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Hydrangea quercifolia Ruby Slippers
Stock Number: 73891
The plentiful flower heads start out ivory toned but soon change to a deep rosy color.  This short statured 'Oak leaf Hydrangea" stays compact (very slowly reaching 3 feet eventually) and provides rick fall bronze red foliage to your garden.  A USNA cross of ' Snow Queen" with "PeeWee" which is quickly gainin...
Hydrangea quercifolia Sikes Dwarf
Stock Number: 71555
Dwarf form of our excellent "Oak Leaf Hydrangea" easily grown even in dryish shade; however, in a happier setting, this stout many-branched shrub will display thick clusters of fading blossoms over decorative colorful foliage.
Out of Stock
Hydrangea serrata Golden Sunlight ppap
Stock Number: 72799
"Variegated Korean Hydrangea" Woody purple stained stems are cloaked with yellow sawtooth leaves gradually aging to pale chartreuse, then aqua green. If not winter damaged these stalks are topped with summer clusters of dark pink blossoms. Considered Z6 winter hardy; however, a severe winter can damage the tops of the ...
Hydrocotyle sieboldii crystal confetti
Stock Number: 88576
Remarkably beautiful VERY low growing "White Edged Navelwort" with every tiny serrated kidney leaf brightly margined. A winning new groundcover for which a round of applause for Barry Yinger is richly due. While newly popular as cascading "vine" for hanging baskets and windowboxes, giving a lacy gold and cream froth ef...
Ilex crenata Golden Gem
Stock Number: 70742
Lovely new selection of "Golden Holly" with cheerful yellow glossy leathery small oval leaves thickly set on much-branched congested stems; marvelous low spreading habit makes this perfect small broadleaf evergreen shrub. Highly recommended for golden summer color followed by coppery winter tones.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 41921
Arching short canes cloaked with very wide two foot long tesselate blades with serrate rims.  This is the pleated leaved Chinese "Tea Wrapper Bamboo" known also in the bonsai world as "Tsutsumi ocha-zasa."
Iris pallida aureo-variegata
Stock Number: 80256
"Gold Variegated Orris Root" Cream-yellow banded leaves--quite typically margined inner side only; with grape scented lilac blue blossoms. Keep perfectly drained and expect the striking foliage to be summer dormant in hot climates.
Out of Stock
Iris pallida variegata
Stock Number: 80255
"Variegated Orris Root" Cream-ivory banded leaves--quite typically white margined inner side only; with grape scented lilac blue blossoms. Keep perfectly drained and expect the striking foliage to be summer dormant in hot climates.
Iris pseudacorus citrina [hort]
Stock Number: 88501
Seedlings of this pale pastel lemon form of the ever popular vigorous "Yellow Flag" which is happiest in bog conditions, or even on the pool's edge.
Iris pseudoacorus variegata
Stock Number: 80257
Strong erect fans of sword-leaves emerge blond-yellow in spring and gradually fade to green; abundant yellow fleur-de-lis blossoms; striking by poolside, but tolerates drier areas.
Out of Stock
Iris versicolor Gerald Darby
Stock Number: 80794
Odd selection of "Poison Flag" or "Wild Blue Flag". Glaucous three foot tall leaf fans emerge a deep purple black in the cold spring bog water (semi aquatic); the deep violet hued Iris blossoms are designed in yellow and lime. Impressive, causing a minor sensation here each early spring as the dramatic new foliage's em...
Jasminum beesianum
Stock Number: 42025
"Rose Jasmine" from Western China. Zone 7 willowy shrub to clambering vine (depending on where you site it) with pairs of sharply pointed lance leaves and dark rose pink fragrant blossoms. Must have full sunlight to perform well. Our stock plants have happily lived outdoors in an exposed coldframe for many years, bloom...
Jasminum nudiflorum
Stock Number: 40418
"Hardy Chinese Jasmine" Yellow odorless tubular blossoms on rush like twigs of this dull polished three-part leaved shrub from late winter on through March. "Pinwheel Jasmine" is hardy here, typically starting the long bloom period mid February unless the winter has been quite harsh. Late winter visitors to the outdoor...
