growing.
Stock Number: 80463
A "Running Myrtle" Cultivar with small oval leaves and shy double magenta toned blue periwinkle flowers fading to a blush wine.  Must be well established before producing blossoms
Vinca minor Miss Jekyll's White
Stock Number: 80469
Curious selection with finer foliage and small white flowers. This is excellent for use with dwarf conifers and shaded troughs as the foliage and habit is very petite.
Vinca minor Ralph Shugert
Stock Number: 88638
Very dark emerald leaf pairs, each with thin white border; deep blue blossoms. Patented selection which quickly forms a dense low glossy refined carpet of foliage.
Stock Number: 80891
The "Frosted Marsh Violet" with beautiful violet colored spring blossoms. This selection, discovered here in Stewart, with richly splashed emerging foliage is named for the mother of Donna Hatcher.
Viola cucullata [hyb?] Partly Cloudy
Stock Number: 80575
An Eastern USA species found originally by Darrell Probst with very broad furled heart shaped leaves emerging with streaks and mottlings of pink and ivory typically fading in summer heat. Purpled lilac flowers.
Out of Stock
Viola cucullata [sororia] Freckles
Stock Number: 81680
Vigorous "Freckled Violet"--many Spring-white to eggshell blue flowers splashed deep lilac.
Viola Peppered Palms [hyb]
Stock Number: 88786
The leathery deeply cut & cleft leaves of Viola palmata with the lovely violet speckled purple flowers of "Freckles"; inquire as is often in low numbers; best shipped late summer or early fall when starts cycle.
Out of Stock
Viola yedoensis [hort.]
Stock Number: 81424
"Japanese Arrowhead Violet" Veined pale mauve flowers crown the vigorous rosette of stiff arrowhead leaves with their distinctive winged petioles. Like V. pedata, this does best in full sun.
Wisteria floribunda [multijuga] macrobotrys
Stock Number: 70872
Astounding form with racemes to 3' or more in length. Amazing when this vine we originally imported from Japan forms a wall of extremely long racemes of pea blossoms of mauve purple with a yellow blotch. Several years needed to establish this beauty enough for the first blooming from old growth.
Wisteria frutescens Amethyst Falls
Stock Number: 69016
Remarkable selection of our "Southern Wisteria" this quickly forms heavy bonsai-worthy sinuous trunks with ornate pinnate foliage foiling the beautiful pendant clusters of closely packed blue pea flowers on new growth (not on last season's wood like the rest). Excellent container or tub plant for the cool greenhouse; s...
Yucca filmentosa Color Guard
Stock Number: 80478
Vigorous clumping evergreen, was "Golden Sword" ?  Rounded hemisphere of sword-like leaves, each with creamy-ochre center, from which arises a heavy stalk with ivory bellflowers. First picture from the left is from our Rock Garden area in our gardens.
Zantedeschia aethiopica Natal
Stock Number: 51950
Impressive "Winter Hardy Calla Lily" from a Natal collection by high mountain bogs. Rubbery green foliage and typical white "Calla" blossoms once established (will take several years) and mature--ours in Zone 6b took 5 years to bloom. We received this originally from the late C.R. Waldron. These will be sent as starter...
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