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Coleus Bombshell
Stock Number: 49465
A Frieling hybrid with 'Kong Mosaic' paternity--but unlike papa, this very wide leaved stunner displays very regular color bands and maintains year 'round foliage--but most importantly, does not form summer bloomspikes to mar a planting.. (NOT Baker's 'Blond Bombshell'). From the number of re-orders..
Out of Stock
Coleus Dipt In Wine
Stock Number: 55514
Very wide billowy leaves of intense ochre with lower third colored rich crimson as if "dipped"; shared by Doug Ruhren, this candidate for standards has become a basic over the years for bold bedding schemes. Similar to 'Atlas' (which lacks the vivid reddish purples of this hybrid) and hopelessly con..
Coleus Hue Dude
Stock Number: 53187
Upright rose blushed stems support thickly substanced leaves of rich mintgreen with yellow centers veined violet, but earning its name with the elaborately flounced margins with their maroon mascara edges. Recent Frieling hybrid much larger statured than the similarly colored 'Dappled Dawn.'...
Coleus Parrot Jargon
Stock Number: 23753
Wide bright basil green leaves with deep burgundy red centers accented with bold pinkish red herringbone veins radiating out--the whole splashed dried blood red and straw yellow. Busy designs betray 'Purple Pumpernickle' heritage. New for 2013...
Coleus Saturn
Stock Number: 55604
Very bold, very distinctive: The lime-gold center is vividly contrasted with the wide dark red border, then barely echoed by the lime tipped scalloped edge. Good in a basket for the "gold medallion" sections give a stained glass effect; excellent self branching wide habit. Not as vigorous as its var..
Out of Stock
Coleus Victorian Carnival
Stock Number: 66999
Very beautiful crinkled leaves of pink, taupe, mauve, & palest rosy creme: a pastel version of 'Victorian Ruffles' selected by Doug Lohman. Excellent habit & a needed color ..
Coleus Black Night
Stock Number: 32504
Widely fingered pine green leaves (somewhat fragile in substance) with purplish maroon designs surrounding the central raised medallion veined violet. A hopeful, not descriptive, name. ..
Coleus Bronze God
Stock Number: 51773
Wide thick coppery mahogany leaves with bright green edge; strong colorful progeny of 'Mr. Wonderful.' ; typically develops a remarkable sheen as fall approaches...
Coleus Drama Queen
Stock Number: 50569
Brilliant carmine leaves slashed with blood burgundy & plum and dashingly accented with a bold rim of acid ochre; a sport of 'Careless Love' selected and reselected by Ken Frieling. Certainly one of the best and most reliable container successes with richly saturated color emphasized by the elegant ..
Coleus Hurricane Louise
Stock Number: 56585
Tall statured plant with feathery mint toned leaves with rose centers framed by rusty canberry halo; pale eye. Grown in sun: white heart ending in spear of pink, framed in rose fading to scalloped quince green borders; big statured self-branching favorite. A very Victorian look. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Penney [hyb]
Stock Number: 42330
Unique foliage: triangular leaves with wide scallops are solid pale copper-olive veined magenta from the center; perfect complement to all other colors. A Vern Ogren hybrid making a perfect foil for hotter colors in your collection, as well as self-branching into a low wide pyramid attractive in any..
Coleus Savvy
Stock Number: 49476
"Optical Delusion Coleus" From a distance, seems to be an orange sheened tall exclamtion mark; but close us the violet stems hold purplish leaves suffused with dusky copper ochre blush. Cupped edges deep cantalope. Quite wonderful, dramatic..
Out of Stock
Coleus Violet Tricolor
Stock Number: 66722
Wide leaves of fern green zoned chocolate mauve with a center of bright violet darkening to screaming magenta in full sun. Larger statured than rehneltianus tribe, yet lateral habit will create a cascading spilage of Victorian colors. For the traditionalists amoung you: this has the old heirloom Col..
Coleus Butterfly
Stock Number: 55612
"Butterfly Coleus" Lacinate leaves with purples and olives (like a pastel 'Snowflake' with three tiers) on strong central stems making this heirloom hybrid a natural for small standards. Never flashy, always charming, especially when combined with bolder leaved hybrids. ..
Coleus Caesar
Stock Number: 53723
Wide spreading habit; wide oval crimped leaves of rose red and lavender sprinkles ringed with guacomole green frills. New for 2013...