Juncus inflexus Alfro
Stock Number: 89159
Wildly clumping "Blue Curly Rush" forms a twisted 1 1/2 foot mound of tough cylindrical powderly lilac blue toned blades spiraling and twisting into a major bad hair day.  Sometimes even Z5 hardy, this thrives in a sunny bog yet also performs well in a container.
Juncus patens Carmens' Gray
Stock Number: 54523
Stout erect stems topped with toppling explosions of grassy short bronzy decorative seedheads; compact aquatic for full sun pools; good in undrained pots where its stiff tightly packed foliage forms a rigid vase shape to great advantage.
Juniperus chinensis Blue Point Variegated
Stock Number: 70241
Thick irregularly conical form with white patches strewn among the rich blue-gray foliage. Probably a West Coast name for J.c. 'Stricata Variegata.' Excellent mid-west performer. May not perform as well in the deep south.
Juniperus communis Gold Cone
Stock Number: 70991
Very dense, bright gold foliage on columnar shrub. One of the few successful golden fastigate conifers with tight attractive bright yellow foliage for our type climate.
Juniperus media Blue And Gold
Stock Number: 71470
Beautiful arching fine sprays of bluish foliage richly splashed with golden-cream variegation--why this is not widely available in the nursery trade remains a mystery to us. Excellent form, wider than high with best color during the winter (when it can also shine as a stunning addition to your Christmas wreath). Oddly,...
Juniperus media Saybrook Gold
Stock Number: 70289
Intense golden foliage throughout the winter-compact.  Now considered a bright yellow sport of Juniperus chinensis.
Juniperus media Shimpaku
Stock Number: 70235
The "Bonsai Juniper" features thickly bunched clusters of needled foliage on thisk woody dward stems.  Very easily trimed and shaped.
Juniperus procumbens Kiyomi
Stock Number: 70828
Selected form of 'Nana' --In Japanese tradition, the preferred form for bonsai as this cultivar has more bunched needles, slightly upright angled growing tips and an innate love for better living through containerization. Tolerates, even demands a sunny quite exposed site when located in the rock garden.
Out of Stock
Juniperus procumbens nana
Stock Number: 70271
Low dense stems with very dense attractive foliage; a basic choice for outdoor carpet groundcover, a cascade over a wall or from a container, or for very basic bonsai training (typically, this is the one in your grocery store which just arrived with concrete poured over it to keep it from slipping out of its cheap bons...
Juniperus scopulorum Moonglow
Stock Number: 70229
Upright columns of silvery blue foliage.  Best in an exposed site with excellent air movement.
Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet
Stock Number: 70510
Densely branched flat foliage with blue-gray needles of J.s. "Meyeri' from which this is a sport. "Single-seed Juniper." Fantastic violet tones emerge with winter chill.
Stock Number: 70288
Eyecatching mound of tightly congested sharp textured foliage becoming a brisk silvery blue in full sun. Very low growing.  Demands perfect drainage and air movement to thrive.
Juniperus squamata Holger
Stock Number: 70284
Bluish dense foliage accented by yellow-colored new growth. Alleged to be Holger Jensen's hybrid of J. squamata with J. 'Pfitzeriana Aurea.' Beautiful open vase shape; good topaz blushed winter color. The two toned colors of spring always illicit comment from visiting gardeners.
Juniperus virginiana Poyo ['Royo'?]
Stock Number: 70983
A spreading bluish form of "Red Cedar" with lacy intricate foliage: beautiful silver winter color. Very silver platinum ferny effect if given full sun. Nomenclature still in limbo!  This is the most consistently bright silvery cultivar of any Jumiper for our SE Ohio climate.
Stock Number: 81790
Short erect stems, cloaked with serrated creamy yellow edged leaves, are topped with many delicate lavender pink daisies in the fall.  Native of Mongolia
Stock Number: 70344
The arching branches support delicate foliage and showy deep lavender pea blossoms in the fall.
Out of Stock
Ligustrum Lemon and Lime
Stock Number: 72840
Lovely shrublet of uncertain origin quickly self branching to form a wide (yet petite in appearance) outline of tiny glossy leaves with crimped wavy edges nicely variegated. Should be a valuable new candidate for bonsai. Keeps color well and trims well.
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