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Alternanthera Purple Knight [hort]
Stock Number: 51710
Low spreading (or cascading) carpet of glossy crisped wide leaves of metallic purplish tones. Quite attractive combined with container or windowbox groupings--do not confuse this with the far more narrow leved A. polygonoides. Popular for rich color and rapid growth rate. This is available in seed catalogues from time ...
Alternanthera versicolor Snowball
Stock Number: 40026
Heavily branched stemlets of this "Ocean Froth" plant bear dainty leaves splashed brilliant white. Truly a "White Wonder." Flower inflorescence a froth of white--incredible as house plant, greenhouse showoff, and outdoor summer container accent. (AND: the skirt of Snow White at Disneyworld.)
Althernanthera ficoidea Red Bitsy
Stock Number: 58461
The truly "Miniature Calico Plant" with tiny elongated maroon and purpled red leaf pairs tightly packed on branching erect stemlets--forming tuffets of reddish bronze in full sun. Forms a wide tightly growing mound without pinching. Certainly the darling of terrarium designers.
Amarygia Naked Lady [hyb]
Stock Number: 58420
Rare tropical "naked Lady Hybrid" an outstanding bigeneric cross between Amaryllis belladonna and a Brunsvigia species with late summer umbels of showy fragrant funnel shaped blossoms emerging with white petals fading to pink. Strap leaves appear only during the winter. Needs full light and careful fertilizing to bloom...
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Amaryllis belladona
Stock Number: 51008
Received from the USDA as "Amaryllis belladona"--probably Z8 winter hardy.  After the late fall and winter month's large distichous strap leaved foliage dies down in early summer; eventually mature bulbs produce solitary nodding rich pink waxy trumpet shaped flower clusters early fall. Not the common winter hardy ...
Amomum xanthioides
Stock Number: 53133
Robert Newman sent this distinctive ginger to us from China. Scented elongated leaves flatly ranked along erect stems; Cone like heads form pale sulphur blossoms under the foliage . Sent as divisions.
Out of Stock
Amorphophallus Konjac [rivieri]
Stock Number: 30582
"Voo Doo Bulb" or "Umbrella Arum" from SE Asia. Fingered, whorl-crescent lf over purple-spotted petiole (the hollow stalk); fetid liver-purple spathe; edible corms (preparation, however, remains obscure in the literature). Also known as "Devil's Tongue" or "Leopard Palm," this is winter hardy for us here in Z6 in a ver...
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Elegans
Stock Number: 70018
Crop available mid summer. Small-leaved "Porcelain Vine" with deeply lobed leaves splashed with white and pink; by September this beautifully laced and frosted foliage will be accented by lilac to blue hard polished berries in attractive clusters. Handsome Asian vine
Amsonia hubrichtii
Stock Number: 83087
Rare "Narrow Leaf Bluestar" species with narrow needle leaves on erect wirestems; starry blue blossoms in showy clusters appear quite early on. Entire plant turns a brilliant bright yellow in early fall, creating quite a visual display as its last seasonal hurrah.
Anacampseros rufescens [arachnoides]
Stock Number: 60512
"Good Luck Plant" Mat of spiral rosettes of purplish-brown fat-angled leaves with white cobwebbing in the axils, over odd thickened bulb-like root; beautiful magenta-pink "Rose Moss" type flowers are produced if given full sun.
Anamea Scorpio [hyb]
Stock Number: 52045
Endlessly popular "Miniature Pineapple." Arched rosettes of very decorative stiff foliage from which emerge stout short stalks topped with a highly decorative inflorescence resembling a miniature pineapple (Ananas being part of this most famous Ed Hummel intergeneric hybrid bromeliad). In time an entire highly "modern ...
Ananas fritzmuelleri (variegatus)
Stock Number: 52307
"Variegated Pineapple" Striking selection of the commercial pineapple with striping of green, white, and pink; small fruit is rose toned. Fabulous in a greenhouse; striking as a windowsill subject; eyecatching in a container composition.
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Anchomanes difformis
Stock Number: 31238
Amazing African cousin of the "Voo Doo" tribe with wildlike leaflets {pinnatisect} crazily perched on the prickly stalk spotted magenta arising from substantial bulb (has dormancy cycle); blackish spadix pulpit spotted purple with a pale jack inside. Difficult to ship when in leaf.
Out of Stock
Anemone vitifolia robustissima [hort]
Stock Number: 80044
"Grapeleaf Anemone" Vigorous perennial elevating soft pink saucer-shaped flowers (sepals) on slim stems over the jagged foliage from September thru October. Now more properly Anemone tomentosa robustissima. A stunning show of masses of elegant billowy pink fall flowers Seems to perform best here in gravel laden moist s...
