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Agave victoria-reginae
Stock Number: 68340
Highly decorative hemispherical rosette of stiff blunt black green leaves with silvery-white margins. Mexican species requiring less intense light than most species, thus a natural for the sunny windowsill.
Agave victoria-reginae aureo-marginata
Stock Number: 68031
Once again available in very limited numbers; must have perfect drainate and high light concentrations. Compact prism leaves margined in yellow--a rare characteristically small statured clone.
Agave victoria-reginae ornata
Stock Number: 68033
"Miniature Agave" Very attractive dwarf with tiny papery white & tan edges; forms clump of rosettes eventually forming a fabulous jewel like hemisphere. Tolerates lower light than most of this genus.
Agave villmoriana monstrosa
Stock Number: 68345
Pearly gray swirled glaucous lvs thickly overlapping on the wide undulating crested trunk of this fabulous sci-fi monster. Easily grown into an impressive showwinner. From Hiroshi in Japan; our most sought after rare Agave cultivar.
Agave villmoriana Selection
Stock Number: 68319
Seldom seen "Blue Mexican Agave" gradually forming an essentially flat profiled rosette of smooth flat overlapping leaves with a pearly blue grey color in bright light growing conditions, each with a slightly horny tip and a somewhat undulant margin. These uniquely prostrate rosettes with their 'Octopus arms' leaves de...
Aglaomorpha coronans
Stock Number: 10677
"Crowning Bear's Claw Fern"  Deep green ornately lobed outarching "fronds" with sing like basal oak leaf pattern anchored on large sienna pelted showy rhizomes.  Very sturdy and reliable.  Often sold as Pseudodrynaria cornans.
Out of Stock
Aglaonema commutatum maculatum variegatum
Stock Number: 30586
The most beautiful form of the one of the most common of all Aglaonemas. While sturdy and robust, standing up to tough indoor conditions, it produces strikingly beautiful golden splotches on the chevroned leaf surfaces so that it remains among the choicest and most treasured of all plants among Asian collectors. Very l...
Out of Stock
Aglaonema commutatum picturatum alumina
Stock Number: 30498
"Aluminum Chinese Evergreen" Sturdy erect gray stems cloaked with beautiful thick dull-glossed silver lance leaves. Original plants from Zac Sarian's Phillipine collection. We also maintain named clones within this complex--watch the speciality lists for them to appear.
Aglaonema commutatum Red Edge
Stock Number: 22124
A new hybrid of the standard Aglaonema group with incredible coloring. Seems to be easily grown. Now also appearing as 'Thai Christmas'.
Aglaonema Lucky Red
Stock Number: 30635
Wide Rosettes of beautiful wide salmon pink and chartreuse leaves with mossy green rims.  You must avoid a deep pot with this plant. 
Aglaonema Manila Whorl
Stock Number: 30536
Stout stems present as waxy dramatic deep dreen leaves slashed with bright silver chevrons- a very dramatic, yet easy houseplant.
Out of Stock
Aglaonema modestum
Stock Number: 30743
Very reliable "Chinese Evergreen" survives any household. Reliable.Waxy dull green leaves clasp the succulent upright stems. This is the original green form, seldom found in the trade. Uncommon but still beautiful.
Aglaonema modestum variegatum
Stock Number: 30056
"Variegated Chinese Evergreen" A most stunning form of this species with heavy leaves splashed with pure ivory. Of easy culture.
Aglaonema tricolor Echo
Stock Number: 30782
This "Frogskin" selection has much wider leaves than the typical foliage of this pewter & green patterned species while keeping the thick lax stems--the succulent stems are not erect, but reclining. As with most "Chinese Evergreens" this flourishes in lower light and rich soil.
Aglaonema White Lance [hyb]
Stock Number: 30546
A vigorous nitidum hybrid with beautiful creamy gray green long lance-shaped leaves with showy white petioles' color extending on into the ivory midribs; saturated avacado green marigns add a final elegant touch. Tolerant of low light. As with all Aglaonemas, avoid chill.
Out of Stock
Agrostis stolonifera [hort]
Stock Number: 43113
Very dramatic, yet undemanding "Hanging Bamboo Grass" given the current marketing "Green Twist" boost as this finely bladed, thickly substanced subtropical grass soon becomes a most dramatic hanging basket subject--obviously a great favorite with the designers of "Green Walls." Never ever allow this to dry out as certa...
Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip
Stock Number: 88862
A very miniature tuffet (eventually a carpet if given a few years) of purple blushed cocoa bronze mouseear leaves; spikes of blue flowers (fading to dark blue purple) only 3" tall! From Valfredda nursery in Italy. Now we have a perfectly behaved "Bugleweed" appropriate for even small trough gardens and an excellent und...
Akebia quinata
Stock Number: 70017
Japanese selection of "Fiveleaf Akebia" with dark purplish- green palmately compound pinwheel leaves; fragrant clusters of unusual blossoms--chocolate purple pistillate and rose staminate. Odd violet-brown sausage pod opens to reveal a waxy fleshy pink interior with seeds. Very vigorous in our climate.
Albizia julibrissin Athens County
Stock Number: 71227
The ubiquitous "Mimosa Tree" from northern areas of India with wide spreading crown of elegantly arching limbs graced with intricately laced foliage and pink puffs of flowers. This is our local clone (Z6b) which rarely suffers winter killback unlike most more southern USA collections--tends to bloom from old growth eve...
Albuca crinifolia
Stock Number: 65001
Elegant strap leaves from glossy exposed surface spherical bulb from which arise wands of white lily flowers with red median stripes; from South Africa. At least two thirds of the bulb's volume needs to be above ground/soil level. Appearance of an Ornithogalum caudatum on serious steroids (but we have not noticed any s...
Allium August Confection
Stock Number: 88790
Heavily Clumping senescen hybrid with foot tall stems of showy light magenta pink balls of bloom early fall. A Mark McDonough selection of a very high performer. May remain evergreen in the deeper south.
Stock Number: 80031
An excellent compact beauty for container gardening.  From dividing succulent bases arise short thick disticous grey blades which artfully swirl to create a tostled tuffett.. Lovely heads of fragrant flowers as this "Curly Chives" clump matures
Alluaudia ascendens
Stock Number: 60506
OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Thick bowling pin trunks studded with leathery inverted heart-shaped leaves and ranked spines. Impressive specimen plants for a sunny window; stunning vertical accent in your greenhouse or conservatory. Madagascar creature.
Out of Stock
Alluaudia montagnacii
Stock Number: 60510
 Tall columnar, often slightly curving, woody trunk with silvery thorns tipped black; each decorative short thorn is accented with closely held leathery heart shaped oval leaves. Handsome. Availability uncertain as demand usually outstrips our propagations.
Out of Stock
Alluaudia procera
Stock Number: 60507
Erect silver-gray trunks ranked with loose spirals of gray tapered cone-like spines with paired oblong leaves which turn horizontally one year, vertically the next. Excellent house plant appearing to belong to the world of science fiction.
Alocasia (regulina) Black Velvet
Stock Number: 31249
A very compact selection with 8" rounded blackish green leaves with exotically veloured surfaces emboldened by irridescent creamy white veins. Borneo native perfect for terrariums. Much shorter statured than most species; this is very intolerant of prolonged chill.
Out of Stock
Alocasia amazonica Polly
Stock Number: 30090
"Scalloped Elephant Ear" Deep green lacquered leaves with dramatically raised bold white ivory veins which create a mask on the waxed leaves This is a more vigorous form than some species types, typically holding a greater number of leaves per stalk than most. Unlike many, tends to hold foliage on into winter with suff...
Out of Stock
Alocasia Baby Ray
Stock Number: 30103
This remarkable and striking miniature "Sting Ray Taro / Elephant Ear" stronly presents unusual heavy textured small wide green leaves shaped like a Sting Ray, with a long, upward pointing tail. Offsets to form charming clusters.  This Aroid is sensitive to chill, so expect winter dormancy if exposed to lower temp...
Out of Stock
Alocasia clypeolata [cuprea Greenback]
Stock Number: 30095
Apple green shield leaves; eventually forms lovely clumps. Commercially offered as 'Green Shield' plant--lovely, but with the serious drawback that this Philippine native often demands a considerable winter dormancy and thus is not an ideal houseplant or winter greenhouse performer. "Clypeolata" means " "little shield....
Out of Stock
Alocasia cuculata
Stock Number: 30093
"Giant Ape Plant" "Chinese Taro" An upright Bengal species (actually found from Shri Lanka to Myanmar) with small thick waxed pointed leaves veined in relief with dramatic upturned margins. Tolerates cool conditions, maintaining year-round foliage, and thus a reliable container subject; very popular in an aquatic situa...
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