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Acanthus spinosus
Stock Number: 80012
Impressive clumps of deeply cut dark green leaves- often appearing in greek statuary and architecture- mimicing soft thistle foliage.  But producing very unthistlle-like tall stong columns of ornately purple toned bracts from which emerge ivory blossoms. Very impressive eastern European mountain native performing ...
Acer palmatum atropurpureum
Stock Number: 71189
A traditional form with new spring foliage emerging glossy maroon then fading to a bronzy crimson throughout the summer. Successful in containers. A basic starter with bonsai lovers.  These are in liter sized pots.
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Acorus calamus variegatus
Stock Number: 80017
"Variegated Sweet Flag"-so called because the foliage is a close mimic of the boggy Iris crew. But this is an Aroid. Brightly cream-striped fanned leaves occasionally display the tell-tale small green spathe & spadix. Decorative accent plant for sunny boggy areas. Typically sent to you as a mossed division.
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Acorus gramineus Dwarf
Stock Number: 81484
Fast clustering miniature selection with taller foliage than pusillus, while individual blades are elegantly slim in the overlapping foliar fans--much used as a bonsai companion. As with all the gramineus cultivars, this must be kept evenly moist in order to maintain lustrous foliage.
Acorus gramineus Dwarf Himemasamume
Stock Number: 30549
Interlacing ranks of short sword-shaped glossy-grass leaves, each striped on its inner edge. Forms remarkable 4" cushions. Most certainly the prize cultivar of the species.  This quite rare Japanese selection of this winter hardy "Sweetflag" is also beautiful as indoor pot plant as well as a choice mame bonsai com...
Acorus gramineus Kin Gin Chu Ya
Stock Number: 58470
Rare classical Japanese cultivar meaning "Silver-gold Morning-Evening" with remarkably variable variegation as some fans are green and lime, while others explode into pure white flourishes. Do not let this slow growing (and thus rare) cultivar ever dry out. We do not know how winter hardy this one will be. This is the ...
Acorus gramineus Masamune
Stock Number: 30550
Bright white-striped leaves similar to A.g. variegatus, although considered to be more compact and shorter as it matures. An easily grown houseplant, always a star in a terrarium setting, equally happy in a damp area outside in our climate here.
Acorus gramineus minimus aureus
Stock Number: 30724
Marvelous small tufts of bright golden chartreuse fans of tiny flat leaf blades; wonderful in small undrained containers; very showy golden tuffet in a terrarium as well. But most popular as an eye catcher in a Fairy Garden landscape.
Acorus gramineus Oborozuki
Stock Number: 30551
"Golden Sweetflag" Elegant ranks of 6"+ sword leaves of bright yellow-ochre with emerald pinstripes. Striking indoors in a small blue bonsai pot; beautiful evergreen golden-grass effect when grown in a boggy spot outdoors; popular in aquatic tubs for the deck as keeps small stature. This is a Japanese clone which also ...
Acorus gramineus Tanimanoyuki
Stock Number: 30004
Lime-yellow stripes inside outer edge of each slim blade; from Japan, excellent as short grassy-tufted houseplant; or quite hardy in Southeast Ohio--a "Japanese Sweet Flag" which stays evergreen if given semi-aquatic conditions outdoors. Easy in aquatic culture--although the name translates as "Snow on the Mountain," t...
Aegopodium podagraria variegatum
Stock Number: 80018
"Bishops Weed" or "Goutweed" Creeping rootstocks quickly form a deciduous carpet of biternate (thus called "Ground Elder") short leaves edged in white; perfect choice for ground-cover or for edging. White blossoms form rigid patterns in cute umbles much beloved by butterflies. Reliably beautifully variegated low ground...
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Aesculus flava Fort Harmar Cemetary
Stock Number: 73893
"Yellow Buckeye" seedlings from a huge grandmother buckeye in the cemetery at the annexed village of Harmar in Marietta, the oldest organized city in Ohio (1788). Even older, Fort Harmar was build in 1785. We're talkin' older than Woody Hayes. These horse chestnut cousins have smooth outer skins with no spines, and gor...
Aesculus pavia [humilis]
Stock Number: 71571
Wonderful "Red Buckeye"--a shrubby tree with tropical appearing foliage topped in the spring with massive pyramidal panicles of showy rosy red blossoms. Prefers poor soil with shaded roots.
Agastache Golden Anniversary
Stock Number: 89007
Celebrated at the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, this new form emerges with crowns of crinkled purpled leaves transforming into richly aromatic rosettes of golden yellow foliage; fluffy lavender flower spikes. Needs perfect drainage.
Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip
Stock Number: 88862
A very miniature tuffet (eventually a carpet if given a few years) of purple blushed cocoa bronze mouseear leaves; spikes of blue flowers (fading to dark blue purple) only 3" tall! From Valfredda nursery in Italy. Now we have a perfectly behaved "Bugleweed" appropriate for even small trough gardens and an excellent und...
Akebia quinata
Stock Number: 70017
Japanese selection of "Fiveleaf Akebia" with dark purplish- green palmately compound pinwheel leaves; fragrant clusters of unusual blossoms--chocolate purple pistillate and rose staminate. Odd violet-brown sausage pod opens to reveal a waxy fleshy pink interior with seeds. Very vigorous in our climate.
Albizia julibrissin Athens County
Stock Number: 71227
The ubiquitous "Mimosa Tree" from northern areas of India with wide spreading crown of elegantly arching limbs graced with intricately laced foliage and pink puffs of flowers. This is our local clone (Z6b) which rarely suffers winter killback unlike most more southern USA collections--tends to bloom from old growth eve...
Allium August Confection
Stock Number: 88790
Heavily Clumping senescen hybrid with foot tall stems of showy light magenta pink balls of bloom early fall. A Mark McDonough selection of a very high performer. May remain evergreen in the deeper south.
Stock Number: 80031
An excellent compact beauty for container gardening.  From dividing succulent bases arise short thick disticous grey blades which artfully swirl to create a tostled tuffett.. Lovely heads of fragrant flowers as this "Curly Chives" clump matures
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Elegans
Stock Number: 70018
Crop available mid summer. Small-leaved "Porcelain Vine" with deeply lobed leaves splashed with white and pink; by September this beautifully laced and frosted foliage will be accented by lilac to blue hard polished berries in attractive clusters. Handsome Asian vine
Amsonia hubrichtii
Stock Number: 83087
Rare "Narrow Leaf Bluestar" species with narrow needle leaves on erect wirestems; starry blue blossoms in showy clusters appear quite early on. Entire plant turns a brilliant bright yellow in early fall, creating quite a visual display as its last seasonal hurrah.
Out of Stock
Anemone vitifolia robustissima [hort]
Stock Number: 80044
"Grapeleaf Anemone" Vigorous perennial elevating soft pink saucer-shaped flowers (sepals) on slim stems over the jagged foliage from September thru October. Now more properly Anemone tomentosa robustissima. A stunning show of masses of elegant billowy pink fall flowers Seems to perform best here in gravel laden moist s...
Aralia spinosa
Stock Number: 89170
North American "Hercules' Club" named for the stout spiny short trunks bearing the lacy foliage & huge panicles of white blossoms (which have the same outline as the impressive inflorescence of Fatsias). Gives an immediate tropical effect to a temperate zone garden. Cheapest way to quickly create a very big effect....
Armeria maritima alba
Stock Number: 80061
Bright white globes of flowers on short stems over the tidy mounds of narrow leaves. Selection of "Sea Thrift perfect in trough designs or in the rockgarden. Needs Sandy soil and full sun to flourish.
Out of Stock
Armeria maritima rubrifolia
Stock Number: 88791
Impressive "Purple Thrift" with dark burgundy foliage (in full sun & skree) topped with deep pink flower heads. A most distinctive reddish purple tuffet for your trough or rock garden.
Armeria Nifty Thrifty
Stock Number: 80060
A true gem for rockery or trough: the cute rosy red globes of "Thrift" blossoms resemble mini lollipops over the stiff tiny needle like leaves--each margined bright cream--packed tightly in ever increasing dense hemispheres. Too, too, cute. But remember not to coddle this gem as it needs very bright light in an exposed...
Armeria pseudoarmeria Joystick Red Tones
Stock Number: 80062
Compact grassy tuffets topped with spherical clusters of red blushed "Thrift" blossoms on long enough stems to work as a cut flower; but most valuable as a showy addition to the rockery, the larger trough or pathway liner. Prefers sweet soil.
Artemisia absinthium
Stock Number: 81196
Extremely hardy shrublike "Wormwood" grown for its major froth of silvery lacy foliage (must have sunny spot) and spines of yellow flowers as well as for its base of the famous liqueor.
Artemisia lactiflora Orientale Limelight
Stock Number: 80070
Golden Ivory & emerald splashed fringed leaves closely packed on upright stems terminating in conical heads of tiny white blossoms to add even more decorative interest to an already beautiful perennial. PPAF. By midsummer this gives a shimmery lime tone to the border when viewed from a distance.
Arundo donax variegata [versicolor]
Stock Number: 80076
Variegated form of "Giant Reed": clumps of stout tall stems with ranks of long leaf spears striped white-cream make this the most impressive dramatic giant grass which is reliably winter hardy here. The have traditionally been fashioned into mouth pieces for bagpipes & clarinets.
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