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Coleus Bipolar Bigolly
Stock Number: 23758
A more highly toned 'Schizophrenia' with dustings of ocher and red at the center of the leaf fading to pale violets, rose read, and wheat white at the tips--all with random deep maroon dustings. Needs full sun to achieve effect...
Coleus Creamy Dreamy
Stock Number: 49470
Wide habit with much branching to create an amazing pale confection of soft apricot leaves with dark pink and violet dustings (in ful sun), ochers in shade. We trialed this Frieling.hybrid repeatedly as would seem too delicate for bedding--but it passes the full sun and stiff wind tests everytime. O..
Coleus Golda
Stock Number: 59399
Very broad golden yellow leaves of heavy substance on strong stems which reliably self-branch. Good choice for a yellow gold bedder, especially as the leaves seldom discolor as do many yellow types we have trialed over the years. We thank Peter Kopp for this one. ..
Coleus Meteor
Stock Number: 53181
Excellent growth rate soon forming a wide mound of handsome eye-catching bright red leaves with showy amber lime margins and purple rouged hearts. Excellent bedding or urn subject. (Various clones now seem to share this name.) ..
Coleus Red Coat
Stock Number: 55634
Crimson red leaves bordered with bright yellow ochre. Most dramatic contrast in any border. More cranberry red (in full sun) than 'Defiance,' which we no longer propagate (for tends to split as ages); 'Red Coat' one of the basics used by many public display gardens for a carpet of carmine. ..
Coleus The Line
Stock Number: 55527
A tall elegant pyramidal masterpiece from Doug Ruhren w/ golden ochre elongated flame leaves with only the central vein bright magenta-purple; this is the one Martha Stewart uses in her container planting segment regularly replayed on T.V. channels. This hybrid does poorly if subjected to any chill...
Coleus [plectranthus] thyrsoideus
Stock Number: 41100
"Flowering Coleus" This is a clone we received from Longwood Gardens some twenty plus years ago. We have been told that the flower is not exactly as it should be to be the true form. Order with this in mind. The picture is of our clone. We have included pictures from one of our customers here also. ..
Coleus Black Cherry Ribbon
Stock Number: 51772
Very current appeal with petite foliaged self branching selection perfect in many usese. Tight buns of diamond shaped wildly lobed mini leaves of blush pink shading to rose, banded chocolate and champagne. Ever so darling...
Coleus Criminal Barbie
Stock Number: 49469
So very weird Gothic in appearence: a very naughty Coleus with narrow puckered leaves of jade green with maroon licorice and coppery lime highlights along the slim scaber leaves with tortured cut edges. Excellent for the miniature garden as remains petite while radiating serious attitude. We cannot ..
Coleus Goody Goody
Stock Number: 59407
Fantastically showy big wide leaves with the lime centers accented with plum purple mottled flouncy margins; changes with levels of light and temperatures--but alwyas dramatic. ..
Coleus Metalica
Stock Number: 53177
A nearly "Metal Coleus" with polished pebbly surface deep John Deere green and dramatic jagged eggplant purple edged leaves angled at a battle station position this makes for one of the most unique offspring of Lohman's 'Krispy Kritter.' ..
Coleus Red Ruffles
Stock Number: 55693
Rose red leaves with chablis veins emphatically enhanced by the lime rimmed fluted & lobed margins--heirloom with wide self branching habit. An heirloom variety with delicate appearance, yet a relatively vigorous performer in light or deep shade. We have noted that plants offered at some of the big ..
Coleus Thunderhead
Stock Number: 23740
Truly a "Christmas Storm" with deep maroon and electric magenta slashing through shades of olive and lime--more vividly contrasted color and decidedly smaller statured than its 'Christmas Candy' pollen parent...
Coleus Butter Kutter
Stock Number: 55510
Doug Lohman selection with bright yellow & ochre sabre leaves tufted over fasciating stems resembling wide ribbons, then wild cockscombs as the season progresses. Merely fabulous--but beware that the fasciation start forming in mid to late summer, very seldom earlier. So this is an excellent cho..
Coleus Black Lace
Stock Number: 57505
Very frilled 'Cantigny Royale' sport forming petite tumbling mounds of frothy purple foliage developing a faint cabbage green edge in lower light; this excellent Charles Downer find seems to have developed an awkward alias of 'Duckfoot Midnight' in Florida trade. Renaming plagues the Coleus offering..
