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Polystichum polyphlebarum
Stock Number: 11646
Hardy plant in the Alaskan "Tassel Fern" Group. Sometimes considered borderline hardy above Z5. Very handsome broad nearly symmetrical crown with outarched rich deep green glossy fronds. Needs rich moist soil and high shade to achieve its considerable beauty.
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Poncirus trifoliata Flying Dragon
Stock Number: 41770
Swooping, looping branchlets of this contorted sport of "Trifoliate Orange" make this a conversation container subject--looking like a potted living barbed wire coil (barbs included); now also used as a dwarfing understock for citrus. Also, this is called "Chinese Bitter Orange." This "Karatachi" is hardy outdoors in o...
Populus candicans aurora [hyb]
Stock Number: 71269
Spring leaves emerge a brilliant yellow gradually fading to a summer green; hybrid of deltoides x nigra resulting in a female form of "Ontario Popular." Seldom variegates in heat of the South; indeed, can fail to variegate even this far north in Ohio if the initial springtime temperatures are too high--especially is ni...
Pteridium aquilinum
Stock Number: 11470
"Bracken" or "Pasture Brake" Coarse green fronds to four feet densely hairy beneath. Cosmopolitan distribution. This is regulated as a pernicious weed in some Western states--check with your county agent before ordering this brute of a fern. In our climate this dramatic fern must be situated in full sun and poor soil t...
Pueraria lobata variegata Sherman's Ghost
Stock Number: 88575
The famous remarkable "Variegated Kudzu Vine" flaunting foliage brilliantly splashed creamy white - pinkish in full sun.  We thank Barry Yinger for the initial start of this rare (not very vigorous) cultivar of an especially politically incorrect hardy vine. Please inquire about this plant- species is on the Oh...
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Pyracantha angustifolia Harlequin
Stock Number: 70380
"Variegated Firethorn" Upright shrub with brownish-yellow stems with orange red berries and white splashed leaves. Not winter hardy here in zone 6 if experiences a frigid prolonged winter. Wonderful as a container subject for the cool greenhouse.
Pyracantha Walker's Dwarf [hyb]
Stock Number: 71121
Striking clusters of bright Chinese Red clusters of berries brilliant against the deep forest green foliage; wide shrub compactly, tightly foliaged, but still reaches 8 feet or more in our climate (we are told that it never reaches these proportions further north).This absolutely beautiful "Rutgers' Firethorn" stays qu...
Quercus robur Concordia
Stock Number: 71061
"Golden European Oak" New lower price this year. Often to 60' tall while 10' wide. Excellent for small gardens needing a fabulous central accent from offering little root competition to lower plants or near a house needing a visual accent while not shading too completely, not invasive of water pipes, nor prone to break...
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Quercus robur cristata
Stock Number: 71296
"Crested Truffle Oak" Very small leaves are plaited, twisted asymmetrical; typically crowded at tips of shoot tips; discovered in 1917 in Savernake forest, England
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Stock Number: 81608
Glossy Foliage, delicately designed with markings that appear early with the bright shiny double lemon yellow flowers;  Soon the entire plant goes dormant late spring until the folowing late winter.
Ranunculus repens Buttered Popcorn
Stock Number: 88649
Wonderful "Variegated Buttercup" with very low foliage toned metallic over golden centers framed with green crennations; a perfect palette of color for its bright yellow blossoms. This splendid carpeting groundcover tolerates shade but prefers moist, even boggy situation in good light to achieve its considerable beauty...
Reineckia carnea
Stock Number: 40862
Double ranks of grass-like arched leaves only inches high line creeping soil-level rhizomes; basal reddish-magenta, scented basal flowers followed by ground level berries. This "Lily Turf Carpet" is valuable as groundcover for leggy plants; marginally hardy here even in mild winters.
Reineckia carnea variegata
Stock Number: 40863
Outstanding carpeting "False Lilyturf" with short, ranked leaves striped bright ivory; vigorous Japanese clone with brick red flowers followed by berries. Green species form marginally winter hardy here in Zone 6--this variegated clone is less hardy. A far more successful and gorgeous citizen of your cool greenhouse (n...
Robinia pseudoacacia Lace Lady [Twisty Baby]
Stock Number: 92705
The extremely twisted branches of this "Contorted Black Locust" make for an outstanding winter display. We've seen a few blossoms on our specimen; the thick foliage tresses flaunt the silvery green backleaf to great visual effect.
Out of Stock
Rohdea japonica
Stock Number: 40889
"Sacred Lily of China" Thick dark leathery lance leaves rise in two packed ranks; club-like inflorescence with stubby yellow flowers; excellent pot plant in northern climes, winter hardy in South; typically hardy in our modified Z6b climate, yet sustaining some foliar damage in severe winters.
