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Coleus Caesar
Stock Number: 53723
Wide spreading habit; wide oval crimped leaves of rose red and lavender sprinkles ringed with guacomole green frills. New for 2013...
Coleus Ella Cinders
Stock Number: 54487
Dark olive designs never repeating on the dusky purpled trim foliage--different light intensities and different levels of fertilizing bring out several tone ranges. Resultingly, no really accurate photo seems possible for this conservatory creature. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus India Frills [Species?]
Stock Number: 42143
Marvelous compact mounds of tiny lacinate fingered ochre leaves with elaborate pink and purple designs--intricate, very delicate effect; a perfect very low carpeter popular in any bed or window pot adding a hot Mexican color palette. Original brought to us by H. Hansoti from Calcutta in the mid-seve..
Coleus Peter Wonder [hyb]
Stock Number: 51724
Unique and beautiful hicolor plant--a pink and cream version of 'Stunnng' from Jaldety Nursery with a dazzling frothy look. Looks far to delicate to be the easy reliable outdoor performer it is. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Shiny Shoes [hort]
Stock Number: 23752
The "Black Patent Leather Coleus" without argument. Quite petite seashell leaves with crimped edges are unabashedly shiny black eggplant purple, thick substanced. Strong stems; holds winter foliage on strong stems; no flowering observed. ..
Coleus rehneltianus Red Trailing Queen
Stock Number: 41098
This "Trailing Coleus" selection has dark purple-brown leaves edged zoned red & green. Traditional hanging basket plant, equally dramatic and reliable cascading from urns and windowboxes. ..
Coleus Kingwood Torch
Stock Number: 57467
Strongly textured chocolate maroon leaves dramatically designed with a wide central rosepink flame and bordered with lime crenations.  Forms a wide habit. ..
Coleus caninus
Stock Number: 55657
Odoriferous succulent leaves, slightly viscous, on tumbling thick stems; attractive curosity--but when leaves are crushed, beware the "Eau de Firehydrant" fragrance. We received this some years ago from Sydney Botanic Gardens via California's Quail Botanical Garden and are amused that this rather mo..
Coleus Cantigny Royale
Stock Number: 55695
Very tiny elaborately lobed mahogany maroon leaves tightly packed on muchbranched short toppling stems. Intensifies the similarly statured 'Purple Duckfoot,' 'Charlie McCarthy,' & 'India Frills' when planted as a group. From Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, Il. The touchstone by which any new mini must ..
Coleus Fancy Free
Stock Number: 53155
Fabulous Frieling hybrid with deeply crennate ruffled saturated creamy yellow leaves with pale maroon highlights & deep burgundy rims--set off by strong eggplant purple stems. Good wide habit; reliable vigor. ..
Coleus Inky Fingers
Stock Number: 66723
Much branched wide habit with amber & olive 'Duckfoot' type fingered wide leaves with central blood red & purple figuring. Wonderful in a giant basket or stiftly tumbling from an urn or windowbox. Considerably more tolerant of early fall chill than the bulk of its kith...
Coleus Pineapple Prince
Stock Number: 55599
Frieling hybrid with large metalic bronzy gold leaves with faint magenta veins which echo the rose magenta underleaf; strong statured for topiary. Seems to have become the standard choice of designers needing a reliable strong splash of golden ochre with a buttery saturation in full sun...
Coleus Shocking Pink
Stock Number: 55528
The rusty lilacs, dusky limes, & chocolates suddenly turn a bright silk undies pink in full sun quite startling as the older foliage develops unripened pumpkin hues. Best known as 'Texas Parking Lot'; also sold as 'Alabama Sunset' & 'Bellingrath pink"; has become one of the basic bedding pla..
Coleus rehneltianus Swinging Linda
Stock Number: 66828
Marvelous new selection by Doug Litchfield w/ wide trailing stems cloaked with petite purple leaves edged electric violet & flamed with rich rose. Excellent habit and an irridescent hue not observed in any other Coleus. Reportedly the most popular Coleus in the Asian market. ..
Coleus Craze Collection I
Stock Number: 99108
Tell us if bedding, basket, standards, or topiary fills your Victorian urge to order a passel of these glitzy guys. 5 plants ..