Coleus Dappled Dawn
Stock Number: 51766
Handsome low habit: tidy self-heading type. Small pale ochre to wasabi green sabre leaves with quite bright white central flames strikingly accented by the row of white gold dots along every margin.While sharing parallel colors, this Frieling hybrid is smaller statured and more wide in habit than th..
Coleus Grape Expectations
Stock Number: 59409
Chris Baker's "Grape Colored Coleus" not only provides the most dazzling true coolaid vivid solid color to any design or planting, but has never been observed to bloom: not ever! Strongly textured foliage on determinedly fastigate stems, but easily pinched to form a wide outlined habit. ..
Coleus Night Skies [Starry Night]
Stock Number: 55630
Dark purpled leaves with umber tones strewn with lemon gold starry dots. Low statured, small featured enough for small containers. Also popular as a winter greenhouse foliage star...
Coleus Red Ulrich
Stock Number: 66959
Excellent potential for standards as the striking square maroon stems are fastigate, cloaked with dark cocoa purple & scarlet sienna leaves frilling out from a central violet medallion; edged in true bullfrog green; excellent hight in an urn with very bright, yet feathery fastigate appearance. We do..
Coleus Tilt A Whirl
Stock Number: 67000
Distinctive furled circular leaves of muted heather to mahogany with zagged lime edges and feathered centers; always a great color contrast to the golden skirted 'Diane's Gold' and (along with 'Killer Klown') the final perfect flouncy companion for 'Flirtin' Skirts'! ..
Coleus Cathy's Sunset
Stock Number: 49468
Certainly the brightest and most highly skirted to date: the very bright lemon yellow leaves, each with a clever lime heart, are extremely flounced and skirted (enclosing the stem completely) with very ruffled crennations--far more fingered than 'Killer Gold' with a brighter yellow margin.. Soooooo ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Black Magic
Stock Number: 55660
Modestly statured upright habit with mahogany purple dragon leaves beautifuly outlined in avacado margined scallops, repeated with lime encircled central raised medalion. Very reliable; always popular sturdy grower (even though not very black!) whether used in bedding, urns, or a windowsill pot.One ..
Coleus Dark Frills [India]
Stock Number: 66721
A sport of 'India Frills' selected by Charles Downer with a very dark dramatic center fingering. ..
Coleus Heidi
Stock Number: 49448
Small crennate leaves of rich rose with highlights of violet and chocolate with flecks of lime--very very Victorian hues. Forms a tidy rounded habit. The basil spotted leaves are held quite horizontally in precise fussy ranks--"Terribly Tidy." One of those always reordered each year. ..
Coleus Olympic Torch
Stock Number: 66929
Widely self branching to form a flame of small saber leaflets-- each with red, mahogany & copper designs framed by scalloped mint green edges: all the colors of fall ..
Coleus Religious Radish
Stock Number: 32507
Rich reds overlaid with maroon-chocolates radiating from the center; probably an old heirloom selection as has the colors of 'Crazy Quilt' & is used extensively in Canadian bedding (yes: tolerates the first fall chills rather well). Absolute favorite of many of our customers as the clone we have sel..
Coleus Tweety Bird
Stock Number: 58343
Slim tiny basil green leaves flamed with scarlet red centers thickly produced on the short upright self-branching stems...
Coleus Krispy Kritter
Stock Number: 66838
A rich black maroon Lohman creation with more compact & far deeper 3-d ruffles than 'Othello.' Showy spires of violet flowers early winter for a windowsill show. Extremely popular over-the-top fastigate hybrid. Quite a remarkable presence. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Bling Bling
Stock Number: 49464
Vigorous progeny of 'David' with slashes of maroon, parchment pale lilac and even cantalope & apricot tones on an elaborately lobed leaf held on long elegant petiole to give a lacy fluttery effect. This Frieling hybrid successfully brings other nearby colors together and the excellent billowing ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Dark Star
Stock Number: 55633
The darkest of all the so-called black coleus we sell. Blackish purple wide leaves closely spaced on self branching ebony-violet stems. For the "Black Garden"; very flat foliage with only slight ruffling. Deservedly popular despite its somewhat squat slow growing nature. Not as tall nor as vigorous ..
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