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Rosa chinensis viridiflora
Stock Number: 71174
"Green China Rose" double green flowers actually more a case of multiple sepals? More bizarre than lovely and thus a must for serious collectors of blossoms virid. Good performer in the winter conservatory where it will produce winter blossoms. (And actually winter hardy outdoors at least as far north as Z6.)
Rosa Red Cascade [hyb]
Stock Number: 70405
Widely arching canes with deep green foliage produce a constant succession of sprays of small rich red double blossoms even in the winter greenhouse--although quite winter hardy in our Z6b. Interesting in large hanging baskets or cascading from large urns; but unrivaled as a constantly reblooming ground cover in full s...
Rosa Si [hyb]
Stock Number: 71152
"Bonsai Rose" Miniature short (soon clumping) wiry woody stems support congested puffs of impossibly tiny glossy leaves topped with very demure teensy light pink windmill petaled blossoms. Although first treasured by lite gardeners, the bonsai fanciers have seriously embraced this astoundingly minute (yet quite vigorou...
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Rosa The Fairy [hyb]
Stock Number: 70604
Popular polyantha rose noted for vigor, hardiness and long blooming period for the pink rosette blossoms. These are starters on their own roots; not grafted.
Rosa Verschuren [hyb]
Stock Number: 71523
The famous "Variegated Rose" of Danish horticulture with richly splashed foliage perfect with the lovely double pink "Hybrid Tea Rose" blossoms topping the short upright canes. Yinger kindly shared this potentially difficult (because a cold greenhouse subject in far northern winters) creature with us; these are small r...
Rosa wichuraiana Curiosity [variegata]
Stock Number: 70409
Rare "Memorial Rose" cultivar with white frosted and mottled shiny leaves taking on pink tones in cool weather. The variegation does not fade with summer heat in our climate.
Rumex sanguineus
Stock Number: 81858
An excellent low statured eye catching bog lover with beet red foliage accented with dark veins, thus called "Bloody Dock".  A very hardy North African with edible foliage and medicinal seeds.
Ruta graveolens Harlequin [variegata]
Stock Number: 80380
"Snowy Rue" Stout stems are graced with glaucous flattened leaves, with lobed segments appearing ferny, emerging richly splashed white during cool seasons; odd mustard-yellow flowers followed by ornate seed pods. If given excellent winter drainage, this "Snowy Herb of Grace" best known in Europe as the "Harlequin Rue,"...
Saginia subulata aurea
Stock Number: 80861
This delightful "Golden Scotch Moss" soon forms a carpet of tiny foliage perfect in rockeries and Fairy Gardens.  Has tiny white "Pearlwort" flowers.
Salix alba sericea Silver Clone
Stock Number: 88808
"Silver Leaved Willow" This selection of a native species not only is a larger shrub/tree than type, but retains the silver qualities of the newly silky lance leaves all season--although the new rouge shoots darken and silver catkins fade. Certainly the most dramatic silvery tree in our display gardens and one of the l...
Salix chaenomeloides[x leucopithecia Winter Glory]
Stock Number: 71029
Long shoots produce glossy red winter buds from which emerge large 3" catkins of silvery white, shading to dusty pink as pinkish stamens appear--typically starts this showy event in February before the European "Pussy Willow" catkins appear (and the European species' catkins are considerably less showy). Quite dark glo...
Salix cinerea tricolor
Stock Number: 70668
Cultivar of European "Gray Sallow Willow" with downy leaves mottled yellow & creamy white, sometimes with red tones. The seemingly lacquered slim rouged current season whips are much used in basketweaving (they lose flexibility and hue if more than a year old); also popular in flower arrangements--indeed more popul...
Salix gilgiana [koriyanagi]
Stock Number: 70925
Attractive 10' willow with narrow chartreuse and turquoise leaves of delicate size appearing after the curious reddish-purple (turning to blackish maroon) silvery haired catkins, oddly held in opposite pairs, fade & fall. Curious among willows for its delicacy of form with the chalky barked new stems very lovely wi...
Salix integra hakuro hishiki [albo maculata]
Stock Number: 71413
"Dappled Japanese Willow" features bright stems with long leaves variegated with white & pale pink--when foliage is emerging the plant seems covered with bright snow. If stooled, the brooms of stem whips form quite a winter outline. Very popular with garden designers even though the catkins are of little interest. ...
Salix Integra Pink Form
Stock Number: 72837
"Dappled Pink Japanese Willow" features bright stems with long leaves variegated with white & pale pink--when foliage is emerging the plant seems covered with bright snow. If stooled, the brooms of stem whips form quite a winter outline. The Flamingo form differs from the form below by being a bit looser growing wi...
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