Coleus Alligator
Stock Number: 56747
Congested Lohman critter not to be "seeya later"--rumpled wide liver toned chocolate leaves with guilded scaled violet and John Deere green brushings. Bizarre fasciation of stems may look like pulled licorice; like kelp or something evolving (devolving?) under the sea. For those who see Coleus colle..
Coleus Chirp
Stock Number: 58336
Yellow saturated lime tones on dramatically frilled leaves with pale midribs and elaborately fingered margins, with basil and violet designs. Recent Frieling hybrid from the loins of 'Calypso' is small statured (and thus popular in Fairy Garden designs) yet quite vigorous. ..
Coleus Fantastik
Stock Number: 42236
"Optical Illusion Plant" A busy intricate Persian carpet of color sequences of rose, sienna, chartreuse, pink (for starters) on petite deeply lobed (but flat) leaves creating an eye full of movement as the upright globe of busy foliage forms. Not recommended for anyone subject to vertigo. ..
Coleus Japanese Giant
Stock Number: 42240
Amazingly enormous leaves colored in transmutations of pink & violet tones edged with ochers on a ground base of burgundy mahagony, on strong erect square stems: perfect for a very showy standard. Showy violet blue flpwers mid-winter. This Tony Falco find (at the Japanese exhibit at the 1984 New Yor..
Coleus Pineapple Queen [hyb]
Stock Number: 41092
Traditional cultivar for standards: heavily textured lime- gold leaves with deep maroon petioles; seldom blooms. Easy. ..
Coleus Sloppy Painter
Stock Number: 23732
Wide central golden amber and lime centers outline with a reddish coppery band bleeding into a pumpkin blushed green edge. Much wider and faster growing than 'Saturn' mom. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus rehneltianus Swiss Sunshine
Stock Number: 55659
Very petite cascading selection: small bright yellow leaves with scalloped ochre edges & speckling w/ bright rose & violet central flames bleeding out into a veined mosaic--very delicate design on a vigorous cultivar. Sport long maintained by Florence Sunn who shared it with us--and who dese..
Coleus Craze Collection II
Stock Number: 99483
We also can concentrate of ochre/yellow tones, reddish beacons to pinkish tones, or demonic purples when gathering your 10 plants – If you order more than one Coleus Craze Collection I or II you will most likely receive a few duplicates of the same cultivar, as the selection on these changes each we..
Coleus Amazon
Stock Number: 55628
Solid golden ochre leaves elaborately ruffled around quilted medallion centers-- looks like an absolutely mad basil plant bred on Mars. Upright sturdy habit; one of the very few ochre yellow color types holding up well in winter windows. Certainly more chill tolerant than most of the gold/ochre leav..
Coleus Chocolate Bear Paw [Big Foot]
Stock Number: 51729
Very showy frilled deeply fingered medallion leaves with deep yummy rosey purple tones accented with pink veins and bright creamy edged ruffles and flounces. This rates very low on the Macho scales--one look at these flounces will tell you it cannot remember even one football score! ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Fishnet Stockings
Stock Number: 53381
Ample golden lime leaves with a striking mosaic of purple to mahognay veins. Will NOT be shipped until very warm conditions as drops both leaves and roots with any chill. Needs warm root zone temps. Our customers report this to be a disaster as a house plant. But it is so very very beautiful1..
Out of Stock
Coleus Jupiter
Stock Number: 55518
A very lacy fingered type with tiny furled finger leaves of deep blackish mahogany-purple edged avacado. Not as vigorous as many of the new hybrids, yet this old Victorian heirloom from England sill lends lacy charm. ..
Coleus Pineapple Tart
Stock Number: 53726
Golden lime leaves with pale flame on purple stems widely arching. Easy culture. New for 2013...
Coleus Snowflake [hyb]
Stock Number: 42235
Rich maroon novelty leaves with slim Nile green edgings are most elaborately crested & branched from central fingered wavy segments--from Vern Ogden. ..
Coleus rehneltianus Telltale Heart
Stock Number: 66947
Heavily substanced small heart leaves of livid olive quite dramatically centered chocolate maroon, veined pink. Very modest size with horizontal branching--A selection from Glasshouse Works. ..
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