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Coleus Apocalypse
Stock Number: 50564
Yet more drama from Frieling: A big dark tower of wide thick substanced deep chocolate velour leaves (closely packed like a stack of shingles) widely flared with violet veins and with dramatic ginseng green cut margin. So far blooms abort (this is a good thing for garden designers); seems to tolerat..
Coleus Christmas Candy
Stock Number: 42333
leaves randomly splashed with rose red, magenta, cream and deep green. The brightest leaf, making this our best seller on sight--and after offering this for many years, we still ship out more of this magnificent creature than any other Coleus hybrid...
Coleus Flirtin' Skirts
Stock Number: 54043
Stout short stems engulfed by hemispherical furled scalloped & pinked leaves in rich designs--in full sun these rounded clasping leaves turn near-gold. Very unique distinctive prize from the Downers which never fails to suggest that Edward Scissorshands has been at this with his pinking sheers...
Coleus Killer Rose
Stock Number: 49433
Fully skirted leaves of rosy bronze--perfect with the skirted 'Diane' or 'Flirtin'Skirts.' Dark dusky purple tones heightened by the (sometimes not apparent) pastel lime central flame. Dishy and dramatic self branching quite sturdy specimen. ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Pink Heartthrob
Stock Number: 43125
Wide chocolate umber leaves fading to rich olive edges with dramatic wide central bright pink flame which shades into pale lilac in fall temps. Frieling hybrid with wide habit & strong substance. New for 2013...
Coleus So Obvious
Stock Number: 51779
Dour reddish mahogany leaves with striking herringbone (veins) patterns of pink and rose, all framed by crennations tipped bright mint. Seems tolerant of less than perfect environment even on a window sill. Frieling's cross of "Kingwood Rose' x 'Screaming Raspberry.'..
Coleus rehneltianus Telltale Heart
Stock Number: 66947
Heavily substanced small heart leaves of livid olive quite dramatically centered chocolate maroon, veined pink. Very modest size with horizontal branching--A selection from Glasshouse Works. ..
Coleus Kiwi Fern
Stock Number: 66725
Distinctive slim dusky carmine leaves deeply fingered and rimmed in ochre.  Soon forms a demure tidy tuffet of lacy foliage. ..
Coleus Atlas
Stock Number: 55624
Very large cupped leaves with flame patternd purple border. Pinks & violets with verdent green centers--but less contrast than the similar 'Dipt 'n Wine'; heavy substance makes this a natural for standards. ..
Coleus Cock Of The Walk
Stock Number: 51769
Wide ruffled, fluted leaves dappled like the forest canopy with rich creamy ochre and pale yellow veins; quite impressive on the upright wide spreading stout stems. Strong bedding plant living up to its name. Frieling hybrid now the supreme ochre. New for 2013...
Coleus Frizzy Yellow
Stock Number: 49443
Tiny deeply lobed and fingered leaves form a froth of bright yellow with undertones of bronzy lime. Petite stature, yet self branching and decidedly more tolerant of an early fall chill than most of the dwarf hybrids. ..
Coleus Lime Frill
Stock Number: 55638
Beautiful chartreuse lime leaves with cream colored netting. Leaves are frilled and ruffled--much flounce per ounce; and easily grown. ..
Coleus Plum Frost
Stock Number: 55954
Downer's sport of 'Purple Emperor' adds a rich nile green to the center of each elaborately crested black purple leaf-- will morph to purple olive center colors during intense heat. Much easier to grow than the old rigidly upright (and typcially seldom branching) 'Purple Emperor.' Always among the t..
Coleus Sorcerer
Stock Number: 51941
Fabulous "Black Coleus" with thickly substanced foliage saturated deepest purple...
Coleus rehneltianus Trailer Park Princess
Stock Number: 58330
A Baker's Acres production number. Very multibranched laterally oriented character with pairs of small leaves of multiple tones accented by clear pink centers. More compact than most of the tribe. Happiest when it is grown inside a rubber tire planter. ..
Coleus Limerick
Stock Number: 55582
A new big boned hybrid from Frieling with major drama as its trademark.  Strong stems cloaked with rusty burgundy leaves, veined violet, with elaborate crinkled 3-D margines of ochre flames.  Produces no summer or fall bloom spikes.  So far. ..
