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Aeonium Sunburst Variegated Crest
Stock Number: 60725
Gray green leaves margined bright white--the whole squeezing out of terminally fasciating stems, wonderful succulent cockscombs. This clone seems to morph in and out of its crested mode during the many years we have grown it. The purity of the excellent variegation, nonetheless, never varies. Unusual--keep barely moist...
Aeschynanthus aff longicaulis/marmorata
Stock Number: 31368
Excellent "Zebra Vine" form with cascading maroon stems ranked with pairs of brightly zoned succulent leaves, & with (often solitary) odd upright orange tubular blossoms. Tolerates lower levels of humidity than most Gesneriads. Usually sent as a generous cutting in moist moss.
Out of Stock
Aeschynanthus lobbianus
Stock Number: 20402
Elliptical leaves ranked on arched, cascading stems terminating with clusters of upright flowers: each maroon cupped calyx holding a blood red "Lipstick Vine" blossom--typically blooming only once a year; this low price reflects that these are small starters.
Out of Stock
Aeschynanthus lobbianus Variegatus
Stock Number: 20020
An "alba" selection of the popular 'Lipstick Vine" with out arched stems ranked with leathery leaves variegated white; tipped with clusters of maroon cupped calyxes from which arise the dragon blossoms.
Aeschynanthus radicans Curly
Stock Number: 38484
Most curious and fun plant. Typical Lipstick blooms but with reflexed leaves--thus it slightly resembles the "Hindu Rope" plant.  Must have strong light and perfect drainage to survive.   This has been VERY heavily ordered this spring and we need some time to stabilize our stock on it before we sell any...
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Aesculus flava Fort Harmar Cemetary
Stock Number: 73893
"Yellow Buckeye" seedlings from a huge grandmother buckeye in the cemetery at the annexed village of Harmar in Marietta, the oldest organized city in Ohio (1788). Even older, Fort Harmar was build in 1785. We're talkin' older than Woody Hayes. These horse chestnut cousins have smooth outer skins with no spines, and gor...
Aesculus pavia [humilis]
Stock Number: 71571
Wonderful "Red Buckeye"--a shrubby tree with tropical appearing foliage topped in the spring with massive pyramidal panicles of showy rosy red blossoms. Prefers poor soil with shaded roots.
Stock Number: 51290
Dense, showy clusters of intense cobalt-blue star flowers sit on long, sturdy stems over narrow green strap leaves. Blooms are self-cleaning, starting after the last spring frost. Cold Hardy May order now but shipping is on HOLD for these until Spring 2019
Agapanthus africanus Getty White
Stock Number: 51289
Somewhat compact glaucous foliaged selection of the "Nile Lily" with heads of ivory white flowers emerging from the attractive leathery leaf fans; must reach maturity before blooming.
Agapanthus Elaine [hyb]
Stock Number: 50117
Vigorus growing deep blue 8" wide flower heads on thick stems above the dark green upright two foot tall foliage fans; typically starts heavy flowering period three weeks later than most when grown outdoors in the deep South--seems to bloom with the others for us in northern greenhouses. Most certainly easier to flower...
Agastache Golden Anniversary
Stock Number: 89007
Celebrated at the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, this new form emerges with crowns of crinkled purpled leaves transforming into richly aromatic rosettes of golden yellow foliage; fluffy lavender flower spikes. Needs perfect drainage.
Agave americana aureo-marginta
Stock Number: 68004
"Gold-banded Century Plant" Glaucous gray-green leaves sharply bend downward above the middle, edges with hooked teeth & a terminal spine; becomes a yellow-edged handsome rosette. The price on A. americana listed here reflect the extra care (and personal damage) and space to pack these in a shipping container.
Agave americana Cornelius Baja
Stock Number: 68005
Limited. Please Inquire before ordering. Wonderful and rare variegated and somewhat monstrose Agave. This was originally introduced and sold at his nursery in California by Ed Hummel in the 1960s. It has always been considered a rare and unusual plant as the heavily armed leaves are far more truncate and wavy than most...
Out of Stock
Agave americana medio-picta
Stock Number: 68006
Very dramatic gold central stripes on each potentially massive leaf.  American Indians use this in native medicine as an antiinflamatory.  This decidedly rare cultivar is actually harder to find in the nursery trade currently than the compact variegated white form as the somewhat brittle thick succulent leave...
Agave americana medio-picta alba
Stock Number: 68007
"Ivory-striped Century Plant" Brilliant white wide central band on each short curved deep green leaf--this forms a remarkable specimen noted for performing well as a houseplant. Unique and most certainly the most popular and coveted of the variegated Agave cultivars.
