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Solanum jasminoides album variegatum
Stock Number: 54109
Handsome "Variegated Nightshade Jasmine" with each fingered lf of butter yellow accented with a central green & ochre flame; clusters of yellow beaked white flowers. A vining shrub lovely trained on a small wreath or allowed to trail down from a container.
Out of Stock
Solanum pseudocapsicum variegatum
Stock Number: 40923
"Variegated Jerusalem Cherry" Famous Christmas shrub with bright orange tomato berries which start as green striped white marbles strikingly posed above the thick white-margined, soft leaves--difficult to achieve, but what a knockout. Remember that this is not a good plant around children, as the temptingly attractive ...
Solanum rantonnetii Great Clorox Disaster
Stock Number: 58309
The variegated form of the Paraguayan "Blue Potato Tree" technically a strong vine, best staked as a standard, producing blue-violet flowers all year (then red berries) when grown warm; deciduous if cool in winter. Great new form of this plant in with variegated foliage and interesting flower. A tip of the hat to Baker...
Solanum seaforthianum
Stock Number: 42230
Vigorous "Brazilian Nightshade" vine with deeply lobed lacy pinnate leaves; bright purple-blue starry flowerss followed by pea-sized red berries--performs well only if give full sun.. Check for availability before ordering as this is typically only seasonally stocked as most of our customers grow this dangerous creatur...
Solanum [ Lycianthes] rantonnetii
Stock Number: 54579
The Paraguayan "Blue Potato Tree" technically a strong vine, best staked as a standard, producing blue-violet flowers all year (then red berries) when grown warm; deciduous if cool in winter. Totally charming plant in foliage and in flower.
Sparmannia africana
Stock Number: 42000
Traditional "Indoor Linden" still popular as the "Zimmerlinden" because it is a survivor. Woody stems support light green attractively haired leaves; winter clusters of white flowers with puffy yellow stamens (with purple tips) which move when touched appear in great numbers. (After which you might consider that some s...
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Spathiphyllum Domino [hyb]
Stock Number: 31476
We have various "Variegated Peace Lily" selections, but this is the most vibrantly streaked, mottled, richly colored one of all--with thick foliage tightly erect forming a compact vigorously clumping habit.
Out of Stock
Spathiphyllum Gale's Green [hyb]
Stock Number: 31255
Slim glossy leaves softly muted creamy milky green; "Peace Lily" waxy white flowers/bracts wave above this eye catching but subtlely variegated foliage; very thickly clumping.
Spathiphyllum Golden Viscount [hyb]
Stock Number: 30410
"Golden Peace Lily" Ivory bracts above the slim glossy golden ochre foliage--habit of 'Viscount,' but of far slower growth habit. Needs humidity and constant warmth to flourish--a challenge as a houseplant, but fabuous in the greenhouse.
Spathiphyllum Viscount [hyb]
Stock Number: 38164
Very narrow glossy leaves under one foot; small white spathes abundantly produced above like "White Sails" scented rather like mint candy (NOT so in my experience--but then I usually miss most fragrances). An heirloom hybrid valuable for its vertical habit.
Stock Number: 81903
Densely foliaged compact dwarf shrub with rust brown stems cloaked with leathery small leaves to foil the clusters of deep pink blossoms fading to rose.  Does well in containers.
Sprekelia formosissima
Stock Number: 51084
Formerly Amaryllis f. "Aztec Lily" or "Jacobean Lily" Flesh strap leaves; red flowers with 3 petals rolled together into a tube. Great traditional blooming bulb.
Stachys byzantina Helene Von Stein
Stock Number: 81917
Curious "Big Ears"--slowly wide-clustering carpets of large felted silvery-gray leaves maintain bright good color even in some shade; Z 4. Sterile selection originally offered as 'Countess von Zeppelin.'
Out of Stock
Stapelia gigantea
Stock Number: 60167
"Carrion Flower" Felted, angled stems with large balloon buts opening into yellowish starflowers lined in smokey red-brown with umber and white hairs. Flies love the penetrating odor. Sometimes sent as an ample cutting in dry perlite
Stapelia hirsuta
Stock Number: 60168
"Hairy Starfish" Felted stems bear large pink odoriferous blossoms with dull red stripes. Namaqualand. A vigorous grower if given good light. Seems to travel best as an ample cutting in dry perlite.
Stock Number: 83222
Attractive wide low rosettes of paddle shaped foliage from the strong arching umbrellas of silvery white flowers, sometimes blushed pink.  Valued for dry arrangements.