Coleus Big Chief
Stock Number: 49463
Heap big showy. In the Spring, wide yellow leaves with lacy purple veined central medallion slashed through the center with deep maroon, the flounced petticoat margins richly crennate. Summer color is darker. Note the photos. Similar to 'Tiger Lily' but keeps winter foliage better and far less likel..
Out of Stock
Coleus Collin's Gold
Stock Number: 55957
Pert small lime leaves with bright pastel lemon margins neatly scalloped; excellent bedding selection; very sun tolerant upright straw toned heavily branched reliable creature with excellent color in the winter conservatory. True: various others are gold while this is straw-lemon; but we did NOT nam..
Coleus Fusion
Stock Number: 66915
Very wide pastel yellow-lime leaves; central violet & maroon veins (unlike 'The Line' parent) bleed out to suffuse the center with pale violets. Good wide selfbranching habit make this a classic bedding & container performer. Charles Downers' selection has beome a basic over the years. ..
Coleus Lord Voldemort
Stock Number: 66813
Perfect for training as a standard at a funeral home: The strong erect blackish stems are cloaked with closely held heavy spruce green leaves with a dark pecan to burgundy stain sinking into the deep veins. Very vigorous Frieling hybrid originally so trendy, now merely reliable...
Coleus Purple Duckfoot [Species?]
Stock Number: 41096
Compact dwarf globes of tiny purple short-lobed web-foot leaves tightly overlapping on self-heading stems; non-blooming mini excellent for light gardening or outdoor bedding edger. Called "Mars Coleus" on East Coast, this is a perfect addition to any urn, windowbox, or patio container (some customer..
Coleus Sunstroke
Stock Number: 53182
Giant golden leaves dappled straw blond along the veins; cassis blushed stems. A massive presence derived from a Frieling cross of 'Japanese Giant' and 'Amazon.' Not advised for the timid grower or the miniature garden...
Coleus rehneltianus Trailing Queen
Stock Number: 41097
"Victorian Basket Coleus' Square, widely cascading stems clothed in small leaves zoned emerald, brownish-purple, then pink at the heart. Violet lipped fls. Traditional heirloom considered by some to be very close to the original species form--the one your grandmother grew all winter in a mason jar f..
Coleus Camillia/Camille
Stock Number: 66726
A small statured self branching rounded glory with soft roses, delicate mauves, pinks and avacado with a rusty champague halo.  As many order this every year even when unlisted, we re-introduce this lovely hybrid. ..
Coleus Big Red
Stock Number: 55690
Erect plants cloaked in dusky red rose leaves, betraying no orange or purple (altho veins are violet) tones when in full sun, each scallop edged a solid John Deere green. This hybrid richly deserves its continued popularity--one of those reordered every season by the coleoholics ..
Coleus Crazy Quilt [hyb]
Stock Number: 41091
Maroon-red surface patched dark wine and ochre--splendid if trained as a low standard; excellent in tropical bedding. One of the original Coleus offerings in the old Country Hill Greenhouse catalogue (for which we grew): and still an excellent choice for continers, even keeping up a good appearance ..
Out of Stock
Coleus Glennis
Stock Number: 42331
Rich chartreuse leaves with chocolate traceries & violet veins beautiful on the small wide leaves. Relilable, wide spreading (self-branching) subtle toned favorite--tolerating neglect with grace, and some early fall chill with indiference. Like 'Penny,' enhances the color of any companion planting. ..
Coleus Maelstrom
Stock Number: 49473
Wide crennate hyroponic green foliage (think sea green) with slashings of licorice purple, carmine, cream and lime tip the wide crennate edge; forms a short, wide profile in the bed or container--giving a bluish cast from a distance (especially if you squint and stand on your head).. ..
Coleus Purple Emperor [hyb]
Stock Number: 41093
Highly fluted, crested solid black-purple foliage. This is the traditional classic for black foliaged standards because very seldom branches at all. For wide branching foliage of this color, see 'Othello' and 'Dark Star' which do not require staking; a more vigorous sport is 'Plum Frost,' offered ab..
Coleus Swallowtail [golondrina]
Stock Number: 51801
Narrow elongated yellow lime leaves with a central pale pale rose center with purple & coffee toned traceies; the margins are elaborately ruffled and fluted. As the many branchlets interstice a stunning pyramid of lacy froth develops. ..
Out of Stock
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