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Salix melanostachys
Stock Number: 70415
"Black Pussy Willow" Dark stems populated with bizarre black purple catkins with red anthers in early spring. Know your plant: a customer once called in February in great alarm because her willow had broken out in thousands of black wooly worms!
Sanguisorba tenuifolia purpurea
Stock Number: 81767
"Purple Burnet" erect stems reaching 4' cloaked with pinnate ferny leaves and topped with purple flower spikes late summer. Considered an herb because the edible lacy foliage is scented and flavored of cucumber.
Sarracenia Dana's Delight [Hyb]
Stock Number: 51900
Fabulous "Purple Netted Pitcher Plant" with elegant pink capped hollow "Hunter's Horn" upright "leaves" of pink and green fantastically netted reddish purple with especially brilliant pink and red contrasts on the ruffled big hoods. Adds considerable drama to any bog; easily grown in a container if kept constantly sogg...
Sarracenia Scarlet Belle
Stock Number: 42902
Great colorful Scarlet and Green picture plant with elongated tubular leaves in impressive tight clusters to 15" with maturity; the highly ruffled hood over the pitcher is nearly parchment white with richly contrasting mosiac veins of red. A bog plant easily grown in a container.     We have a batch ...
Sasa Veitchii
Stock Number: 80964
"Kuma Bamboo" Zone 8 Japan. Low growing ground cover to 2' with wide leaves becoming highly decorative in fall as leaf margines and tips turn a dry straw tone due to chlorophyll disappearing gradually; dense habit forming thickets supported by slim arching purplish canes. Performs well as a pot subject--but never allow...
Sasaella glabra Shiroshiiya
Stock Number: 41473
Short stems display wide glossed dark green leaves richly striped cream and yellow-ochre, fading to soft green in high light; knee-high unless planted in rich moist soil, where it can reach 5' with maturity. A Japanese selection of this stunning bamboo forming thick evergreen displays not burning or browntipping even i...
Saxifraga veitchiana
Stock Number: 83047
The "Red Carpet" groundcover for moist places--thick solid rounded "Mars Red" leaves in profusion, each covered with showy red hair. Hardy here with considerable winter protection and sweet soil--old decaying concrete provides a favorite spot. Please refer to the TROPICALS for offerings of the various cultivars of Saxi...
Scabiosa Columbaria Butterly Blue
Stock Number: 81710
"Dwarf Pincushion Flower" An Irish cultivar remaining a compact selection with intense lavender blushed blue flowers, cute mimics of pincushions, produced from May to October on 12" plants with distinctively cut very soft foliage.
Securinega suffruticosa
Stock Number: 71230
Northern Chinese "Fountain Hardback" a cascade-branched shrub with attractive dusky pewter toned oval leaves which change to a charming rich butter yellow fall color range; small lime flowers (which confirm it to be in the spurges) line long peduncles late summer. If you grow hardy Euphorbia in your gardens, why not pl...
Sedum album micranthum
Stock Number: 88851
Teensy tangled "Miniature Baltic Stonecrop" seems to have evolved particularly for your trough.
Sedum Angelina [hyb?]
Stock Number: 89175
"Golden Stonecrop" succulent mat former considered to be of Croatian origin. Upright stemlets thickly set with fat needle leaves turning a brilliant lime gold in full sun and cooler temperatures, then developing a decidedly orangy fall blush.
Sedum Frosty Morn
Stock Number: 88439
Wide white margins on every succulent leaf on upright stout stems terminating with pink cap of tiny starflower blossoms indicating its albosedum x spectabile parentage, according to introducer Barry Yinger. D. Hinkley, however, considers this to be a sport of S. erythrostictum.
Sedum sexangulare
Stock Number: 80407
"Hexagonal Stonecrop" Slim tiny stems with six spiral rows of tiny succulent leaves; yellow flowers. Keep clean, as easily expires if a neighboring plant's leaf lies over it.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 89206
Lax upright succulent stems hold very distinctive jade textured purple leaves bruised bluish lilac and tipped with multiple rounded heads of red rouged buds opening into starry cream flowers; seems to be intermediate between spectablile and 'Vera Jameson'.
Sedum tetractinum
Stock Number: 89229
Showy wide rounded glossy waxy leaves overlap on tumbling stems tipped with heads of bright yellow starblossoms. Forms a beautiful succulent carpet bronzing beautifully in winter chill.