Stenotaphrum secundatum variegatum
Stock Number: 40927
"St. Augustine Grass" Stoloniferous basket trailer with Art Deco blunt-tipped blades banded white presented in two-dimensional fans sequencing along the wiry stems. Vigorous. Thriving in a bright window; popular as a dramatic "spiller" in urns and windowboxes; dramatic as a carpeting "lawn" in tropical settings.
Stephanotis floribunda
Stock Number: 40928
"Madagascar Jasmine" Beautiful clusters of waxy ivory, very fragrant tubular flowers on wiry stems; dark leathery leaves. Once considered a basic in bridal bouquets. Never allow the root zone to chill.
Stephanotis floribunda marginata
Stock Number: 66954
The leathery leaves of this "Variegated Madagascar Jasmine" are brightly margined ivory; same richly scented tubular blossom clusters. This is a slow to establish, yet handsome plant with all the best atributes of the original Madagascar Jasmine. We sometimes need to offer this as a propagate-to-order item as usually i...
Steudnera colocasiifolia
Stock Number: 30539
Semi-aquatic "Blue Caladium" gradually forming an erect Alocasia-like tuberous trunk topped with dusky blue-green lilypad leaves. Distinctive cousin of the Colocasia tribe, and like these cousins, if cooler temperatures prevail, will take a winter rest as a part of its agreement to be treated as if domesticated.
Strelitzia reginae
Stock Number: 40931
"Bird of Paradise" large leathery leaves fan out to perfectly set off the exotic orange & blue flowers emerging from the green boat-shaped spathes. Strong houseplant with good lite; blooms appear with maturity. This will outlive you. Does best in full sun, but not very demanding.
Strelitzia reginae juncea
Stock Number: 43009
mature rush like succulent petioles are leafless, thus the "Leafless Bird of Paradise"
Out of Stock
Streptocarpella Boysenberry Delight [hyb]
Stock Number: 20266
Soft succulent leaves foil the rosy-violet blossoms. Thick succulent stems eventually topple under the weight of the foliage, thus especially successful as a basket or urn subject--wonderful in windowboxes. And of course, a basic for lite gardners.
Out of Stock
Strobilanthes dyeranus [dyerianus] Exotica
Stock Number: 50070
"Persian Shield" Carmine highlights on wide shimmering copper-purple to blue metallic leaves; small blue flowers. This remarkable New Guinea native must have high humidity if kept throughout the winter (and thus is a challenge as a houseplant subject). Adds drama to any planting, but seriously objects to chill.
Strobilanthes flaccidifolius
Stock Number: 51736
Impressively statured "Vein Leaf Acanthus" with thickened veins so promnent as to be in relief. Showy plant quickly forming a showy quilted deep vertigris green filler in summer containers with wands of bluish flowers in the fall. The strongly ribbed foliage has proven to make this a successful houseplant as well..
Strobilanthes isophyllus
Stock Number: 50071
"Bedding Conehead" Masses of beautiful showy tubular lavender-blue flowers in mid-winter on branched, compact plants with dark green spear leaves, thus known as the "Willow-Leaf Strobilanthes." A seldom offered species from India grown (unlike most of this genus) for its blossoms more than for its willowy foliage.
Out of Stock
Strobilanthes lactatus
Stock Number: 50072
"Brazilian Shield" Shimmering purple green leaves with highly decorative zones of silver-white; Easy, reliable houseplant. Glorious as a conservatory groundcover; very electric when paired with 'Exotica.'
Out of Stock
Stromanthe sanguinea tricolor
Stock Number: 69049
Thick waxy deep jade leaves richly slashed with rouged ivory and pink tones, with grenadine reverses displayed in showy fans; tiny white flowers in red bracts. A knock out: fantastically variegated but not to be confused with Ctenanthe oppenheimiana tricolor, which achieves considerable girth in time.
Out of Stock
Sulcorebutia arenacea
Stock Number: 66077
Very deep green elongated globes with decorative ovals of tan toned spinelets ranked along the fat ribs; eventually offsets. Lovely yellow cacti blossoms. Although 'arenacea' refers to "sandy situations" best grown in a well drained mix. As sand tends to bog down soil mixes resulting in rot for most succulents.
Synadenium cupulare [arborescens]
Stock Number: 67358
"Sheba Valley Death Tree" once Euphorbia arborescens: Compact trunk studded with flat slightly splotched leaves held rigidly; nondescript green inflorescence last quite long. Very poisonous; once Euphorbia arborescens, so do avoid contact with the oddly colored milky sap. We probably should run a quick psych profile on...
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