Out of Stock
Agave americana striata
Stock Number: 68008
Blue-blushed leaves liberally streaked cream and gold; forms a wide, low glaucous rosette--very outstanding specimen. Always a rarity as this eye catcher is slow to prduce varigated pups.
Agave angustifolia marginata
Stock Number: 68009
"Banded Caribbean Agave" Stiff bayonette leaves of bluish-gray liberally margined in creamy white and lined with attractive brown spines; rugged decorative houseplant fast growing with adequate light and moisture. A great plant for the house; a stunning performer on the summer patio. Easily grown as is native to an are...
Agave attenuata variegata Raea's Gold
Stock Number: 68012
Wonderful and rare subtlely variegated gold spineless Agave. This was originally introduced by Ed Hummel in the 1960s as A. attenuata 'Kara.' These plants are mutations from 'Kara' that are bright gold. It has always been considered a rare and unusual plant which in that time period sometimes drew prices of upwards of ...
Out of Stock
Agave desmettiana (weberii) aureo-marginata / variegata
Stock Number: 68035
This elegantly poised beauty currently goes under either of these two names. Elegantly recurved spineless leaves margined in bright cream. This is an excellent indoor plant with smooth leaves are not as hard or stiff as its desert brethern, thus easier to trundle out of your plantroom or greenhouse for a summer of show...
Agave Dragon's Toes
Stock Number: 94008
A most charming Agave cultivar (or perhaps a hybrid?)--an evaluation seldom given to any of this typically forbidding genus. Tightly set glaucous blue fat leaves in a beautiful hemisphere with eventual offsets peeking out from beneath the compact skirts--great for pots indoors, or outside in warmer temperartures.
Agave gemminiflora
Stock Number: 68580
"Pet Me Porcupine" Very attractive soft leaved Mexican which forms short rushlike leaved spheres perfect in containers. The sculptural foliage holds up well in lower light conditions than those of most Agave kin. The only cute Agave of which we are aware which does not bite back when petted--remarkable, considering its...
Agave Japan #1 [ juvenile titanota ]
Stock Number: 68053
"Paper Tooth Agave" This becomes a very special compact specimen of intense presence. Spines are papery on the dramatic very thickly substanced short stout leaves jutting out in their numbers to form into a dusky toned spherical outline; perhaps a juvenile form of titanota.  Japan #1 is a clone of Antitonata. From...
Agave Kichijokan [hyb]
Stock Number: 68310
Very dwarf gray-leaved Japanese clone forming tight stacks of pseudo-spined succulent foliage. A basic in dish garden groupings.
Agave Kisso Kan
Stock Number: 56939
Wonderful and rare variegated "Happy Crown" Agave always sought after by serious collectors interested in the compact highly variegated Japanese clones. Very beautiful--and compact enough to use in dish garden designs.
Agave lophanthe Quadricolor
Stock Number: 68475
Extremely showy variegation with no two showy armed leaves striped in the same precise pattern. Waxy Central American (thus, intolerant of extended chill, but tolerant of watering year round) collector's favorite with striking stripes and ornately toothed margins forming thick compact mounded outlines which as it becom...
Agave nizadensis [striata hort]
Stock Number: 68017
"Octopus Agave" Coppery-green outfacing, spreading leaves with decorative amber mid-ribs and tiny whitish teeth. Oaxaca native. Beware: the outthrust slim but thick succulent leaves are easily broken and thus a serious challenge to our expert packing crew. Sometimes offered in Florida as 'striata'--which is actually a ...
Out of Stock
Agave parryi
Stock Number: 68341
A clustering native with slim arching leaves- considered zone 18 hardy.
Agave parryi Cream Spike
Stock Number: 68581
Wonderful and rare Agave.This spectacular agave displays downcurved blue-green leaves surrounded by a dramatic smooth creamy-white margin. The thick leaves comprising the 12 inch clump feature maroon-black leaf tips and haarmless teeth along the margins when quite mature. Leaf impressions from the reverse side of unfur...
Stock Number: 68582
Distinctive grey leaves, broad and short with rich golden cream margins. Great compact plant for growing under lights or in dish garden arrangements.
Agave schidigera Shira Ito No Ohi
Stock Number: 68316
Wonderful and rare "Queen of the White Thread" developing a similar form and symmetry to the dramatic beauty of 'Shira ito no Ohi' to capture one's attention. Each thick, dark-green leaf is margined by a crisp white border, highlighted by silver interior markings and edged with white curly filifers. Eventually forms a ...
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