Anisodontea Elegant Lady
Stock Number: 49457
Wine veined magenta Hibiscus blossoms, everblooming if given full sun and good fertilizer, along the upright maroon toned stems cloaked with attractive deeply fringered foliage. Most attractive in containters.
Anthericum fruticosum
Stock Number: 65573
Easily grown caudiform: from swollen surface roots arises a thick succulent trunk topped with a crown of fat strap leaves (not unlike a Dracaena experiencing a bad hair day); finally ending with slim wands of white starflowers. Eventually quite impressive; very long lived, becoming a handsome member of your caudiform p...
Anthurium aemulum [heterophyllum]
Stock Number: 30121
"Finger Leaf Plant" An easy climber with dark green fleshy palmate leaves and cute mini green spathe flowers; equally effective weaving itself among other plants or densely clambering a wire support or mossed pole as an attractive ring of green sci-fi rootlets emerge from each leaf node. Easy houseplant
Anthurium andreanum Bright Orange
Stock Number: 30113
Glossy waxed brilliant orange flowers; attractive heart-shaped leaves. We have large plants of this available at this time. They are blooming sized
Out of Stock
Anthurium andreanum Pepsi Love
Stock Number: 56818
Fabulous richly waxed "Obake" type rose red blossoms ornately edged and veined basil green. Strong foliage.
Anthurium andreanum Red Obake
Stock Number: 71952
Crayon red spathed "Flamingo Flower" with large waxy green-edged spathes over the heart-shaped foliage. Often in limited supply.
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Anthurium andreanum White
Stock Number: 32114
Large elongated glossy leaves accent the impressively sized ivory white spathe punctuated with the central ochre spadix. This is truly are large bloom. First time offered by Glasshouse Works. Best in good humidity & bright light for best flower production.
Out of Stock
Anthurium clarinervium
Stock Number: 30778
Not available at this time. Check below for the Anthurium crystalinum. Beautiful heartleaf forms. Fantastic wide leathery heart leaves with prominent pewter brushed white veins; compact stature; needs humidity to thrive indoors.
Out of Stock
Anthurium lanceolatum [hort]
Stock Number: 30463
Florida clone with appearance of a large A. scandens: shaggy upright stems with small slim leathery leaves; undistinguished green-spathed inflorescenceorescence followed by attractive pearly clusters of fruit. Of easy culture, this modest winner is now marketed as the "Mother of Pearl" vine because the berries are so a...
Anthurium Mickey Mouse [hyb]
Stock Number: 30125
Dwarf hybrid with delightful shinny scarlet blossoms flared out into ear-like lobes tinted greenish; clumping habit. Difficult to bloom.
Anthurium radicans
Stock Number: 30147
We now have limited numbers of large plants available. Prostrate creeping dwarf species with metalic pustulate leaves. creating a waffled carpet in a large terrarium or as a low light houseplant grown in a pebble tray; but be prepared to be patient as this is very slow to produce the next leaf.Absolutely fabulous in a ...
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Aptenia cordifolia major variegata
Stock Number: 68472
Succulent chrystaline embedded surfaces on fleshy leaf pairs strickingly margined ivory on fleshy cascading stems with showy clusters of rich maroon red flowers; "The Giant Sun Rose" needs full light, adequate light, and constant warmth to reach its full potential.
Aptenia lancifolia
Stock Number: 60195
Succulent "Ice Plant" mat with many rose red rayed blossoms. Famous as "Hearts & Flowers" always popular in summer outdoor plantings of tubs, urns, and windowboxes, perfect in a succulent wreath.
Aptenia Species White Flower
Stock Number: 60969
Curious deeply and dramatically cascading vine with white starry blossoms produced with great abandon. May be a Delosperma species--still in debate. A popular favorite among hobbyists for outdoor summer urns and windowboxes when the design demands a reliable rapidly cascading accent plant--that is, a dependable "spille...
Aralia spinosa
Stock Number: 89170
North American "Hercules' Club" named for the stout spiny short trunks bearing the lacy foliage & huge panicles of white blossoms (which have the same outline as the impressive inflorescence of Fatsias). Gives an immediate tropical effect to a temperate zone garden. Cheapest way to quickly create a very big effect....
Aristolochia grandiflora
Stock Number: 66719
The Jamaican "Pelican Flower" vine with large "bent pipe" shaped flowers veined & dappled chocolate purple, accented with a long tail--some find the greyish netted flowers' scent to be rather foul. While always a remarkable drama in any greenhouse; some customers report success letting this become the attractive &a...
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