Coleus Ella Cinders
Stock Number: 54487
Dark olive designs never repeating on the dusky purpled trim foliage--different light intensities and different levels of fertilizing bring out several tone ranges. Resultingly, no really accurate photo seems possible for this conservatory creature. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus India Frills [Species?]
Stock Number: 42143
Marvelous compact mounds of tiny lacinate fingered ochre leaves with elaborate pink and purple designs--intricate, very delicate effect; a perfect very low carpeter popular in any bed or window pot adding a hot Mexican color palette. Original brought to us by H. Hansoti from Calcutta in the mid-seve..
Coleus Perilla Warfare
Stock Number: 43143
A very dark chocolate toned sport of 'Perilla Magilla' with the same habit and vigor of the original. Anyone suspect a Chris Baker name here? New for 2013...
Coleus Schizophrenia
Stock Number: 55618
Brilliant slashings of violet, carmine, & carmel on strong widely branched shrub which reaches impressive proportions in a very short period of time. Possibly same as 'Spectrum' The four images listed with this entry show the plant at different times of the year, a very changeable cultivar!..
Coleus rehneltianus Green & Gold Queen
Stock Number: 59184
Lovely compact form with small yellow lime leaves, with deeply scalloped edges & cheerful straw toned flamed centers. Perfect splash of cascading gold foliage for your urn or windowbox designs. Always popular as a bright compation and contrast to the other trailers. ..
Coleus Cardinal
Stock Number: 66762
"Cardinal Coleus" Dusky rose red leaves with wide lime crenations Heirloom type. Like the cardinals at the birdfeeder, this is deservedly popular because it is colorful and quite unabashed. ..
Coleus caninus
Stock Number: 55657
Odoriferous succulent leaves, slightly viscous, on tumbling thick stems; attractive curosity--but when leaves are crushed, beware the "Eau de Firehydrant" fragrance. We received this some years ago from Sydney Botanic Gardens via California's Quail Botanical Garden and are amused that this rather mo..
Coleus Cantigny Royale
Stock Number: 55695
Very tiny elaborately lobed mahogany maroon leaves tightly packed on muchbranched short toppling stems. Intensifies the similarly statured 'Purple Duckfoot,' 'Charlie McCarthy,' & 'India Frills' when planted as a group. From Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, Il. The touchstone by which any new mini must ..
Coleus Fancy Free
Stock Number: 53155
Fabulous Frieling hybrid with deeply crennate ruffled saturated creamy yellow leaves with pale maroon highlights & deep burgundy rims--set off by strong eggplant purple stems. Good wide habit; reliable vigor. ..
Coleus Inky Fingers
Stock Number: 66723
Much branched wide habit with amber & olive 'Duckfoot' type fingered wide leaves with central blood red & purple figuring. Wonderful in a giant basket or stiftly tumbling from an urn or windowbox. Considerably more tolerant of early fall chill than the bulk of its kith...
Coleus Peter Wonder [hyb]
Stock Number: 51724
Unique and beautiful hicolor plant--a pink and cream version of 'Stunnng' from Jaldety Nursery with a dazzling frothy look. Looks far to delicate to be the easy reliable outdoor performer it is. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Shiny Shoes [hort]
Stock Number: 23752
The "Black Patent Leather Coleus" without argument. Quite petite seashell leaves with crimped edges are unabashedly shiny black eggplant purple, thick substanced. Strong stems; holds winter foliage on strong stems; no flowering observed. ..
Coleus rehneltianus Odalisque
Stock Number: 69048
Purple eggplant black central heart, with livid magenta flame dramaticly accent the key lime green leaf margins typically highlighted with straw yellow sprinkles. From Jerry Stewart. More modest growth habit than the other sometimes rangy rehneltianus cultivars with an outstanding clarity and purity..
Coleus Gay's Delight
Stock Number: 55956
Bright golden ochre cupped leaves of heavy substance are boldly designed with radiating bright maroon purple veins.  Very heat and sun tolerant favorite with a wide low habit. ..
Coleus Alligator
Stock Number: 56747
Congested Lohman critter not to be "seeya later"--rumpled wide liver toned chocolate leaves with guilded scaled violet and John Deere green brushings. Bizarre fasciation of stems may look like pulled licorice; like kelp or something evolving (devolving?) under the sea. For those who see Coleus colle..
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