Sedum [hylotelephium] spectabile Neon
Stock Number: 80412
Brilliant deep purple-lilac "Live Forevers" starflowers in rounded heads (like Sedum 'Brilliant' parent) top 15" stems; fleshy glaucous green foliage. A selection by Richard Davis & Meriwether Payne of The Ivy Farm.
Stock Number: 81596
A Japanese Bamboo with rigidly erect maroon hued stalks with dense eruptions of beautiful foliage at each node, thusthe "Lion's Mane Bamboo."  The dense foliage makes this an excellent screen especially as the winter green is typically undamaged in our zone 6b winters.
Shibataea kumasaca [ruscifolia]
Stock Number: 80422
"Ruscus-leaved Bamboo" Reoffered and highly recommended. Japanese species with slender zigzag culms reaching 6' with whorls of uniquely broad tapered leaflets on short lateral branches; plant this "Goose's Plume Bamboo" in slightly acidic soil to avoid leaf burn. Unique dependable evergreen bamboo seldom reaching waist...
Silphium terebinthinaceum
Stock Number: 88785
Very impressive "Showy Meadow Dock" (actually a perennial sunflower) with giant luscious rosettes of two foot leaves forming an anchor for nearly leafless amber stems reaching up some 5' to present clusters of lemon yellow daisies. Handsome. An impressive unique addition to the back of any perennial border.
Smilax Species China
Stock Number: 65547
Handsome "Chinese Hellfetter" from Plant It Herbs Nursery who received it from a Chinese collection made by Robert Newman. Short wiry stems aflutter with shiny attractively mottled small saggitate leaves. Very handsome with time.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 81903
Densely foliaged compact dwarf shrub with rust brown stems cloaked with leathery small leaves to foil the clusters of deep pink blossoms fading to rose.  Does well in containers.
Stachys byzantina Helene Von Stein
Stock Number: 81917
Curious "Big Ears"--slowly wide-clustering carpets of large felted silvery-gray leaves maintain bright good color even in some shade; Z 4. Sterile selection originally offered as 'Countess von Zeppelin.'
Stock Number: 83222
Attractive wide low rosettes of paddle shaped foliage from the strong arching umbrellas of silvery white flowers, sometimes blushed pink.  Valued for dry arrangements.
Syringa Species Father Fiala
Stock Number: 70649
Variegated leaves on clumping twiggy shrub; fragrant clusters of lilac blossoms similar to Miss Kim. The first flush of small leaves emerge green in the spring; later a second flush of foliage of this Japanese selection emerges typically far more frosted. May possibly be Syringa emodi variegata--do not confuse with yel...
Out of Stock
Syringa vulgaris Dappled Dawn
Stock Number: 70697
Striking "Variegated Lilac" with cream-mottled leathery leaves. Known in horticulture sometimes as 'Acubifolia Variegata.' This erect statured beauty readily produces many fragrant heads of semidouble blossoms the exact color of "lilac"!
Taxodium distichum
Stock Number: 70750
Strongly buttressed native "Bald Cypress" newly popular as a candidate for Bonsai in Japan as "Rakuusho"; always popular as a deciduous conifer in American gardens giving shade for windowed rooms all summer than , after a golden needle fall in autumn, a beautiful leafless outline all winter allowing in winter light. If...
Stock Number: 82015
Rigidly erect common "Yew" with all branches rigidly upright with dense blackish green needles.  These are on their own roots
Stock Number: 70440
Wide spreading visually stunning "Golden  Yew"  of most uncertain nomenclature.  Each blackish green leaf is margined butter yellow.  On their own roots.
Taxus cuspidata Silver Queen
Stock Number: 70586
New foliage frosted white--may fade to a yellow green with the arrival of hot dry summer, but maintains variegation during moist cool seasons. A curiosity forming a wide full vase outline with time. Remember that you can avoid everything, save "death and Taxus."
Thalia dealbata Red Stem
Stock Number: 88870
Dramatic aquatic with leathery oval leaves held in fans over the red stems--all covered with white powder; stalks of soft violet blossoms soon followed by strikingly attractive clusters of purple black seeds. Native to S. Carolina on thru Texas--but don't freeze roots--and seen here at our nursery as that massive clump...
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